Pappu Can’t Dance Saala TOI Movie Review by Nikhat Kazmi

“The film takes an interesting look at the lives of all the small town aspirants who come chasing their dreams to Mumbai, mega city, carrying the baggage of their native culture with them. Vidhyadhar has been brought up in a middle class family in Benares while Mehak is a middle class girl from Kohlapur. While Mumbai’s cosmo culture has seduced Mehak, Vidhyadhar still dreams of the ghats of Benares.

Naturally, he is aghast at his new house-mate’s attitude, her dress sense, her penchant for loud parties, her choice of friends….But that is only an initial reaction. For, underneath her loudness, she’s actually a vulnerable, endearing girl, brimming over with emotions. The duo manage to strike up a tender bond, despite their diverse personalities, over shared dinners, rooftop soirees, exchange of memories and some tender love and care.

It’s a refreshing film which keeps you involved with its sensitive portrayal of two lonely souls trying to find succour in an alien city. Interestingly, the film takes a balanced view and doesn’t end up passing judgements on the polarised cultures of big and small towns. Both have their positive and negative points, states director Saurabh Shukla. And rightly so. Both Vinay and Neha pitch in interesting performances while Naseer excels in a small cameo.

Watch it. You won’t get bored.”



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