Predictions of Forthcoming films

SHOOTOUT AT WADALA: The film has got the buzz and the item songs have ensured that the hoi-polloi flocks to theater. The film can have around 9-10cr Day 1 and 30-32cr weekend which will be healthy enough. If accepted well, the film can have a very strong run as there is no hard-core Mass film releasing for next five weeks until YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA. Lifetime Predictions
Day 1- 9-10cr
Weekend- 30-32cr
If Good WOM: 80-85
If Mixed WOM: 67-72
If Bad WOM: 55-59cr

GO GOA GONE: The film has perfect recipe for youth crowd of multiplexes. It has something new in its kitty which hasn’t been exploited in Indian cinema before. But after the first promo, the film didn’t come up with anything exciting, thanks to non-pleasing songs! Still, the film can have a decent start multiplexes thanks to Saif Ali Khan’s presence and the novelty factor.

Day 1- 4-5cr
Weekend – 15-17cr
If Good WOM: 44-48cr
If Mixed WOM: 37-40cr
If Bad WOM: 29-33

AURANGZEB: Shockingly disinteresting, Aurangzeb can be a debacle in terms of opening if the film doesn’t come out with eye-catching promos and songs! Nothing so far has clicked for the film and its just two weeks away from the release! Pull up the socks, team!

Day 1- 2-3cr
Weekend: 10-13cr
If Good WOM: 31-34cr
If Mixed WOM: 24-28cr
If Bad WOM: 17-20cr

YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI: Hottest film of the season! The film has two A-list stars and Ranbir being a huge crowd-puller for multiplex audience, I see no reason for this film to not have 90-100% occupancies at multiplexes when it opens! Right from the promos to songs, YJHD has buzz increasing manifolds everyday!
Day 1- 11-13cr
Weekend – 40-42cr
If Good WOM: 105-110cr
If Mixed WOM: 88-93cr
If Bad WOM: 73-77cr

YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2: Sequels always has an advantage to open well at ticket window. This one is a perfect family film and will set the cash registers ringing at single screens. At multiplexes it might not do any wonders, though a decent opening cannot be ruled out there!

Day 1- 9-10cr
Weekend : 28-30cr
If Good WOM: 78-84cr
If Mixed WOM: 62-66cr
If Bad WOM: 53-57cr

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  1. ank_16n 11 years ago

    agree with all but 2 predictions—–

    weekend can’t be more than 36-37 cr at max IMO..!!

    weekend can’t be more than 30-32 cr at max IMO..!!

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