Original version of Yaara Seeli Seeli from Lekin – Ve Main Chori Chori

Had always loved the song Yaara Seeli Seeli from Lekin from the very first time I heard it on radio in the early 90s. Had posted it as Song of the Day a couple of years back. But never knew that the song was inspired from a folk song “Ve Main Chori Chori” sung by the singer Reshma whom people may know as the singer of Lambi Judaai from the movie Hero. Anyway here is the song Ve Main Chori Chori.

And here is Yaara Seeli Seeli from Lekin for comparison.

Here is a video where Reshma herself talks about how the song Yaara Seeli Seeli from Lekin is inspired by her song Ve Main Chori Chori and she praises Lata for her rendition of the song.

Here is the same song sung by Meesha Shafi from Coke Studio Pakistan.

  1. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Have to credit the movie Filmistaan for this find. Ve Main Chori Chori was playing in the background in one scene for just a few seconds. It sounded like Yaara Seeli Seeli but with a different singer. So got curious and found this.

    • aryan 6 years ago

      Excellent post very well sung by Lata and what a decent lady Reshma she is praising Lata that she sung well.

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