Padmavati Official Trailer starring Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

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    aryan 5 years ago

    Interesting trailer Ranveer, Shahid and Deepika looking good and excellent picurization.

  2. cr7 5 years ago


  3. sputnik 5 years ago

    Visually it looks very good. It does remind of Bajirao Mastani with the visuals. The dialogues seem to be all about the greatness of the Rajputs. Not sure if SLB is playing safe by highlighting only those dialogues in the trailer as he was thrashed by Karni Sena or if the whole movie is just about that.

    Shahid seems to be acting very well. Deepika is ok. Ranveer looks good but there isn’t a single dialogue of his in the trailer. So its hard to gauge his acting. Looks like he is playing it like some pyscho.

    As far as story is concerned looks like this is based on the false legend than any actual history.

  4. saurabh sharma 5 years ago

    The trailer looks good.. I get a feel that Ranveer might overact. He is good playing character who are obsessed but this guy looks like bit of crazy than a obsessed person though generally SLB’s movie tone remain about characters who are obsessed than crazy.

    Ranveer’s looks definitely inspired by them. Its said that Khilji was bisexual so it will be interesting to see how that part has been dealt with. There is Jim sorabh also there, who might be Khilji’s sexual partner..

    I hope Shahid has been given a good role and ample space to show his character as Movie seems to focused on Khilji and Padmavati. Deepkia and Shahid looks good together. Though Shahid feels like too clean to play a warrior. He looks like a yuvraj but not a warrior. He also looks physically weaker than Ranveer.

    Deepika has been given a good role but I think she will just do ok. I think someone like Priyanka might have added another dimension like she did in Bajirao Mastani.

    Its interesting that Srk rejected the role of khilji because the title of the movie was about a leading lady. But of course he is a superstar who does have to let go of interesting roles to maintain his stardom or to give illusion of his stardom. But it would have been really interesting to see him playing khilji as he is ambitious, obsessed and insecure person. But then movie would not remain what it is now and it might have become another raees.

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    aryan 5 years ago

    Padmaavat 2nd Official Trailer
    Movie Title Changed

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    aryan 5 years ago

    Dialogue Promo

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