Review: Dark Knight Rises marks epic finish to Batman trilogy

THERE is only one word to describe The Dark Knight Rises – epic.

The stunning conclusion to director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy proves that bigger can be better, with no holds barred as the hugely successful franchise ends with a very big bang.

Set eight years after the The Dark Knight, which was only recently overtaken by The Avengers as the most successful superhero movie of all time (and if advance buzz and the quality on offer here are any guide, the Caped Crusader may well snatch the record back), The Dark Knight Rises begins with Batman having long been declared an outlaw and garaged his Batmobile, and his alter ego billionaire Bruce Wayne now an eccentric recluse.

Still scarred by the loss of not only his parents as a child but also the love of his life, Batman wants nothing to do with his beloved Gotham City, which is enduring a period of peace and prosperity as a result of his heroic sacrifices.

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  1. narad_muni 12 years ago

    Am i excited or what?

    Can’t remember the last time I waited to anxiously for a movie!

    Am going on Friday night show.. review will be up by Friday night/Saturday morning.
    Can’t wait! Bring it on!

  2. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Yeah…Gr8 Excitemnt!

    W8ing fr ur Review Shilac..

    I am going to watch the first two parts on Fri-Sat(in HD) and den will go fr TDKR on Sunday!

    Also got to watch BB & Cocktail this Week.

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