RGV to make action film with Sanjay Dutt

The dreaded Kancha Cheena’s role in Agneepath has done Sanjay Dutt a world of good. Even as he now pours his heart and soul into playing the plain-clothed encounter cop in Ram Gopal Varma’s Department, Varma and Dutt sat together to plan the kind of film that Dutt has never done before.

An international espionage drama where Dutt will play an undercover agent out to crack a global crime syndicate.

The next Varma-Dutt film, we learn, is inspired by Steven Spielberg’s take on global terrorism Munich.

Says a source very close to the project, “Ramu and Dutt have become very close during the making of Department. They were toying with various ideas on what to do next together. But nothing concrete was decided. Then after the release of Agneepath and the massive ovation given to Dutt’s portrayal of the larger-than-life villain Kancha Cheena, Ramu thought, “If Dutt can play a larger-than-life villain so successfully why not a larger-than-life hero who saves the world from an international conspiracy?”

The role model for the film is Eric Bana in Munich. But not that cerebral. Dutt will pump up the iron to get into a sinewy shape to shoot for the espionage thriller.

Confirming the ambitious project, Ram Gopal Varma says, “Yes, Sanjay Dutt and I are doing another film right after Department. I truly believe he is our last action hero. So, I am going to cast him as a one-man army on a global mission. Munich is the film I’ve in mind. But it would be not just a cerebral thriller. I want Sanjay Dutt doing a lot of daring action. You see, in Department he plays a plain clothed cop who has to blend with the crowds. So there’s little room for heroics. I want to pump up the action level dangerously in our next film. So it would be Munich meets Rambo.”

Sanjay Dutt seems very excited about the film. “Yes, Ramu and I have discussed the project we’re doing next. It’s very exciting.”

The film will go on the floors later this year.



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