PSOTD : Kranti (1981) Mera Chana Hai Apna Marzi Ka

This is my first post for a new series on Tanqeed : PSOTD ( Pathetic Song of the day)

To quite a few,kranti may be a great film but I always thought it had the makings of a “Clerk” in the future.But here I present only a song from the film that the bhelpuri waala will be proud of.Lyrics are inspiring to say the least.The real genius of the song starts from 2.44.

“Mera Chana khaa gaye gore
Jo ginti mein hain thode
Phir bhi maare humko khode”

Excellent metaphor usage I would say except that it made me allergic to Chanas for the rest of my life.

But manoj kumar was just a disciple of DK.DK being the senior goes one step further

” Mera chana hai apni marzi ka
ye dushman hai khudgarzi ka
sar kafan baandh ke nikla hai
deewana hai ye pagla hai”

If chana coud be replaced with l***a,i think those lines might make better sense.

what are DK,MK doing at 6.28? Why hema malini has covered her navel with that patch of cloth but she has a bare back?Why is that toonda at 6.36 in the battalion that intends to fight british? May be reservation seat under PH category.
This film was the biggest hit of 1981.No wonder the 80s was shit.

  1. cr7 11 years ago

    “Excellent metaphor usage I would say except that it made me allergic to Chanas for the rest of my life.”


    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      πŸ˜€ i wanted to make a post on this song since an year but was thinking how to present it. The SOTD posts here gave me the idea.Everyone discusses good songs .Its time we discuss the bad ones too.The efforts in the making of both are same.Results are different though πŸ™‚

  2. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    another song from the film that i find equally cringeworthy. “Loii shama sha” or whatever the F that means.
    What is the point in showing those legs at 1.33 and 1.45?

  3. sputnik 11 years ago


    WTF lyrics. Don’t know how Dilip Kumar and Manoj Kumar can keep a straight face lip syncing this crap lyrics.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      There is another confrontation scene between DK and MK in a cave.Both were giving each other competition in overacting with the most ridiculous dialogues you will hear. The only guy who acted well in this mess was Shatrughan Sinha IMO.Even in this song,he is the one who seems to be acting normally.Dk,MK are in a world of their own. πŸ˜€

  4. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    Ok,i got that confrontation scene.Check from 1:18:50 onwards .sputnik ,can you adjust the video to start from that point?

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      Done. The video is even funny when the bricks and pillars start to fall.

      DIlip is ok but Manoj is worse.

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        manoj is worse agreed.But DK is almost always over theatrical.He says dialogues as if he is always on a stage and ppl are watching him.I was surprised when i saw this film was written by salim-javed.

        • sputnik 11 years ago

          Agree that DK is always theatrical but people talk of him as being natural which I find strange. For me Ashok Kumar was natural.

          But when I see Dilip’s acting I feel like he has some technical manual on acting and he follows that to the hilt – every pause, every dialogue is timed – he whispers some dialogues and raises his voice for some – everything is planned.

          • Baba Ji 11 years ago

            I agree on Dilips technical manual usage and it goes with that confrontation scene posted earlier. He is supposed to be a banjaara pirate in kranti but is mouthing his lines as if he is a shayar from Aligarh university.Why will a hindu banjaara of that era ever use words like “badbhakt” in his arguments!

  5. Dhamaka 11 years ago

    Shame on you baba πŸ˜€
    you are making fun of some cult movies πŸ™
    First you made fun of CLERK and Now you are making fun of KARANTI .

    you definitely have some kind of agenda against the Great MANOJ KUMAR πŸ˜€

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      πŸ˜€ Manoj kumar was good in 70s. I liked his acting in purab aur paschim and i am fan of the song “hai preet jahan ki reet sada”. His acting was very subtle in it. He overdid his “bharat kumar” thing in 80s and thats how he became CULT πŸ˜€

  6. prg 11 years ago

    great post Baba Ji..

    “Excellent metaphor usage I would say except that it made me allergic to Chanas for the rest of my life”…. lol

    i loved Manoj Kumar’s Purab aur Paschim, Dus Numbri and Shor. I hated Roti, Kapada aur Makaan and Kranti. Do not remember Upkaar much. Rest I have not watched. IMO Shor is the best work of Manoj Kumar. I find Shor extremely under-rated.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      thanks prg. havent seen Shor.will try to see it. Many of his films were big hits back then but havent aged well.

      • prg 11 years ago

        i watched Shor 10-12 years back… i loved it back then…. i dont think it has aged badly

  7. sputnik 11 years ago


    Agree that Dilip has a habit of using Urdu words. When I saw Shakti/Mashaal felt the same. Its been a while since I saw Saudagar but I think he spoke in some local dialect without using Urdu words or may be I am mistaken on that too.

    Kader Khan who is a Dilip Kumar fan also has similar habit of using Urdu dialogues no matter what role he plays.

  8. Suprabh 11 years ago

    I don’t like Dilip Kumar. Having said that, I don’t dislike him either..He is just another actor for me just like Sunil Dutt is.

    I fail to understand what the fuss regarding his acting is about.

    The most natural actors in hindi cinema have to be

    Ashok Kumar
    Jaya Bhaduri
    Balraj Sahni
    Naseeruddin shah
    Sanjeev kumar
    Anil Kapoor (for some of his performances)

    on a completely different level, the following people can also be called natural actors

    Imran Khan
    Zayed Khan
    Fardeen Khan

    They are naturally garbage.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      He is not just another actor. He has been very influential – Rajendra Kumar/Manoj Kumar were his poor copies but Amitabh and SRK have also copied him. Amitabh, Dharmendra, SRK and even Kamal, Naseer have been his fans.

      • Suprabh 11 years ago


        Kehne ko toh log Rajnikanth ke bhi fans hain but I dont have many examples to quote as far as his acting skills are concerned.. To each their own…but for me he is just another actor..I have liked his performances in some movie…hated in others..for me he is more over the top than many out there.

        Honestly, he might not be as bad an actor ..but I dont like his face to begin puts me off just like Srk..and hence I have to try hard to sit trhough the whole film.

        • sputnik 11 years ago

          Rajnikanth is/was also a good actor till he became the superstar. He was very good in the negative role in Robot.

          Not liking face? He is much better looking than a Himesh and you sat though and liked Damadam πŸ˜‰

          • Suprabh 11 years ago

            Two things:

            1) I dont have to bear himesh as he has done very few movies most of which I skipped and more importantly.

            2) I dont think Dilip kumar is better looking than himesh..Two boring faces cant be compared. πŸ˜‰

        • Baba Ji 11 years ago

          “t like his face to begin puts me off just like Srk..and hence I have to try hard to sit trhough the whole film.”

          LOL! πŸ˜€

        • Milind 11 years ago

          More OTT than many others..someone saying that without dissecting the origin and genesis of Indian it ramified and the influence of nautankis on Cinema will easily fall prey to an illusion that one is the Zizek of TQ.

          Dilip was the most restrained actors of all times…he had his may not like it but calling him OTT..then hell yes! Even Sanjeev Kumar has benn OTT in Sholay and Naseer has been ridiculous in movies like Takkar and Viswatma and many more!

          Amitabh was overacting in almost all movies of 80’s.

          Aamir doesn;t know acting–so no comments..he is not even natural.

          Salman is so natural that the acting goes for a toss

          Akshay–the less said the better,the man only knows how to show his front row teeth as a symbol of aacting!

          • Baba Ji 11 years ago

            “Aamir doesn;t know acting–so no comments..he is not even natural.”

            LOL wtf!

          • Baba Ji 11 years ago

            milind , isko bolte hain acting.This is the most symbolic scene in the film and visually presents the ultimate central theme.Aamir khan’s acting is superlative.He is like our captain MS Dhoni – calculative,ambitious yet caring and responsible.and ofc the mindblowing background music.


  9. Suprabh 11 years ago

    also since you mentioned all the actor fans..I would say all his actor fans did turn out much better than him except Srk as he did inherit the OTTop attributes like a true deciple.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      hahhahahahhahahaha .milind has to read this man.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      Yes and thats why everyone thought Dilip overshadowed Amitabh in Shakti and Dilip won Best Actor instead of Amitabh πŸ˜‰

      Amitabh has been doing OTT acting since the 80s in pretty much every movie. Dharmendra is unwatchable in most of his 80s flicks. Naseer is bad in his masala outings. Kamal used to be good till the 90s and today he is a joke with his fetish for multiple roles. Just because you like their face their OTTness doesn’t decrease.

  10. Milind 11 years ago

    Ashok Kumar
    Jaya Bhaduri
    Balraj Sahni
    Naseeruddin shah
    Sanjeev kumar
    Anil Kapoor (for some of his performances)

    Ashok Kumar has to be the most rehearsed actors in the history of Indian Cinema. Infact Dilip was the man who inherited the nuances of acting from Motilal,mixed it with his own method and produced a blueprint for the rest of Bollywood.Guess only the most degraded actors of this generation like Akshay and Salman only could not inherit anything–be it subtlety or OTT. But then how can a fan of a mechanical love story like ESOSM understand true emotions that are rooted. Ok.Back to the topic. Next name mentioned was Naseerunddin called him “natural” actor– does naturally preaching out blasphemy your natural method of showing that you do crack up!!

    Naseer seems so methodical about his pauses,his lifts and his modulations but nuance is something that a man who enjoyed TMK would understand.He is better copying and pasting songs. πŸ™‚

    Next in line was Balraj Sahni.. If ever a soul has really seen Garam Hawa or the last parts of Waqt..he will know how well did he mark even the distance he had to travel to another character in a scene..when did he have to pause and turn,when did he have to stop and look with a particular was always clear he was rehearsed in his mind.

    Calling Jaya natural and leaving out Rekha is as good as calling in an asylum and getting admitted in it. But mistakes can be pardoned.But when someone says Anil was sometimes natural one mauls all limits..that man is natural ALWAYS. Even in his most dilapidated works,he is always relaxed,never seems rehearsed.But then that “sometime” was necessary as one was never sure to begin with.

    But what can you expect from an Akshay fan whose face was so hated by public that they handed him downright 12-13 flops. All that his fans could enjoy was to show that they enjoyed Joker and TMK,.

    Saying it is fuss to talk about Dilip’s acting is as good as saying Akshay in his films is as good as Pacino. It is also to be noted that one will defend Kashyap’s idiotic movies when that director’s GOW never trended and all other small films did this year.Guess they don’t like the bearded face of Kashyap that hides the ticks!!

    Grossly misinformed people do come on this blog and make remarks that exposes that they know Cinema only till a level to decipher Akshay Cinema.Any moment they need to fake being intellectual,they run to Kashyap whom even a certain Gauri Shinde beat at BO and quality!

  11. Milind 11 years ago

    That someone does not like SRK’s face does not change the fact that the same actor is loved by millions…I can very well say I have never seen a more bastardic film than ESOSM and Before Sunrise and Sunset and that heavy metal is a rape of music but then truth is not built by what I think..but by what it is!!

  12. Suprabh 11 years ago


    when did I ever say that Amitabh, Dharmendra, Naseer and Kamal haven’t been overthe top. Its just that only Srk has been able to match Dilip’s cringeworthy levels.


    I dont care about million, billions , trillions and zillions…I am just saying that I find srk’s face like Rotten tomatoes.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      They all have been cringeworthy in many movies.

      • Milind 11 years ago

        Sputnik,Watch Naseer in a movie with Javed Zaffry,Sudesh Berry and Dharmendra..Amrish Puri..I am forgetting the film– calling DK as cringeworthy as that is just uselessly debating!

      • Milind 11 years ago

        Can anyone be more cringeworthy as that role of Naseer in Tridev! ROFL!

    • Milind 11 years ago

      In the same vein I am telling you..that I find Kashyap as the biggest loser out of all new age directors there and ESOSm as the most bastardized version of romance and most of your songs posted as crap! But does that change the truth?? The questions begins and ends here!! Rest who cares about whom.. if you hadn’t cared you wouldn’t have replied nor would I have!

      SRk has been able to match Dilip’s cringeworthy levels.Thanks for saying this.Because Dilip’s cringeworthy levels are far greater in terms of acting than Naseer or Amitabh’s best!

      You just said in your above comment–” except Srk as he did inherit the OTTop attributes like a true deciple.”. And now you change the terminology to cringeworthy.That can mean you are directly equating OTT with cringeworthy.You also agree Bachchan did OTT stuffs as well as Naseer. So ultimately each actor that followed tried matching DK in some manner.all of them did OTT stuffs. Great! You yourself clarified the meaning!

      • Suprabh 11 years ago

        “In the same vein I am telling you..that I find Kashyap as the biggest loser out of all new age directors there ”

        Great.. I agree…His Hangs of hawaspur made me cringe more thank DK or SRk’s pulped up faces.

        “ESOSm as the most bastardized version of romance and most of your songs posted as crap! But does that change the truth?? The questions begins and ends here!!”

        Perfectly put.

        Whenever they have tried to copy Dilip they have been automatically cringeworthy. Thanks for proving my point.
        Q. E. D.

        • Milind 11 years ago

          “Great.. I agree…His Hangs of hawaspur made me cringe more thank DK or SRk’s pulped up faces”

          Thank God you accepted it or else Kashyap’s Black Friday was next on my anvil.Not to say No Smoking or Dev D are waste of time totally by a delusional cocooned director.

          Wasn’t the terminology of OTT and cringeworthy in question. Pulling out a theorem from a hypothesis that never existed is not Q.E.D. Have you really read mathematics or logic! Doesn’t seem so!!

  13. Milind 11 years ago

    Waise You still havn’t answered whether the OTT is cringeworthy or not. Coz all these actors have been cringeworthy in 95% of their movies if OTT is the standard for judging it.Those who havnt seen DK’s initial filmography and stuffs like Amar and Andaaz and many will not understand that rest who followed spent half of their life in learning from it and another half in executing it! πŸ™‚

  14. Suprabh 11 years ago

    I am unpadh and ganwaar in mathematics..thats why I cant count who has more wrinkles,..srk or Dilip Kumar..

    Also, I haven’t seen any Dilip Kumar movies–thats why I am commenting on finding his acting very normal and nothing fascinating..

    and last, for me OTT is cringeworthy most of the times especially when its extremely unnecessary. Btw if you were debating with someone , you may want to know , that OTT is scene specific..and sometimes movie specific…Same reason why aamir bandarpanti in Ghajini is OTT while in the same movie his Sanjay Singhania portrayal is subtle…same goes for Akshay in Singh is Kingg (highly pathetically OTT)..compared to Khakee… Srk’s joke of a shekhar superBorium compared to well excuted

    As for Dk..he was even useless in a movie like Madhumati.

  15. Rotlu 11 years ago

    What would Amitabh say to Dilip Kumar if he is reading this conversation:

    Bhag Bhag DK Boss DK Boss DK Boss DK Boss Bhag Bhag DK Boss DK Bhaag.

  16. rajesh 11 years ago

    hmm, interesting, from chana hain apni marzi ka to acting capabilities or ottness capabilities.
    DK was a great actor but somehow I never liked him, he looked old in all the films I have seen of him.

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