PR jugglery of Talaash

The first news for Talaash was about Reliance having acquired the film from Excel-Aamir (the producers) for Rs 90cr

This news was mainly to heat up the film among trade.

The next news item came after the promo was launched.This time the PR quoted ‘budget’ figures of 40 cr instead of selling price(90 cr).

The latest news item is funnier.This time they talked about how they have not sold the movie to (sub)distributors.The mistake on their part is that they gave quote of Reliance!

So as things stand,Talaash which was made on a production budget of 40 cr was sold to Reliance at 90cr.Reliance however has not sold the rights to sub distributors and are waiting till the release period gets near.

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    Tulmul 8 years ago

    Good Work Baba…. :clap:

    Don’t let the passion to puncture the Fan ego’s ebb ……

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