Plagiarism: Kaho Na Kaho from Murder Copied

Kaho Na Kaho song from Murder is copied from the song Tamally Ma’ak by Amr Diab. Here is Kaho Na Kaho song from Murder.

“‘Kaho na kaho’ is sung by Pakistani singer Amir Jamal and is his composition from his 2003 album by the same name. If you had heard the song, you’d have noticed Arabic lyrics that goes, ‘…tamally ma’ak’. And there lies the twist! This song was originally composed by Sherif Tag (lyrics by Ahmed Ali Mousa) and sung by Arabic singer Amr Diab under the name (what else?) ‘Tamally Ma’ak’ in the year 2000 (from the album of the same name). Amir Jamal simply lifted this song and added Hindi lyrics and used it in his album. This song has also found its way in to ‘Murder’, thanks to the Bhatts! Its one thing to copy a song with no credit whatsoever to its original composer and its completely another thing to use the same title/ lyrics in the copied version!” Link

And here is the music video of Kaho Na Kaho by Amir Jamal.

Here is the original song Tamally Ma’ak by Amr Diab.


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