Proof that Khans are not good at Romance

The Khan PR hypes how the Khans are the best when it comes to romance especially SRK – who is the “Pyaar Ka Devta” of Bollywood. But when each of them got a chance to do love making with the most prized wicket of Bollywood, Katrina, they got cold feet. It took a non-Khan to teach them how to become Kaam Devta when you have someone like Katrina Kaif all for you.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Kiss:

SRK is so awkward. Totally cold feet. Doesn’t even contribute to the kiss and finishes with a silly line “Tumne Mujhe Maara Nahi”. abey sirf kiss hi to kiya hai. Bajaya thodi hai?

Dhoom 3 Kiss:

The retard Aamir didn’t even see it coming. Usually he is PROACTIVE

Salman Khan:

Didn’t even try!!

Bang Bang Kiss:

Delivered like a Boss. #real Mard #respect

  1. Reddemon 8 years ago

    I think SRK ends up acting too much while making those cute faces in romantic scenes. He should understand that Romance is about subtleness and not Cute Faces. For example take the ‘palat’ scene from DDLJ. Just look at the video below. The same scene Client eastwood does it with such subtleness but Srk tries to make cute faces.

  2. sputnik 8 years ago

    Romance is not just kissing scenes. And when it comes to kissing scenes no one can hold a candle to Emraan Hashmi who is the Baap of kissing scenes. Actually Aamir is second to him in kissing scenes and has more passionate kissing scenes than Hrithik and you even made a post of them πŸ™‚

    This is like picking the worst action scene of Akshay from Rowdy Rathore or Khiladi 786 and saying that Akshay is bad at action. You are beginning to sound more and more like Sunil with all the things about Khans vs non Khans and PR hype πŸ˜‰

    Salman is famous for masala movies nowadays. He was liked in romantic movies early on in his career like MPK, PKP, Saajan and so on. Aamir was also famous for romantic movies initially with QSQT, JJWS and so on but he later became famous for doing different kind of movies.

    Now coming to the first scene its a crap scene. SRK is old and is trying to act like some teenager who is afraid of the girl slapping him. Its a scene which wants to be a like some scene from DTPH which itself had crap scenes like that. But it worked back then.

    I don’t like SRK’s romantic movies or romantic scenes where he overacts and tries to be cute as @reddemon said. But I don’t think crap like DTPH and KKHH would have worked without SRK. The girls loved SRK back then for those very scenes and that is why he got that romantic image.

    SRK was good in romantic scenes in movies like KHKN and RBGG. There is innocence and sincerity in those movies. Check this scene from RBGG and there is no kissing.

    • Baba 8 years ago

      srk used to be good when he was young @sputnik. at that time he was young. he looked good flirting his heriones and kissing was not a part of indian films. things today have changed. kissing isnt considered big today and the younger generation actors easily do it but srk and salman failed to update themselves here. they get totally awkward in intimate scenes. in the jthj scene you can clearly see srks awkwardness. aditya asked him to go for it considering todays times but srk was not ready. he will never be ready for this. he is of a different era of romance.

      @sunil ki aakhen bahut pehle se khuli hui thi. meri ab khuli hai!

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