Rs 6.25 crore for 27 hours!

Considering the kind of benchmarks Aamir Khan has set on his film front, it seems he doesn’t want any different for his debut television show as well.

The latest is that along with the channel, they have blocked all the 2,000 slots for the broadcaster’s promos in 27 hours — from Monday 7 pm to Tuesday 10 pm — totally valued at Rs 6.25 crore. It is learnt that while this is a one-day exercise, it’s more than the money spent on any other celebrity-hosted show on any given day.

Although Aamir is known for the manner in which he markets his big screen projects, a source associated with the production tells us that the promo was his baby too.

“To maintain secrecy, Aamir insisted that none of the promos would be shot separately. Instead, the footage would be taken from the making of the show itself,” informed our source, adding that the idea of blocking the promo slots came from the channel’s end.

According to our source, 2,000 promo slots from Monday to Tuesday, across all the broadcasters’ channels, were booked for Aamir’s show. The source says, “From these slots, if one were to translate the airtime into revenue, it’s worth Rs 6.25 crore,” adding that this is the highest ever for any star show.

Another source from the television industry adds, “Even for shows with Salman Khan and SRK, the initial promotion costs haven’t been over Rs 2.5 crore. The broadcaster is sparing no strategy or expenditure for Aamir’s show. Talk is that they’re making about thrice their investment from advertising revenues.”


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