Only for the Missus

The bash finally wound up at roughly 6.30 am, with Priyanka Chopra one of the last ones to leave.Returning to the screen more than 30 years after she gave up acting, Neetu Singh Kapoor proved with 2010’s Do Dooni Chaar that she still had the chops, and that she still shared a crackling on-screen chemistry with her husband Rishi Kapoor, and that her son Ranbir owes it all to his genes. Hardly surprising though that Neetu has been turning down several movie offers since DDC, reluctant to get typecast in thankless mummyji roles.

The one she has apparently said yes to is a cameo in Yash Chopra’s next, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. Well-placed sources say that Neetu will make a single-scene appearance in the as-yet-untitled romantic film. Also ‘hanging around’ in the scene, not doing much else, will be her husband Rishi Kapoor who has reportedly agreed to literally ‘show up’ on set on his Chandni director’s insistence.

Rishi Kapoor who, according to an industry joke, has an ego bigger than his superstar son, isn’t known to make special appearances in films even if only to appease old friends. And while his association with Chopra dates all the way back to Kabhi Kabhi, he’s believed to have told the filmmaker that the main reason he was making an exception for this movie was his wife. Remember, Neetu happily made a walk-on appearance in the last scene of Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal, in which Rishi Kapoor had an important role.


Cocktails with Karan

Much has been written and said already about Karan Johar’s big 40th birthday bash last Friday. So you know Priyanka Chopra showed up at the party after all, amidst all that will-she-won’t-she speculation following her very public fallout with the filmmaker recently. What you probably haven’t heard is that the actress was literally the toast of the party that evening, getting much attention from some of the very stars (and their wives) who’d reportedly snubbed her not so long ago. You wouldn’t have guessed if you saw them together that evening that these ladies had been fighting a cold war recently.  This has only prompted industrywalas to speculate that perhaps the diktat to extend an olive branch to PC was issued to the star wives and the birthday boy from an influential star that the actress might have gone crying to.

In the fashion department, Rani Mukherjee sadly stuck out like a sore thumb in her baggy silver gown that some have described as a maternity dress, and others as a sack. The ‘black-tie only’ invitation clearly reached Aftab Shivdasani too late, and he showed up among a roomful of penguin suits wearing a purple jersey and jeans. Perhaps he should have taken a page out of Sohail Khan’s book, who decided not to show up at all after birthday boy Karan Johar reportedly called him the day before and begged him to wear a suit and not show up in bathroom slippers like he normally does.

A mini Shahid Kapoor hate club was seen gathering around the bar, where at least three filmmakers who’d been irked by the Jab We Met star were exchanging notes about the actor’s high-handed ways. One writer-director revealed that Shahid had stopped him midway during a narration, and condescendingly asked him not to ‘emote’ while describing scenes. Another said the actor had only one caveat when he approached him with a film: “Buddy, I’ll do this film if you can guarantee me it’ll make a hundred crore rupees.” The same filmmakers mustered up a reluctant smile when the actor showed up at the party well past midnight.

The bash finally wound up at roughly 6.30 am, with Priyanka Chopra one of the last ones to leave. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, and Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri made an exit at roughly 5.30 am. Separately, of course.


The Ghost Director

This popular filmmaker—who was once hailed as a genius, but now prolifically churns out lazy, mindless films— has been openly taking potshots at an actor who starred in his recent dud, blaming the star and his oily manager for making casting decisions, and pressuring him to alter the script midway through the shoot. As it turns out, the filmmaker was well aware that he’d made a turkey, and even sent another senior star (who also acted in the film) an SMS apologising in advance for the dud.

What’s more, one has learnt that the filmmaker had given up on the film roughly halfway into production, declaring that he couldn’t continue shooting as the film wasn’t shaping up the way he’d wanted. Surprisingly, he allowed the studio head, who’d acquired the film for distribution, to step in and shoot the final 30 days of the film.



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