Salman Khan blasts his fans on Twitter


Salman Khan seemed pissed off with his fans who constantly fight with other star fans on twitter. He blasted them on twitter and here are his tweets.

  1. aryan 7 years ago

    Excellent tweets by Salman yeh 1,2,3 number mein kya hai and good messages to all his fans now onwards fans will understand.

  2. Tall Pike 7 years ago


    But I hope he had gone one step further and said that the top 3 KNOW that those that are “constantly” fighting and “constantly” vicious, are not their fans but fans of a certain constipated TV Host trying the age old ‘divide and rule” funda.

    Look around, this is blatantly visible. Who is trying to downplay the success of TWMR ? Who is trying to outright dismiss the merits of DDD ? Who is denying the credit of the tepid, mild success of PIKU to Deepika ?

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