PSOTD: A Medley of Raaj Kumar ‘Brilliance’!

Presenting the 5th in the series of the PSOTD :Pathetic scene of the day. The rest can be found here

As you know the pathetic scenes of the day are the scenes which are not necessarily poor. In fact they are the scenes which we liked a lot back in the day. We still are entertained by them but for entirely different reasons 😉
Following is a medley of Raaj Kumar scenes from various movies. Personally I am a big Raaj Kumar fan and i believe he has the best dialogue delivery ever among Bollywood stars. But then he was also an actor of the “BolBachan” category. These actors always take one-upmanship verbose type roles, speak too much and do very little 😉 Most of the actors of his era (Dilip, Manoj etc) were like him.

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    LOL Good post.

    His scenes with Shatru have hilarious dialogues. And his dialogues in that Police Public video are so bad.

    The last scene is similar to a scene from Shakti and it had Amrish Puri in the same role. That scene was itself was from Zanjeer.

    • Ipman
      Ipman 7 years ago

      the two hero films of that era were mostly centered around the debate as to who will win the contest in dialguebaazi. there was always a baggage to outdo your co-star.both rajkumar and dilipkumar are masters of this art. they used to edit the roles of their co-stars to look better. ghai must have had a tough time when he brought both of them together in saudagar!

      ppl talk of shakti. i wonder what dilip would have done had he been asked to play the role of sanjeev kumar in trishul.dilip would probably never agree to it

  2. Ipman
    Ipman 7 years ago

    i find aamir khan similar to them in his approach.he simply refuses to be a part of a film where someone else has an upperhand. He refused josh becuase he felt max character was dominant. he refused darr becuase he ddint want to get beaten up by sunny. he chose d3 were abhishek has been reduced to ifthekhar!

  3. Ipman
    Ipman 7 years ago

    “his dialogues in that Police Public video are so bad” naseers are even worse! and in this theatrical zone of rajkumar , you can see how desparately naseer was trying to match up with raajkumar and ended up looking novice and foolish.

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      Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

      Dialogue delivery is supposed to be good when there are right pauses in it and when there are emotions in it. Not necessarily Rough voice/ Loud voice. Like say a simple “maa” by Amitabh has emotions in it.

      Amitabh is not great in dialogue delivery because of his Heavy voice. He is because of the pauses and the emotions he puts in.

      Same is the case with Naseer. (he was made to talk nonsense dialogues here)

      I somewhere mentioned on 24 last episode where Anil Kapoor begs to the don not to kill his son – he sounds so genuine…which is rare . Normally they sound manly – but anil sounded like he was really concerned about his son. That is true dialogue delivery.

      PS: Dilip Kumar may have been a caricature in 80s, but his dialogue delivery was not this caricature in his prime (50s/60s). He was very good in the way he spoke – undertone.

      PPS: Rajkumar competes with Shatrugahns of the world – worst in dialogue delivery ever in BW.

      • Ipman
        Ipman 7 years ago

        “Dialogue delivery is supposed to be good when there are right pauses in it and when there are emotions in it. ” thats not all. the dialogues have to be audible first of all! dilip used to murmur some of his dialogues and then suddenly raised his voice and again murmur. and that was not due to some logic, it was his style. he had to look different.

        i agree on amitabh, i think he speaks very clearly, or atleast used to in his prime

        regarding naseer, its not about the bad dialogues, you should chek him in karma, vishawatma etc. he is a total embarrasment in commercial films with his OTT acting

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Raaj Kumar Dialogues from Betaaj Badshah

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