Players First Day Territorial Breakdown

Players had a poor first day with very low business for a film of its size. The first day territorial breakdown is as follows.

Mumbai – 1.60 crore

Delhi/UP – 95 lakhs

East Punjab – 41 lakhs

West Bengal – 23 lakhs

Bihar – 12 lakhs

CP Berar – 21 lakhs

CI – 19 lakhs

Rajasthan – 26 lakhs

Nizam – 28 lakhs

Mysore – 23 lakhs

Others – 15 lakhs

TOTAL – 4.63 crore


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  1. Manish 8 years ago

    4.63 crores actually isnt that bad … forget abbas mastan movie or released at big print size .. considering that Abhi’s last few movies have fared pathetically some as low as 5-7 crore and the max it reached i think 32 crores .. so if it grows and and somehow sustain even at lower level .. it has good chances to reach 45-50 // and will be an avergae fare .. which actually is good considering the kind of patch abhi is going thru

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