Saif-Iqbal Scuffle Exclusive: Did Iqbal misbehave with Kareena?

Actor Saif Ali Khan losing his cool after media reports of his scuffle with South African trade official came in, has raised a lot of eyebrows.

Sources suggest that the complainant Iqbal Meer Sharma too was at a fault because of which a petty argument took a grave turn. Sharma allegedly misbehaved with Saif’s female folks (especially Kareena) and called them “a bunch of hooligans.”

Saif has been accused to have assaulted Iqbal Meer Sharma, who’s an NRI and his father-in-law (senior citizen) last night at a brawl inside a nightclub at Taj hotel in Colaba, but an insider present at the restaurant has a different version to recollect, “It was not Saif’s fault alone, as Iqbal came on their table and started arguing and misbehaving with the ladies (Kareena, Karisma and Amrita Arora Ladhak), which miffed Saif, who asked him to go back to his table, but Iqbal too was in high spirits and stared at the actor quite constantly.”

As per an insider, Saif lost his temper, “Finally, Saif reacted and in retaliation, he punched Iqbal on his face, which broke his nasal bone,” suggests the insider.

Meanwhile, Iqbal denied misbehaving with the ladies, “It is false, they are now trying to play safe. I don’t even know who is Kareena. One of Saif’s friends, Shakeel Ladakh, the husband of Amrita Arora suddenly approached us after the tussle and punched my 70 year old father-in-law, who collapsed. This is not at all acceptable, so I approached the cops at the police station,” exclaimed Iqbal.



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