Rowdy Rathore Starts Hitting All Time Records On Tuesday

There is always talk that this or that film is setting new records when actually only one or two film manage it in a year but Rowdy Rathore has actually started to hit all time records on Tuesday.

It has collected new all time record highs in Rajasthan, CI and Bihar. In both circuits the collections are the highest ever for a Tuesday.

In Rajasthan and CI the Tuesday figure is better than Dabangg, Three Idiots and Bodyguard which were the leaders, In Bihar it has beaten Dabangg and Bodyguard which were tops in that circuit.

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    Milind 8 years ago

    This will cross 140 easily now.Shanghai cannot match this Tsunami. If 8+be Tuesday then this film is definitely whistling to beyond 140 minimum.

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    Milind 8 years ago

    Again I re-iterate that this whole developing web around BO is going to make SRK’s life difficult. Yes his romantic movies have spun big money in yesteryears according to their time,be it VZ,RNBDJ,Mohabbatein,K3G,KKHH,DTPH or DDLJ but this time the wave is too strong. I am not being pessimistic here but then it will taken ounces of special work to catapult him beyond 140 crores with YRF next. That CE will do far better is given,also HNY but it is his strongest genre that also incidentally puts his entire reputation at stake! Go SRK go! Break some leg!

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      Serenzy 8 years ago

      Now u Talking Milu.

      btw, RR won’t do 140cr+ & Shanghai(if WOM is Extremely Good) will harm RR.

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    Milind 8 years ago

    The best date for SRK-YRF project to release is 24th October. That will give it 5 days weekend.Also it will allow it to hog all screens. The strangest thing is that the Diwali release stuff has never been spoken by any honcho at YRF prod house!

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    Milind 8 years ago

    What I feel is that if a bad product like can do 115 crores , a YRF film that is most of the times true to it’s genre will do much better.Not that the SS does not love romance.Infact same SS has given the biggest romantic BB and ladies are ever waiting to cry.Let’s see!

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    Tuesday Rajasthan All Time Top Five: ROWDY RATHORE Number One

    Rowdy Rathore has the highest collection of all time in Rajasthan for a Tuesday. It is also the first time any film has managed to collected 50 lakhs or more on a Tuesday in Rajasthan. The top five in Rajasthan are as follows.

    1. Rowdy Rathore – 51 lakhs
    2. Three Idiots – 46 lakhs
    3. Dabangg – 45 lakhs
    4. Bodyguard – 44 lakhs
    5. Ready – 43 lakhs

    Tuesday CI All Time Top Five: ROWDY RATHORE Number One

    Rowdy Rathore has the highest collection of all time in CI for a Tuesday. It has collected 10% more than Three Idiots which was the previous high. The top five in CI on the first Tuesday are as follows.

    1. Rowdy Rathore – 38.70 lakhs
    2. Three Idiots – 33.74 lakhs
    3. Dabangg – 33.30 lakhs
    4. Ready – 32.31 lakhs
    5. Housefull 2 – 30.40 lakhs

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    narad_muni 8 years ago

    RR won’t do 140…luks more like 125-130.
    Multiplexes are not doing great business..Tuesday is 7.5 crores.. nothing special !

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    fearlesssoul 8 years ago

    Don’t know why BOI is pumping RR so much? No, not the numbers but Commentary They are actually fooling themselves with such activity.

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    rakesh rajpurohit 8 years ago

    rowdy rathore this film is super duper hit

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    rakesh rajpurohit 8 years ago

    congratulations for khiladi kumar

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