Ragini MMS 2 Official Teaser

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    Raj5 8 years ago

    Wtf was this? This stuff should be banned, I had 0 respect for Ekta Kapoor after the ouatimd stuff, now I have negative respect

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    aryan 8 years ago

    Kuch khaas nahin hai almost same as Ragini MMS 1.

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    Manish Kumar 8 years ago

    hehe kya bolu .. kuch dikha hi nahi :p bt seems khoob SS ka masala hoga sex horror n sunny leone 🙂

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    Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Why is sunny showing the black plastic bag in the end ?
    If you are staying in a resort, you don’t have to buy chicken on your own.

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    FS 8 years ago

    Have not seen ragini mms part 1 to dusre ka to sawaal hi nahin banta.

    Paranormal activity 1 was an excellent flick but subsequent parts aren’t. Once innovative formula cud hav been improvised better but unfortunately they were just repeats.

    Why don’t Ekta cash in on Sunny’s real image? Would be fun to see her in ‘The Proposals’ remake & she wud be the only actress to pull off naked scene convincingly.

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