One more in Class vs Mass debate

There have been many double meaning dialogues in cinema in Bollywood. Of late there has been a splurge in it.
I dont have any problem with ‘so-called’ vulgar comedy or double meaning dialogues in films. But I spotted a rare example wherein Gulzar makes a double meaning dialogue – in classic style.
Whether it was intentional or not , I dont know, but it surely cracked me up.

ख़ुदकुशी vs “खुश खुदही कर लीजिये ”

Watch from 3:50 onward (the scene is exact at 4:40)

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    sputnik 5 years ago

    ha ha good one

    There is a scene at the end where the other Sanjeev Kumar reminds Moushami Chatterjee of what she said to him and she says “Bal Bal bach gayi main agar kuch kar bait ti to” 😉

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