Raghupati Raghav Song – Krrish 3

  1. Baba 9 years ago

    dance is good but song is below avg. isnt that always the case with RR-hr songs? some tunes in the song seem copied from footage in step up 3d and dhoom 2 chase sequence in desert (which may be copied itself). pritam or salim sulieman shud hv been taken as music director. rajesh roshan is well past his prime.priyanka is wearing so short skirt she can hardly move 😉

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      aryan 9 years ago

      Dance is good but song is below average also with Rajesh Roshan Comment.


  2. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Fantastic song and dance!!

    For once Hrithik is dancing in a manly manner (Govinda style) and is not irritating !!

  3. Baba 9 years ago

    that scene of nigro saying “raghupati raghav” is so cheesy and so 90s. have seen a lot of such stereotyping of nigros in bw songs back then


  4. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    I dont think so. Inspite of ur usage of word “nigro” i saw it. And i grew up on these. I dont think they are derogatory.

    I am an a die hard Gandhian!. I love the song Raghupati Raghav raaja raam which is remembered for Mr Gandhi.

    I don’t feel that there is anything offensive in this song.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      i dont know why they add a black guy or for that matter a white chorus in some songs and make them say the lyrics of the song. May be to make it sound “international” perhaps 😉 ( same case in cocktail song tumhi ho bandu ) . infact tumhi ho bandhu seems to be inspiration of this song.a hindi song which even the westerners find ‘hummable’. somethign like daler mehendi songs. these are cheesy tactics

    • yakuza 9 years ago

      “I am an a die hard Gandhian!. I love the song Raghupati Raghav raaja raam which is remembered for Mr Gandhi.”

      In contradiction for another sober and decent version of “Raghupati” earlier this year .. your reaction was “CRAP” .. are u sure u are die hard Gandhian ????

      Raghupati Raghav Song – Satyagraha

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    “i dont know why they add a black guy or for that matter a white chorus in some songs and make them say the lyrics of the song. May be to make it sound “international” perhaps ”

    Maybe. Good point.

    But somehow I love the dance steps of Hrithik for the first time 🙂

  6. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    I still dont get it what u mean by a “a white chorus”

    But its ok 🙂

  7. Suprabh 9 years ago

    I Totally get what baba means by white chorus.

    P.S. The best and most effective use of a black guy was in another Priyanka movie- Fashion.

  8. sputnik 9 years ago

    Agree that dance is good but song is average. Use of Raghupati Raghav in this song is as cheesy/bad as Rani Mukerji singing Om Jai Jagdish Hare in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.



    May be the Black guy saying Raghupati Raghav here is supposed to make Indians happy/proud because someone from another country said it. Use of Black guys/girls in Haseena Gori Gori or that Rishi Kapoor song is at least ok as there is some African beats/rhythms in those songs. Incidentally Rajesh Roshan is the composer of those songs too and Haseena Gori Gori is inspired/copied from Mungo Jerry’s In the Summertime.



    I still don’t like the excessive Brake Dancing type of moves but agree with you that Hrithik’s dance is more manly. May be it has something to do with him looking more muscular or heavily built too.



    “The best and most effective use of a black guy was in another Priyanka movie- Fashion”

    Yeah Madhur The Great Bandarkar showed the depths to which Priyanka had fallen or how low she had stooped by sleeping with a Black Man.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      all break dance moves are manly more so the B-boying moves which are almost acrobatic/gymnastics and less of normal dancing. the problem with bw is they bastardize those moves by adding their own bw filmi touch to it and so it sometimes looks unmanly. i think hrithik and prabhu deva are two actor-dancers who actually dont do much of the typical bw dance (govinda, shahid kapor, ranbir and so on) and thats good.

  9. mate 9 years ago

    Terrible song. Dance is good but I expect something unique from HR, not a usual stuff that most of the stars (those are known for having good dancing skills) are doing now-a-days.

  10. Suprabh 9 years ago


    You didn’t get the point I was making about that scene at all..or maybe I got it differently

    this is not for debate, so please try and understand this.

    the interpretation you gave is probably what was the most easily deriavable thing from that scene..

    However to me it looked like she wasn’t bothered about the guy being Black..she was more bothered about him being a total stranger and more importantly- the fact that she may not have hooked up with this guy in normal circumstances -this has nothing to do with the fact that he’s black..he could have been a 40 year old redneck or an Asian guy too– point being he was not her type…for people in the fashion industry this white-black thing doesn’t matter that much.

    Why I said it was the most effective use was because it was shown rather casually and it seemed like she was cool with the fact that he was black but disturbed because she couldn’t recognize.

    I completely get it, if you only saw what you mentioned in that scene.

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Disagree. Madhur could have shown some Indian guy who was not there earlier in the movie and who was a complete stranger to her too. But the fact is that he chose a Black guy instead of a White guy or Asian guy.

      And here is the scene. She wakes up and is shocked/surprised to see herself in some room with her clothes lying around. But look at the reaction when she sees the Black guy sleeping next to her at 0:42. But then the camera focuses on the back of the Black guy twice at 0:47 and 0:56. Look at the disgust on her face at 0:47.

      • Baba 9 years ago

        i dont think the black guy made any difference on this particular scene than a normal local stranger would have meant. i agree with suprabh here

        • sputnik 9 years ago

          Updated with a better quality video of that Fashion scene from UTV Motion Pictures which starts at the right moment and the title is “Priyanka Chopra Sleeps With a Black Man – Fashion “

          Madhur just did not randomly choose a Black Man in a movie that is set in India. There is a reason why he chose a Black Man and why the camera zooms on his Black back twice after having shown him from a side angle once.

          • Suprabh 9 years ago


            two things

            1- I am with you..if you think Madhur used black guy for the purpose you mentioned..Thats why I even said thats the most easily derivable thing…However to me it looked like it was the guilt and disgust of sleeping with a complete stranger and the black guy just happen to fit right in.

            2- dont go by UTV/T series/Eros or whatever video headings..you know the videos are just there for the views counts.

  11. Suprabh 9 years ago


    I have seen that scene more than one time and every time to me it seemed that priyanka’s disgust was because of the fact that she didn’t know that guy and/or wasn’t in contact with him and that she slept with just about anyone..because of her alcohol and drugs.

    anyways..As i said..its possible you saw it differently

  12. Baba 9 years ago

    telugu version 😉

  13. saurabh 9 years ago

    Agree with sputnik on Fashion thing…
    actuallly i read a couple of thing about the scene.. and movie..
    she is shocked because the guy is unknown nd all.. but her shock is more to do with guy being black too… because in the next scene , she washes her face so strongly, to confirm that no black color is on her body.. she is shocked to sleep with an unknown guy but black one..
    The scene fulfills both the things.. that’s y madhur showed priyanka washing her face with so force to remove the black color if lil on her face.. and also he used technical things what sputnik said already..

    • Suprabh 9 years ago

      are you kidding me?

      She is foolish enough to think that someone’s skin color will get on your body if you get in touch with them…Are black guys black because they paint black color on themselves

      She is not washing black color…She is washing other stuff that gets on your body when you sleep around ..(also drugs and stuff)

      • sputnik 9 years ago

        May be saurabh did not articulate it well. This is Madhur we are talking about. Watch this scene. She wipes her face with a tissue so forcefully because she is wiping drugs and other stuff? She is crying so hard – because she slept with a random stranger? No its because Madhur is catering to the racist crowd who thinks its abominable for Priyanka to sleep with a Black guy.

        There are a lot of older movies where the heroine either gets raped or becomes a prostitute and she is disgusted with herself and is shown in the next scene in the shower trying to wash off the dirt/sin respectively. Even Requiem for a Dream has a scene where Jennifer Connelly becomes a prostitute and sleeps with a Black guy and in the next scene she is shown crying in the bath.

        • Suprabh 9 years ago


          I think you and Phoenix are right about the dirt/sins cleansing part..But in either case,,I dont agree with the black guy-abonimable thingy..

          She was a fashion girl and I choose to think the other way.

          • sputnik 9 years ago

            This is a Madhur Bhandarkar movie not some realistic documentary on modelling. You are saying she is a model so she won’t be hung up on sleeping with a Black guy but then why would she be so upset about a one night stand? She slept with her married boss, had an abortion but that’s not the last straw – its sleeping with a Black guy.

            Anyways I am sure that Madhur used a Black guy in that scene so that it shocks the stupid racist audience who thinks its abominable for Priyanka to sleep with a Black guy.

            Read all these reviews/comments which talk about the same thing.

            “Ouch. Why is Bollywood so racist? Anyone remember how in Fashion, a high-on-drugs-and-fame Priyanka Chopra realised how low she had fallen only when she found herself in bed with a BLACK man.”


            Raja Sen

            “Aiming at showing Priyanka Chopra’s fall from grace, the film takes her from having an affair with a married man, to taking to drink, to taking to soft drugs, then harder drugs. What then could possibly further her complete descent into hell? Well, the film shows her sleeping with a black man — and then scrubbing herself off because of how unclean she feels.”



            “How do we know Meghna has turned badder? Because she’s begun to smoke. And how do we know that she’s at her baddest, at the scum-pit of supermodeldom? Because she takes drugs and – you’d better be sitting down for this – sleeps with a black man.”


            “and racism – oh the horror of a pretty pretty image-centered girl hitting on and sleeping with a black man! how loud and clear the wake-up call she needs to snap out of her decline and fall! ”


            “Bhandarkar also takes on the subject of race and, as is his wont, swims against the tide. In these Obama-times, Priyanka’s character is an unabashed racist. She realises that she has reached her nadir only after waking up from an alcohol-induced one-night stand with a Black man.”


            “In Bollywood, the racism is a bit more subtle. In the movie Fashion, Priyanka Chopra’s character is a high fashion model who is spiraling out of control. The climax of her drug induced,wild behavior is sleeping with an African man. The next scene was her waking up to quickly realize she needed help.”


            “Add to that the blatant racism of the scene where she realizes she hit rock bottom after sleeping with a black guy. Because the fact your boss essentially gave you the boot, your friends more or less all deserted you, your alcoholism, and then taking drugs, that’s not enough to make you realize you may have deeply messed up your life. No, it’s a one night stand with a black guy. Oh the horror! (Not to mention the implication that she wouldn’t have had sex with him if it hadn’t been for the drugs. Gah, just typing this makes me angry.)”


            “And how does Bhandarkar establish that at one point Chopra has really fallen from grace to the depths of depravity? She starts doing drugs and drinking alcohol heavily. It is fine up to this point in so much as he maligns those habits. Then he introduces a random black character with whom Chopra sleeps in the haze of her drugs and alcohol. When she wakes up the next morning she discovers the black man asleep next to her. She looks utterly horrified.

            There is no subtlety to the Chopra character’s horror. It is obvious that she is horrified not because she slept with just any man in a drunken stupor but a black man. Could an Indian woman fall lower than that seems to be the crude suggestion that Bhandarkar leaves you with. It is entirely possible that Bhandarkar was not even aware of the implications of his storytelling technique. But then how could that be considering he takes the trouble to bring in a black character? It is not as if such characters are so common in Mumabi’s fashion world.”




        • Baba 9 years ago

          i say only a racist will react that way to that scene , for suprabh and me, this was pretty much a reaction that she would give after unknowingly fucking any stranger 😉 spuntik you mock ppl on overreading scenes and you are doing the same here

          • sputnik 9 years ago

            This is not over reading. Its pretty obvious from the scene. And its not one or two people who are over reading it for agenda. When you say Anurag/Imtiaz have a small town mentality then is that overreading?

            Madhur has the small town mentality. He will have Priyanka sleeping with the Black guy as the worst thing that she can do after being sleeping with her boss, having an abortion, getting drunk and doing drugs. He will show Kangna and everyone react like prudes to the wardrobe malfunction scene when in reality the reactions are nothing like that.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      is this supposed to be funny? bcos otherwise i hvnt come across a more WTF comment

  14. phoenix 9 years ago

    WTF?? She washes herself strongly as she feels that she has become filthy and cheap. Its more like trying to remove the dirt within her than removing black skin color. Its a sign of guilt and low self esteem, that somehow washing yourself can make oneself feel better. And also in the scene to tries to remove the black stuff again and again (dark color may be due to drug usage) .. its an analogy that she is unable to get rid of the consequences of her actions. And that totally breaks her.

    Even Sridevi washes her face after her French friend proposes to her in English Vinglish. There is also the scene with Manisha taking a bath in Dil Se, as she tries to ignore her feelings and sets her mind into her other goals. And there is Anuskha washing clothes in RNBDJ because she feels guilty about her thoughts about Raj. Its a similar analogy wrt to women, i.e to deny feelings or get over some strong emotion …

    I really don’t know why black man was used in the scene. Thats something only Madhur Bhandarkhar can say.

  15. Bored 9 years ago

    The reason any woman (white, black or brown) prefers a black male is bcoz the black dicks are supposed to be big, does that qualify as a racist reason? Not sure.

    • Suprabh 9 years ago

      Bored has Nailed it (literally)

      Discussion over.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      ROFL. bored you are a legend 😀 and i mean it

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Yes it is a racist reason. So a woman cannot prefer a black male because he is a good person or handsome or just that they clicked and had chemistry? It has to be only because they are supposed to have a big penis which is a cultural stereotype just like the cultural stereotypes that Black woman have big butts or Asian men have smaller penises and so on.

      • Baba 9 years ago

        blacks having big ones and asians smaller is not a cultural stereotype. its a fact. there are many scientific and biological/evolutionary reasons for it. The blacks also have higher stamina and height compared to an avg asian. ofc there are exceptions but we are not talking about that.

  16. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    crap is crap. that was so bad song. Sober can be crap too. The singing was terrible and pretentious. It was neither here nor there. This one is fun.

    • rajesh 9 years ago

      You like Raghupati Raghav because you are a Gandhian, hmm, have you actually changed your views on Rama whose name is recited in this song/bhajan.

  17. hithere 9 years ago

    I tend to agree with Sputnik. They could have shown disheveled looking guy and it would have been same. The two close-up shots of back IMO confirm it (apart from two other shots: one long and moving camera one at start).

  18. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    😛 rajesh – the views are same. But its the serene sound of that Bhajan which I like.

  19. Manutd 9 years ago

    This song pales in comparison with budtameez dil which was full of energy…….

  20. phoenix 9 years ago


    I never read any Fashion movie review, nor did I notice it as a racism issue – the connection that the guy she slept with is Black, and that is why she feels disgusted at herself. IMO, African man refers to not just a stranger but also a foreigner, whom Chopra’s character is shown not to recognize after waking up, and hence, she is shocked. I never knew a cliche like ‘sleeping with black guy is bad’ existed, in India.

    So many negative reviews on Fashion? Seems reviewers hate any director once they notice a pattern in their movies.

  21. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    I havent seen Fashion, cant tell much from scenes above. But blacks are definitely looked down in India – for the most part (forget abt sleeping part, in General). So much , that one of her film superstars endorses “Fair and Handsome”.

    • phoenix 9 years ago

      I wonder if using ‘Tanning products’ are considered racists too. Its natural for a dark skinned person to wish he/she was fair. And Fair skin people to wish he/she were dusky.

      What about hair straighteners products and perming products??? Lets bring some cause for that too. “Straightening products show that curly haired people are ugly” – hence its discriminative.

  22. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Saw the scene again..I still think she was very casual about the guy being black…In the initial scene she looks at that guy and is not super shocked or anything..This is precisely the main reason why I felt she wasn’t too concerned about the guy being black.

    You guys are making too much out of the back shot. Here’s one more thing..Sometimes the viewer’s own sensibilities plays a big role in interpreting a scene. If those reviewers took that scene as a BLACK GUY thing..then may be they do consider it abominable for a girl to sleep with a black guy.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      cant agree more.

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      You will stick to the same point despite evidence to the contrary – the two scenes posted and so many reviewers and ordinary people commenting the same.

      If the scene showed her waking up next to a random guy and just walking out I would have given the benefit of doubt. But the camera focusing on the Black skin and her shocked reactions leave no doubt whatsoever.

      You are saying she is a model so she will have no problems sleeping with a Black guy then why is she so disturbed after that scene? This is being casual? You mean to say a small town girl from Chandigarh will have no problem having an abortion without being married but is so disturbed because she had a one night stand? You are going to use the argument that models are cool about Black guys but not the point that models might be cool about one night stands too?

      And you are acting as if Madhur shows reality. This is the Kangana Wardrobe malfunction scene from Fashion. Look at how he shows the scene. Everyone is so shocked and disgusted – their morality is offended. Now this was based on the Carol Gracias wardrobe malfunction incident and I am pretty sure the audience and models did not react that way.

      And this is absolutely wonderful. Yes the people who said the scene is racist are racist. Good going. May be I should just turn around this and say that the people who are condoning this scene are racist.

      • Baba 9 years ago

        “You are saying she is a model so she will have no problems sleeping with a Black guy then why is she so disturbed after that scene? ”

        she has no problems sleeping with a *black* guy but she does have problems sleeping with a total stranger black/white or brown. is this so difficult to comprehend?

        • sputnik 9 years ago

          Don’t be so naive. If Madhur wanted to show that she has problems sleeping with a “black/white or brown guy” he would have shown some random Indian guy for a movie that is set in Mumbai. Why did he choose a Black guy for that scene? And I am pretty sure the camera would not have focused on that person’s back twice if it was a Indian or even a White guy.

          • Baba 9 years ago

            “Why did he choose a Black guy for that scene? ”

            what is your issue if a black guy is used in that scene? why not see him as just another man? why to distinguish based on his skin color? what is the problem if his naked back is shown? it is signify that he was nude and has had sex. in another comment, you urself agreed that you would not have minded if it was some random indian guy. the problem is with us. not with the scene.

    • hithere 9 years ago

      She has slept previously with at least one person. It was not new to her; with stranger maybe. But then the stranger could be anyone. If the movie was made anywhere else, I would have given benefit of doubt but not in India when likelihood of finding a black guy at a party is as good as finding a white guy in addition to our general bias based on color.

      As I said they could have shown some dirty looking guy or white guy if the intention was that she was not in control that she slept with stranger.

  23. rajesh 9 years ago

    Hay Ram, Raghupati Raghav ki jagah yahan kya kya discuss ho raha hain. Is scene ka itna analysis to film release hui tab bhi nahin hua hoga.

    BTW, I kinda agree with Suprabh and others on this particular scene.

  24. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    “You mean to say a small town girl from Chandigarh will have no problem having an abortion without being married but is so disturbed because she had a one night stand? ”

    Hmm…dum hai point mein. I didnt know this abt Fashion.

    Agree about your reply to Bored too on big penis part.

  25. Bored 9 years ago

    I think its fitting that Fashion is being discussed so animatedly on a Krrish thread, isnt Krrish the second film that Priyanka and Kangana are working together in since Fashion?

    On my previous point – Sputnik, its more of biological fact and reason than a stereotype. A gal having fun in a drunken, high state will invariably get attracted to the larger vitals – sex rules over any racisim dude.

    On the song, its an average one imo but the dancing and moves are fine.

  26. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    “A gal having fun in a druken and high state will invariably get attracted to the larger vitals – sex rules over any racisim dude.”

    This thinking is not only racist but typical chauvinist . I hope the discussion doesn’t divert to “size is everything” …

  27. Bored 9 years ago

    I hope people here are aware of what racism and chauvinism means.

  28. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    I hope ppl here know what I meant and dont get into “english” in which I am weak.

  29. Suprabh 9 years ago


    Why are you getting aggravated? (Maybe you are not, it just seems like it though)..I told you repeatedly, I am fine with you thinking that that scene was racist..and I said sometimes when people react the way to a situation it could be a result of their own sensibilities (This doesn’t mean that they are racists..It could also imply cliches.)

    you said, I am going against the evidence and that I am sticking to a theory. What you are not understanding is that there is no evidence per se. Its your or mine inference of that scene.. You can prove anyone wrong on facts but you cant prove anyone wrong on their opinion or interpretation.

    And its not as if I am debating to prove a point here..I am just stating what I think about a scene.. and as it turns out I am not the only one who thinks like that..Others like Baba and Rajesh also have felt the same way as I did.

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Yes I am the one who is aggravated when you are suggesting that the people who say a scene is racist are the ones who are racist. I will remember to point out the next time all those people who object to a movie/song/scene saying it is racist/sexist/regressive that they are the ones who are racist/sexist/regressive for objecting.

      This is not my interpretation or inference. I am not assuming/interpreting that the guy was Black even though he was not shown. So Madhur must have said I need a actor to do this scene with Priyanka and the casting agent randomly found a Black guy in Mumbai to cast in this role? I can’t believe people can be so naive that they think Madhur just happened to cast a Black guy for this scene instead of some random Indian guy. I don’t think there was any Black guy in the whole movie apart from this scene if I am not wrong.

      I am pretty sure that majority of the Black people will find this scene racist/offensive and I am surprised that someone who lives in US thinks this scene is not racist.

      • shan 9 years ago

        Totally agree with Sputnik here. Madhur chose a black guy for the scene to enhance the impact of showing Priyanka sleeping with a random guy she sees at a nightclub. Showing an Indian/white guy would have had a lesser impact after what all Priyanka’s character has gone through in the movie. Having a black guy makes what she did even worse in the eyes of the audience. Of course, this speaks to the utterly racist mindset of the audience, which Madhur understood perfectly and shrewdly exploited. It is a terrible move on his part, since it enforces the racist cliche in the audience’s mind, but also a successful move from the point of view of the story’s graph.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I feel when people are saying there is nothing more to the fact that the guy is black and he just happens to be black, people are either in denial or being very naive. Dont mean to offend anyone, just my thoughts. 🙂

        • phoenix 9 years ago

          I think Black man is used he can be identified as a foreigner and the stranger aspect needn’t have to be explained explicitly. It would be difficult to show the man as a stranger if it was a random Indian man.

      • phoenix 9 years ago

        Black people find everything racists. Most importantly calling them black people. You can be beaten to blue for that. Call them African or African American…

  30. saurabh 9 years ago

    cant argue more.. when sputnik argued so much…
    btw just think, if u r a director, making a picture.. you want to show your actress is going very low nd all… now if you are a director, and u are not considering any racism.. so to show priyanka sleeping with a stranger, will you hire a normal indian guy or even an indian black guy or a african black guy.. IMO you will prefer a african black guy in that scene, when you are considering racism..or

    **** when you want to touch the audience emotion more deeply, (where audience will be emotionally more touched when they see a lady sleeping with black guy or when audience is (subconsciously) racist )*****
    i guess this should work with the guys who are not understanding y only black guy used in that scene…
    i hope u’ll understand..
    agree with sputnik on my articulation thing… “this time also i hope u understand..” dusro ka kuch kh ni skte… comment padne wale k interpretation pe bhi depend krta h..

  31. Bored 9 years ago

    Racism, stereotype or whatever – i actually like this black guy singing the line ‘raghupati raghav raja ram” and his quipping – “what a groove! wanna move! check it out! blah blah” … LOL … makes a mundane song tolerable imo apart from the dancing bits.

    Seriously, its time for Rajesh Roshan to retire gracefully (at least from dance songs).

    • shan 9 years ago

      LOL. It is such a boring song! Hrithik is trying to infuse energy into the proceedings but the song is so lame, he cant do much. Priyanka is in her trying-to-be-cute avatar that i absolutely abhor! She is a decent actress but chooses such terrible roles where she has to play the glam doll. The black guy part made me think this is the 90s when such stuff was considered funny.

  32. Bored 9 years ago

    Controversy wins over everything. When lungi dance released we were dissecting the different lungis of different parts of india and how they are lifted for different purposes, with this one we are brainstorming the use of black guyz in bollywood (racism vs penis size)

    End result – two mundane songs become superhit … Bollywood rules!

  33. FS 9 years ago

    Everything is good… Liked it very much.

  34. Suprabh 9 years ago


    I said in paranthesis that it doesn’t always imply racist..it implies cliches too..

    Anyways..I dont know whats the point of getting aggravated here..I did not call you or anyone else a racist. I just meant to say sometimes people read the scene to what they think such a scene would imply .. My apologies if you felt otherwise.

  35. Suprabh 9 years ago


    you actually supported Sputnik but proved my point in your comment. Your whole comment is based on the black guy being there to depict the randomness and wild (drug induced) lifestyle of Priyanka..that she doesn’t even know who she is sleeping with..while Sputnik’s point was more about the alleged racist angle to that scene here

    • shan 9 years ago

      I dont see how you misinterpreted my comment the way you did. I absolutely mean the black guy was shown because in Indian minds sleeping with a black guy is worse than sleeping with an Indian guy. It is wrong, but that is how it is (or rather was back when Fashion released). Please re-read my previous comment and tell me if I couldnt convey that clearly enough. 🙂

  36. Suprabh 9 years ago

    shan & Sputnik,

    If you read my previous comments you will see that I had mentioned that the black guy is for a reason..Its visible that he is black and probably not Priyanka’s type and hence a stranger/or a guy who she’d not date/etc. ….

    Lets say there was an Indian Guy in that scene..half the people would have easily assumed that he was some friend from the party she was in before.

    hence to clearly differentiate that scene they showed a black guy who Priyanka doesn’t recognizes to clealry portray that she didn’t have any business with that guy.

    anyways Im off this topic now..doesn’t make any sense now that people have taken their respective stands.

  37. Bored 9 years ago

    Yeah the main purpose of showing ‘African American’ (lets be diplomatic) is primarily to be explicit abt having sex with a stranger – which later forces the gal to breakdown on moral grounds after being exploited so long by that Arbaaz character (as far as i can remember this movie).

    But since it is Madhur, i think he also added a sexual innuendo here.

    Maybe for the racially inclined part of the audience – sleeping with ‘African American’ is a bigger disgrace than say sleeping with a random white guy.

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Nina Davuluri doing Bollywood fusion dance routine on the song Dhoom Taana at the Miss America contest.


      • Suprabh 9 years ago

        was watching CNN this morning.. this is what they (the female host-can’t remember her name) said in the end (after stating that Nina is getting abused in social media for being indian)- Just to let everyone know, she is an American, born and raised and she’s not a Muslim.

        • hithere 9 years ago

          You can not shut everyone’s mouth.

          Here are some better comments on Yahoo. Check for number of TU and TD .


        • sputnik 9 years ago

          Even if the anchor did not mean it that way it kind of comes across as its ok to abuse someone if they are not American or if they are Muslim.

          Here is a good video from ‘”What Would You Do?” a hidden camera series where people are given the choice between passively accepting injustice and standing up for what they believe is right’. A guy abuses a Muslim guy and the reactions to it by others is good specially the soldier guy at the end.


          • hithere 9 years ago

            I kind of Agree with that line of defense implicitly suggests more of the politically incorrect stance than pointing the stupidity of the person.

  38. FS 9 years ago

    Hrithik dance steps have become repetitive nw. He should try something else & there are so many types he could charm the audience with but still prefer the same old type his signature syles.

  39. FS 9 years ago

    African guy was particularly used not to describe as a complete stranger but as “koi kaala saand” in a true racist style to show she has stooped so low to that she abhor’s herself out of disgust

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