Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara Theatrical Trailer 2

  1. Aditya007 9 years ago

    Just Mindblowing trailer ! Rapchik dialogue bazzi way better than 1st one ! Full to entertainment !

    *Ager Mai Hero Ban Gaya to Pehchan Bura Man Jayegi * Killerr!!!!!!

  2. ank_16n 9 years ago

    thnx @aryan 🙂

    WOW loved it……..

    yeah i can be biased when it comes to Akshay kumar…..

    But still This one looks EPIC in Every Frame..!!

    Hats off to Rajat Arora for Writing such Brilliant Dialogues..!!

    BTW Trailer will be shown in Theatres along with Lootera(trailers Attached to prints of Lootera)..!!

  3. ank_16n 9 years ago

    New trailer of OUATIM-Dobara to be played on all channels(Colors, Aaj Tak, Sony, Zee tv and Star Plus) from 8pm-11pm tonight.

    View post on imgur.com

  4. Aditya007 9 years ago

    Now this trailer really revealing in which angle movie is based i.e Underworld Romance crime drama .

  5. Nawaab saab 9 years ago

    Faadu dialogues…much better than frst trailor …looks gud now

  6. mate 9 years ago

    This is an absolute trash, even worse than the first one. Pathetic dialogue delivery by the so-called villain, it’s more of a comedian than a villain. OUATIMD is a gone case now, another ‘Joker’ in making.

  7. MP 9 years ago

    what will you call CE trailor… trash of the trashest. Don’t be so biased, otherwise don’t comment. if you don;t like him than be silent… don’t give your dumb comment.

    • mate 9 years ago

      Sorry MP sir, next time I will care. And thanks for pointing out my biasness and dumbness, hope I will learn a lot from your sane comments. And please sir don’t forbid me to comment here, allow me to do that once in a while..

  8. DABANGG_NIINJA 9 years ago

    Yr itna bhi khas nhi he average he bs .phele wale jitna

  9. Aditya007 9 years ago

    Exactly what I like in trailer from milan Luthria i.e New #OUATIMD trailer start where first trailer end ,which raised Appeal for moviegors! *Take a bow*

  10. sauravjha 9 years ago

    Comparatively the first trailer was better. But irrespective of that movie should do well. And now that Satyagraha has moved a week ahead it will mean a good open two weeks for the movie and if CE will have some sort of appreciation it will benefit too!

  11. Bored 9 years ago

    To me this seems a better trailer than the first – looks like a Rowdy Rathore kind of fun flick.

  12. sputnik 9 years ago

    Cannot decide which trailer was bad – this one or the earlier one. Just filmy dialoguegiri. Never been a fan of Rajat Arora’s filmy dialogues anyway.

    This movie also gives feel of Milan Luthria’s last movie The Dirty Picture.

    Imran looks woefully miscast and Akshay seems to have been saddled with bad dialogues. And wouldn’t Akshay’s character Shoaib Khan say Jannat instead of Swarg?

  13. Author
    aryan 9 years ago

    Like the 2nd trailer better than the first one Akshay Looks terrific and excellent background music Sophie Looks hot and sexy.

  14. Bored 9 years ago

    Must say that this one seems to be more fun than CE (not that i am a fan of such stuff).
    August is going to be a month of lowbrow films

  15. yakuza 9 years ago

    Very Good Promo … I enjoyed OUATIM to greater extent, that was SOLID entertainer. This should also be on same line ..

    @sputnik .. film ke dialogue bhi to filmi hi hone chahiye na ?? otherwise what’s the fun seeing movie ?? fir to Ghar pe aapas mein hi batein kar lo .. 🙂

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      I don’t think these dialogues are like those Salim-Javed dialogues from 70s movies. Those looked much more natural and they were one liners with punch lines. These look so wannabe.

      Compare the dialogues here to Satya/Company. Why do we praise DCH as having changed movie dialogues if it changed nothing.

  16. Bored 9 years ago

    I wudnt drag Salim-Javed or even Company into this – Lets not insult them plz.

  17. ank_16n 9 years ago


    satya is cult classic…..
    but company well it was an average fare for me nothing more……..
    as for DCH 1st half was brilliant last 45 min was plain boring infact ZNMD is much-much better and good than DCH..

    movies shud be different from one another if they will be made with sameness than what’s the purpose of making them…!!

    similarly audience shud be able to like different style and feel of movies otherwise what’s the purpose of watching movies..!!

    #justMyThoughts and #myMotto while watching movies..!! 😛

  18. Kunaal Kohli 9 years ago

    didn’t understand what the film is about but looking forward to it just for akshay SIR. Hope, it does 70 + crore life time.

  19. Kunaal Kohli 9 years ago

    but Akshay SIR’s dialogue delivery is very poor even after 22 years.

  20. Kunaal Kohli 9 years ago

    agree bro,
    I’m also confused that akshay SIR what is doing??? comedy circus or comedy-cum-gangster-cum-villain-cum-supporting actor??

    big confused!!!

  21. desire4grave 9 years ago

    very poor trailer..akshay is delivering dialogue as if he is in deep sleep…and the dialogue too are not solid like its previous part. and what to say about imran??uske like jitna kaam bolu utna behataar hain…really disappointing. i was looking forward to this movie but now i think i wont watch it in theatre!!!

  22. ank_16n 9 years ago

    ” I’m also confused that akshay SIR what is doing???
    comedy circus or comedy-cum-gangster-cum-villain-
    cum-supporting actor??”


    ok now i got it Salman khan’s MENTAL is releasing soon…

    m i right virat kholi..????

  23. FS 9 years ago

    *****Since the trailer of CE didn’t stand up to its expectations, OUTIMD thought that it would be unfair to release a better trailer and hence released this CRAP trailer to maintain equilibrium (may be it is also a part of deal with Jeetendra).*****

  24. Kunaal Kohli 9 years ago

    akshay is delivering dialogue as if he is in deep sleep.

    very funny.


    right ankur bro???

    MENTAL is releasing soon…

    I wish something like this happens.

    but releasing next year. so WAIT


    your comment is fully funny. thanks for fun but have possibility something like that.

  25. Baba 9 years ago

    akshays potential as a vilian hasnt been explored well here,atleast from promos. here is a scene where it is aptly done, he was superb in this scene

    • Suprabh 9 years ago

      He should have played out and out villain roles in other Hero films…Im sure he’d done much better than others…I think Villainous acting suits him more..that too cruel psychotic villains.

  26. Baba 9 years ago

    milan luthria is old fashioned fillmmaker stuck in the 70s style. he asks his actors to speak slowly in a shayari way. akshay has a more modern approach to his roles so somewhere the whole thing doesnt work

    • sauravjha 9 years ago

      You couldn’t have put it in a better way. The way he portrayed negative characters in Khiladi 420, International Khiladi is very underrated. Maybe if the movies would have become big he might have been hailed. He managed some acclaim in Ajnabee but even that was not better than above mentioned films. Here maybe director’s vision is different and he wanted to keep him more in RR mode than those.

    • ank_16n 9 years ago

      i don’t agree with that

      1. because in Khiladi 420 a 2000’s villain role that too for the 1st 45 min only out of which 30 min he was pretending to be a good guy while in OUATIMD he is playing a 1980’s Don..!!

      2. as far as Akshay’s style of Don is concerned then u shud look International khiladi where he played Don DEVRAJ…and i find that similar traits in Shoaib of OUATIMD….
      see by urself—-


      • ank_16n 9 years ago

        @stupnik make it Embed..!!
        thnx in advance..!! 🙂

  27. SUnil 9 years ago

    Akshay’s performances were not given importance by the media.He is a much better actor than shahrukh.In International khiladi,khiladi 420 he was good.His 1990s action films if remade will be huge grossers now.

    • FS 9 years ago

      & who would like to remake such movies? Sajid Khan? Himesh Reshmaiyyah? Only these two have courage to remake average movies.

      • ank_16n 9 years ago

        the same man who is remaking STALIN is a better choice maybe..!! 😀


        does SRK deserve best Actor nomination for OSO or will for CE..??

        if yes then boy Sandler is 100 times better actor than Pacino..!! 😉

    • mate 9 years ago

      100% agreed, it’s only media that always depicted him in bad light, otherwise Sandler is a much better actor than Pacino.

    • mate 9 years ago

      “In International khiladi,khiladi 420 he was good.His 1990s action films if remade will be huge grossers now.”
      Yes agreed fully, a sequel of one of his 1990s ‘classic’ action already become a huge grosser that is Khiladi 786, let’s hope many more such huge grossers come in the form of remakes, so keep your fingers crossed.

  28. sunil 9 years ago

    Mediocre actors need the media.Khiladi 786 is not a remake of 1990s action film.

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