Salman Khan refuses to work with Ashutosh

‘It was barely a month ago that Ashutosh Gowariker reportedly approached Salman Khan with a script that he thought the mega-star would find strikingly unorthodox.

True to his style, Salman completely turned the tables on the director.

Apparently Salman heard Ashutosh out and then calmly said, “I don’t do good films. I do hit films. I work in films that make money, not the ones that get awards.”

Before Ashutosh could get over the shock of Salman’s plainspeak, he also added that he has his own pace of working. Salman told the Lagaan director, “I arrive in the afternoon and shoot at my own pace. You’re used to working with other actors (read: Shah Rukh, Aamir) who reach the set on the dot at 9 am and work according to your pace.”‘

‘Salman then politely suggested that perhaps it would be a better idea for Ashutosh to approach another actor. The above incident, says a source, is indicative of Salman’s new career plan: no film for friends or to bail out distressed filmmakers in trouble who approach him in the hope of a hit.

Predictably Ashutosh Gowariker denied ever approaching Salman. “How I wish that were true. I’d love to do a film with him. No such luck,” said the filmmaker.

However our source insists Gowariker did approach Khan.”‘



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