R… Rajkumar First Look Posters

  1. Baba
    Baba 8 years ago

    photoshopped. why is sonakshi in all masala films?

  2. Avatar
    Rafsan Cr 8 years ago

    Sonakhsi again ? exactly how many movies she is doing right now? she is like lady akhsay kumar .

  3. Avatar Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Shahid’s pants are on fire. Is fire sticking to clothes today’s theme?

    • Baba
      Baba 8 years ago

      everything is so muhc photoshopped right from the faces to the fire. why could they not photoshop sonakshis fat ass a bit? it always sticks out quite awkwardly in posters

  4. Avatar
    Rafsan Cr 8 years ago

    About the poster it is on expected lines . really Poor . heard it is clashing with bullet raja . It needs a really good trailer to match bullet raja .At this moment it looks like br will have higher buzz and opening .

  5. Avatar
    Bored 8 years ago

    Today everyone’s pant is on fire! Also a bad poster day for Bollywood – D3, Bullet Raja and now this.

  6. Avatar
    Bored 8 years ago

    @Baba – Today’s masala films are equivalent to fat asses – thats why Sonakshi is there in almost all of them!

  7. Avatar
    Power Singh 8 years ago

    good poster

  8. Avatar
    ank_16n 8 years ago

    Average poster..!!

    baba is their any poster since last month which u didn’t said photoshopped/fan made ??? πŸ˜‰

    just curious to know if their is any exception πŸ˜€

  9. Avatar Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Updated the post with new poster. Shahid’s pose looks weird.

  10. Avatar
    Bored 8 years ago

    Its the chocolate boy’s attempt to be ‘macho’, unfortunately he watches too many Khan movies …

  11. Avatar
    Manish Kumar 8 years ago

    poster is massy πŸ™‚ looks good to me better than ppnh

  12. Avatar
    Saurabh 8 years ago

    and Khan watches too many South movies.

  13. Avatar
    Saurabh 8 years ago

    The ‘macho’ and rustic heroes thing died in the late 90s. Today it reeks of a wannabe attitude. Chocolate boys today want to show their ‘macho’ side. So they’ll hit the gym, build that 6 pack, grow a beard and mustache. But when they flaunt their torso for ‘crucial’ scenes, they’re completely waxed.

    The 90s actioners had that sense of anger and heroes like Sunil Shetty, Akshay, Sunny, Ajay were accepted by the masses because of their raw appeal.

    The punch of a dhai kilo haath was really felt in the gritty action (minus the cheesy sound fx). But now it’s just flashy parkour moves, wirework and hollywood copycats. And we wonder why people don’t watch pure actioners these days.

  14. Avatar
    Jaya Lahori 8 years ago

    I m really skeptical about the fate of this movie. Shahid doesnΒ΄t have the BO pull and star power pull of an average masala movie.

  15. Avatar
    Bored 8 years ago

    Agree. The ‘macho’ stuff doesnt work unless u bring the earthy rawness associated with it.

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