Watched 4 films yesterday. 1 a day before yesterday.

Expatriates – A kind of regular CIA thriller with its regular old concept that we have seen in bourne series or prison break series (I think this can be a useful guide for CIA or FBI thrillers) with their usual stuff but with a usual outcome. Only difference being the actors performances and the plot. I liked the film as it was entertaining and engaging. 3/5

Ice Age 4 (Continental Drift) – Most pathetic film of all its series. they had no story, nothing to show off then i didn’t understand why did they continued their series? Instead they had started something new. 1/5

Madagascar 3 – They lived up to their image and it had story, stunning visuals a total creative characters and excellent finish. Total fun ride. 3.5/5

Detachment – Ah, I actually wanted to write a review on this but due to short of time I may not be doing that. Its an excellent film about teachers, students, parents and their responsibility, children and their conscience, their consciousness, their education, about school, about individual personality something novel, something subtle, something emotional…. Tony Kaye has done some Excellent job and its his second film that i have seen after Pianist. 4.5/5 – Absolutely Recommended..

Expendables 2 – Awesome entertainment. Loved the jibes passed by one another at each other by stallone, arnold and bruce. A full blown Action movie with tonnes of entertainment with usual gun firing, blasting missiles, sathoms stylish martial art and cinematography was good. I love the film and will recommend for everyone. 3.5/5

  1. Rotlu 11 years ago

    Feel very boring to write reviews or synopsis for watched films 🙁

    • Ritz 11 years ago

      Watched Ice Age 4 in theater. Agree that its weakest in the series. But still enjoyed it as my little one was enjoying it. The character of Gradma was nice – didnt like the Peaches in teenage (Mammoth teenager) – their group and all the teenage talk was like an Indian Animation – and I am not talking about animation effects here – but the characterization and dialogues. They behaved as if they are humans totally – lazy writing.

      — Whereas the Grandma;s character – even if very human-ish – was very entertaining.

      I wanted to see Aiyyaa yday but had to cancel it due to some other work. May see Makkhi in the weekdays now if the time/schedule permits.

  2. Fearedsoul 11 years ago

    Nice thread.

    Saw English vinglish. Must watch ESP if you are 30+ and married. Be ready to listen to the wives complaints and comparisons to sridevi’s hubby after the movie though 🙂
    Delightful movie and I agree with one reviewer that gauri shinde is next hirani. Amitabh’s cameo was super, sridevi was excellent and the movie was a great time pass. 4.5 on 5. Don’t miss it.

    • Rotlu 11 years ago

      Yes English Vinglish is an excellent movie and especially the star sri devi is just outstanding. 4/5

  3. Fuzail 11 years ago

    Likewise to DETACHMENT …I would suggest you all to watch THE FREEDOM WRITERS …starring HILARY SWANK…its a true story based muvi on a teacher… Do watch it…i liked the muvi vry much…and who all hv already do give gud reviews so others get encourage to watch the muvi… 😉

    • Rotlu 11 years ago

      Will definitely catch if it is not boring 😛

  4. Suprabh 11 years ago

    Freedom Writers is indeed very good..Some really powerful scenes in it.

    • Rotlu 11 years ago

      Sure Suprabh – You have always been an inspiration for me to skip movies…

  5. prg 11 years ago

    i have watched Freedom Writers…. did not like it

  6. cr7 11 years ago

    sideways- a smart comedy.little slow in pace but worth a watch. really good performances.
    after the weeding- decent film with 2-3 brilliant scenes .dragged in the end.could have been better.

  7. Suprabh 11 years ago


    sideways was like a one of its kind movie–dont you think?

  8. Rotlu 11 years ago

    I have sideways and moonrise kingdom in my laptop but was never enthusiastic to watch it. I will watch it in this week

  9. prg 11 years ago

    Sideways is awesome…. will surely fit into my top 10 favorite movies

  10. cr7 11 years ago

    pretty much agree with suprabh and prg “sideways” is awesome and one of its kind ..
    @roltu- both r good ..but if u choose one “sideways” should be it.

  11. sputnik 11 years ago

    Saw Sideways a few years back. Initially felt it was a bit slow paced but liked it. I liked The Descendants more by the same director.

  12. cr7 11 years ago

    hmm.didn’t know descendants is by same director..i liked descendants too . geroge clooney’s performence in descendants was one of the best of last year.

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