Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again Theatrical Trailer

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    Gurvinder Pal Singh 8 years ago

    Ddint liked it, Akshay as a Don was a wrong choice, Emaran Hashmi would have nailed it…. 🙁

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    Baba Ji 8 years ago

    not impressed. the dialogue delivery is not good from any of them.and milan lutharia seems to have some fondness for writing filmi lines and asks his actors to say it in filmy way.

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    Tulmul Memender 8 years ago

    After Watching Trailer wish there was Ajay devgun in it… Superstar Akki can’t mouth such dialogues… there should be depth in Voice and eyes… eyes they have taken care by putting shades and dunno wat to do with Voice …

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    Yes Baba Ji Even first part had filmi lines but Ajay was good and he made it watchable.

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    Gurvinder Pal Singh 8 years ago

    Agreed Babab ji, dialogue delivery is very bad both from Akki and Imran, bad casting have ruined the movie…

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    Suprabh 8 years ago

    Agree with Baba ji about Milan Luthria..


    I dont think even Ajay could save it (at least for me)..I found the first part pretty boring too..its a mystery for me, as to how it was a hit.

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    syed imran 8 years ago

    the prequel was more about the gangsters, their rise to powers, deceit etc.. but the sequel looks more of a love story between the two gangsters and the good gonna get the girl kind in the end theme… background music too is the same… dialogues not upto the mark… and whenever akshay is coming on the screen, we are being reminded of ajay devgan who played the sultan mirza character with ease and perfection… just like others even i agree that miscasting will ruin the movie completely… but still will wait for its release, music, dialogue promos and then can come for a conclusion…. overall slightly disappointed with the trailer as we were expecting a complete action sequel….

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    syed imran 8 years ago

    @suprabh – i am suprised that you find the movie boring… i really wonder whether you watched OUATIM or some other movie… being a movie buff you ought to like this movie and it is one of my all time fav action movie…you are the first person in this world who found the movie boring….

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      Suprabh 8 years ago


      I actually saw OUATIM first day last show in NYC…Got so bored..Slept in the theater and started to snore..until my friend woke me up.

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    Bored 8 years ago

    LOL, this is like a comedy-remake of Company, which was based on same characters more or less.
    Compare this with Devgan in Company – and you know why Akshay is the comedy Kinng!

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    So who is Imran playing?

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    Bored 8 years ago

    dont remember the name of the gangster who parted ways with Dawood and on whom Vivek’s character in Company was based on

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      sputnik 8 years ago

      Vivek’s character was based on Chhota Rajan but Imran’s character does not look like based on him.

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    Bored 8 years ago

    We will see when the film releases, this promo is all dialogue-baazi (which is terrible btw) not abt the story

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    Dont you know what You’re expecting Its much much better than trailer in recent time ,Even Some here(including Suprabh) liked Crap Himmatwala trailer than what’ll else for understand! And I’m sure you’ll love to watch on repeat !

    “Akshay Kumar : Peene Ki Capacity, Zeene Ki Strength,A/c Mein Bal Aur Naam Ka Khauf Kabhie Kam Nahin Hone Chayie #OUATIMA !”

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      Reddemon 8 years ago

      “Even Some here(including Suprabh) liked Crap Himmatwala trailer than what’ll else for understand!”

      Sabko thodi attention toh chahiye hoti h na?

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        Aditya007 8 years ago

        attention milegi ,when CE trailer will arise !

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    about trailer : Just Woww , really ,, This time its Personal !! Epic Its Strong Love trangler Love Story More than Crime ,which Is Attract Youth and families while Some Of Action is for Masses , As I thought !

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    Bored 8 years ago

    Looks like both this and CE will be cheesy massy masala entertainers … but wish Akshay was not in his Tees Mar Khan mode, he just cant take himself seriously – something i otherwise appreciate a lot in him (much like in Salman)

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    Reddemon 8 years ago

    Good trailor 😛
    Agar 2-4 aise trailor aur nikal diye toh CE ka rasta clear samjho.

    I was expecting a ganster movie but now it seems like a love triangle. If it is a love triangle than Imran akela le dubega movie ko. John in place of Imran would have been better atleast physically or Emraan Hashmi was perfect. Dont know why they replaced him?

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    Rafsan Cr 8 years ago

    good .OUATMA sets a very low standard . now it is perfect time to release CE trailer. Sunil Koelr now u understand why CE delayed trailer release ?

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      Suprabh 8 years ago

      Don’t lose hopes on Rohit Shetty so soon Cr.. He is the master of LOW

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        cr7 8 years ago

        no low for rohit sir. this time cars,bikes,trains will fly even higher .

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    RG Verma 8 years ago

    I fear akshay will ruin ajay brilliant performance in first part…

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Edited your comment.


      I hope this answered your question.

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    ”I fear akshay will ruin ajay brilliant performance in first part”

    You were also thinking at time when S26 release ,,, Kya thinking hai !

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    ” circuswala and b-grade actor”

    These type of words Allowed here if yes then mai bhi Start Karu ! Please Clearify !

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    I.One 8 years ago

    “These type of words Allowed here if yes then mai bhi Start Karu ! Please Clearify !”

    Please clarify. You should reply when asked. Thanks.

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    rajesh 8 years ago

    Showing hero larger than life is becoming repetitive now, trailers are showing heros as some extra ordinary kind of human being. I liked Salman in the Dabangg trailer due to same reason but it is becoming irritating now.

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    Sir 8 years ago

    25 saal se akshay kya jhak maar raha hai, abhi tak dialogue baazi karni nahin aati? last pathetic dialogues were from RR and now this though the former was entertainer but cannot say the same about the later.

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    Virat Kohli 8 years ago

    Honestly speaking, the trailer didn’t appeal me…..but still I’ll give it a try…..as it’s milan luthria flick…..as I trust that man as a director…..moreover, akki is looking tired and weird…..my opinion it will be a average or above average…..how I can’t predict as it has competition with Chennai Express…..but one thing being a akki fan, I think he has lost his charm…..the one he had in Khiladi786, Joker, Tees Maar Khan etc but my final words ld be after watching the movie…..as I still have expectations from it. For now promo was not that much promising…..below average.

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    RG Verma 8 years ago

    why should we make dawood a hero character in films? actually he is villain for Indians real life…people should ignore this kind crap stories around gangsters.

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    RG Verma 8 years ago

    “You were also thinking at time when S26 release ,,, Kya thinking hai!”

    special 26 was failed critically & commercially. Critically pass by akkians & paid reviews. Honestly it was copied from a spanish film ‘ the hidden face’. Total waste and bakwaas. Spanish version was good & box office verdict is just average. lol!

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    who said ? It Critically praised Akki fans ? Dude we ‘re not srk fans who made everthing selfclaimed , and try for manipulation. Btw for your crap of information S26 was Well praised movie even said by BOI . So just concentrate your CE !

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    really oh ,.. 🙁 Akshay fan???
    And after this trailer you turned for SRK fan ! Even same thing was with me When Ra.one /JTHJ release but after fail of both i turn forever with Akshay ! Btw waiting for CE trailer then ready for these same tactics !

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    RG Verma 8 years ago

    Sorry to say but hugely disappointed!! Sad. from last 12 month he is struggling to cross 65-crores.

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    Virat Kohli 8 years ago

    I can understand you are a akshay fan. But learn to differentiate between star and super star. From all the comments that I’ve seen you post, none of it has ever been positive!

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    Virat Kohli 8 years ago

    sputnik, it’s true, akshay is doing sequel of deshdrohi with Kamal R Khan after boss?

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    RG Verma 8 years ago

    ajay devgan should be there instead of akshay in ouatim 2. akshay is expressionless.

  33. Avatar Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    @Aditya007 and @RG Verma,

    I edited both of your comments and please stop these silly star wars. Consider this as a warning.

    @RG Verma,

    And why are you commenting with different IDs?

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      hithere 8 years ago

      Changing ID should be avoided. It creates unnecessary confusion. It is fun but after a while it is a headache when everybody does it (especially when fans favorite is about to release).

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    Suprabh 8 years ago


    I saw a comment under my name (something about 80 crores).. that wasn’t posted by me. Please check.

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      I know it was not by you. I had not approved that comment. I deleted that comment now.

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    OK ,, but this These SRK fans Starting first ,(His star even not crossed4 year Ghazini record) !
    Then I started !!!

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    RG Verma 8 years ago

    sputnik, why do you edit my comments and second what is the meaning of tanqeed?

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      I edited your comments because you were making comments on stars that create silly star wars and you made personal attack on another member. I edited one more comment of yours and this is your last warning. If you make one more comment like this I will ban you.

      Tanqeed means criticism.

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    RG Verma 8 years ago

    OK, but I also know, your Akshay kumar even not crossed 6 year Om Shanti Om record in last 12 months!
    And I think he will not cross till next 12 month!!

    bro, amir ko yaha kyon tapka diya???

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    RG Verma 8 years ago


    and for you kind information, I’m not srk fan.

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    desire4grave 8 years ago

    just an average trailer..dialogues aren’t as impressive as the earlier part. although akki is a good actor he cant match up to devgn intensity in similar kind of roles..and imran is the worst actor of this generation!!!having said that, i will watch this movie in theatre:P

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    ank_16n 8 years ago

    “OK, but I also know, your Akshay kumar even not crossed 6 year Om Shanti Om record in last 12 months!
    And I think he will not cross till next 12 month!!”

    that’s why i say…people don’t know anything about movies or their business and start commenting….

    i will mention just one movie Rowdy Rathore(134 cr nett collections) released on 1st june reached 134 cr figure in month of July…..

    now take that and one more thing u are talking about 1 more year(12 months) i don’t know about 1 year but can tell u that SRK won’t be able to cross the LIFETIME COLLECTIONS OF ROWDY RATHORE in his remaining entire Career..!!

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    ank_16n 8 years ago

    now coming to the Trailer—-

    i loved the Trailer to the core…
    yes the Dialogues could have been Better …
    but as someone pointed out Background score and 1st 1 min is just Brilliant and awesome…

    though i will always remain Bias towards Akki movies…
    but truly …
    do hi baat kahunga

    agar khud nahi aayi toh iss ravan se bachane ke liye koi ram bhi nahi aayega..!!


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    ank_16n 8 years ago

    and since people are saying the Dialogue delivery of Ajay is brilliant and he can’t be replaced…

    After seeing Himmatwaala, Son of Sardaar and Tezz i can only say i m very happy that Akshay kumar is not able to match Ajay devgan’s dialogue delivery …
    as if weak Performance in an INTENSE role he is able to Take Special 26 to 66 cr while the Cult Classic Mega performance oriented movie OUATIM was able to touch 58 cr..!!

    I would be very happy if Akshay with the same weak dialogue delivery same as Rowdy Rathore will be able to Take OUATIMA to New Heights..!!

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    ank_16n 8 years ago

    and on the Record this is what some TQ members said on Rowdy Rathore Trailer—

    narad_muni says:
    April 2, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    WTF trailer..
    Akki is no Sallu n this masala stuff is already looking overdone.

    This movie is not gonna hit 100 cr, no way.
    Akki’s best shot at 100 cr is HF2

    Baba Ji says:
    March 30, 2012 at 3:08 am

    looks to be inspired a lot from dabang and singham,and the one liner is bad copy of salman one liner style.I thot RR would be a serios film,this looks spoofy n OTT.akshay looks to hv come straight from the sets of CCTC :-/”
    aryan says:
    April 2, 2012 at 2:45 pm
    Trailer is good action scenes fantastic but Akshay could have better dialogue delivery and face expression because he has the ability.

    • Baba
      Baba 8 years ago

      ank16 – i was bang on with my comment on RR promo. i ask any non akshay fan if the film was not close to what i said in the promo.it was wannabe dabang. it was non-serious OTT film with cheesy one liners.

      • Avatar
        ank_16n 7 years ago

        i have no problem with our comment on Action…i had problem with ur…this part of comment..

        ” the one liner is bad copy of salman one liner style.”

        and i still stand with my comment that one liners were good ..i have seen RR at PVR that too with most urban and Class audience in DELHI…..need i say more..!!

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    RG Verma 8 years ago


    what about joker & khiladi786???

  45. Avatar
    RG Verma 8 years ago


    I’m not counting RR here, bcoz it was south remake.

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    mate 8 years ago

    Till yet, any thing of the lowest rank would have been associated with the ‘Bullshit’, but after watching this trailer, that ‘Bullshit” will be so proud of herself, make her feel that finally a thing arrives that’s way below her stature. Really a proud moment for Bullshit… Hatsoff Bullshit.

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    RG Verma 8 years ago

    plzz don’t mention special26, housefull2 & OMG here.

    special 26 & houseful2 were multi-starer.

    oh my god has paresh rawal in lead role, akshay was just a side kick.

    as far as I know Singh Is King was last movie of akshay which was hit. {no multi-starer & no south remake}

    but the plot was inspired by the 1989 Jackie Chan starrer Miracles.

    So if you wish then I remove SIK also.

    I hate south remake, multi-starer, inspired movies, cut-copy-past movies like RR, Housefull series, Welcome & Mohra etc.

    but you can discuss about last year release joker & khilaidi 786 bcoz akshay was lead role in these movies and it were not south remake.

    Thank You

  48. Avatar
    RG Verma 8 years ago


    I don’t know about RR. “Kisne Kya Kaha” bcoz I was out of India when RR was released.

    but What I said, What I heard, What I feel when Special 26 was released.

    • Akki’s Power VS dance star Power

    Every body is commenting on movie, yes it is a neeraj pandey film…but the thing is about akki star power bcoz first day, first weekend & frst week collection depend on star power, and sorry to say akki star power is declining day by day…..

    • After first weekend

    Special Chabbis has seen an improvement in collections in later but still first week will not be as strong especially for a film of its size. ABCD opened very well in all India which is rare for a non star cast film.
    Both films have collected in the same range which should be 24-39(first week) crore nett plus but Special Chabbis is playing on 900 screens more which makes its collection below par going by screens and cost while ABCD has done very well to get better occupancies and even match in first day to last collections with a star cast film despite 50-55% less screens.

    • After First week

    Still struggling akshay kumar to cross 50 cr after 10 days, it is also right collection in compare is better than . grade star. But with the huge release of 1800 screens, inflated ticket prices and high hype, this result is less than satisfactory especially after rowdy rathore.
    Film will finish 65 cr nett collections, but It’s a big disappointing that it could not cross the mark of 100 crores who is became a phenomena, and also the distributors may loose money in a few territories. This is again a average or below average consecutive third from Akshay Kumar and his rusty run at box office continues though still he is not able to beat ever elusive record of “3I & ETT”. Only a better actor like Khans & Roshan can do that.

    & for ur information I’m not a blind fan of any star.

  49. Avatar
    RG Verma 8 years ago


    I never expect good movie from akshay & ajay, so discuss about both here is worthless.

    akshay is even worse than ajay when it comes to releasing a mindless movie.

  50. Avatar
    RG Verma 8 years ago


    akshay and ajay, both are mindless actor, proved by tezz, joker, khiladi 786 & himmatwala.

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    ank_16n 8 years ago

    “I’m not counting RR here, bcoz it was south remake.”

    i don’t count Sequels like Don 2 and Dabangg 2..!!

    I don’t consider Sci-fi movies with budget of 150 cr like Ra.one..!!

    I don’t consider Movies released on 7 (Holiday)day Weekend like ETT..!!

    I don’t consider movies which gain on the sympathy of a Great film-makers death publicity like JTHJ..!!

    I don’t consider a movie of an actor which release after 3 years and still can’t be a hit like Talaash..!!


    if Special 26 was a multistarrer than…their is no point of discussion further as
    ETT also had Ranveer shorey in more than 50 min role, Talaash also had Nawazudin in more than 40 min role, Ra.one also had the kid with 1.5 hr role..!!


    “Both films have collected in the same range which should be 24-39(first week) crore nett plus but Special Chabbis is playing on 900 screens more”

    1st of all S26 was playing on 1500 screens while ABCD was playing on 900 screens(500 3D screens)…..difference was 600 screens not 900….and 3D price are generally 20-40% higher than 2D depending upon different cities..!!

    inspite of all these if a 60% difference between the collections of S26 n ABCD is less than for ur kind information
    OSO released on twice as Screens as Sawariya and 1st week of both were 36 cr(OSO) and 19-20 cr(sawariya) without 3D hike just 75% higher than Sawariya…..what does it implies..????


    End of Discussion..!!

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    Vickai 8 years ago

    One of the best trailers this year, so get ready for Eid. The real king is back

  53. Avatar
    Aditya007 8 years ago

    well @ank_16n bang On !

  54. Avatar
    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    “So who is Imran playing?”


    PS: trailer was decent was me mainly cause it turned out as a love story and the music.

  55. Avatar
    sameer 7 years ago

    This film is turning out to be more and more interesting day by day. Akshay kumar playing shades of Dawood, Sonakshi playing his love interest, Imran Khan playing the third angle, Milan Luthria directing the underworld saga, Ekta Kapoor producing another underworld saga after Shootout at Wadala, Pritam’s music, fantastic trailer,idd release. I have a feeling it will rock.

  56. Avatar
    sameer 7 years ago

    First of all Akshay Kumar is carrying forward the part of Shoib which that wonderful , underrated actor Emran Hashmi has wonderfully played.I think among the younger actor
    emran is the best with most hits.I think Emran Hashmi was the best part of OUTIM. He played the very young Dawood Ibrahim. Akshay Kumar is carrying forward the role by playing the more mature Dawood. And Akshay being the wonderful, talented, varsatile actor that he is | am sure will carry it of with elan in his own way, no doubting that. And comming to his voice….that is the best bet. His voice will sound very menacing and flacky like the voice of a gangster to the core. So his voice is his best asset for this role.

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    Serenzy 7 years ago

    On the whole, I LIKED this trailer.
    There will be more to it than just a “Love Triangle” and a Clash btwn two men over Sonakshi, I hope.

    Imran Khan is a Serious Case of Miscasting here.. Some who could have done a better job maybe – Rajeev Khandelwal, Jimmy Shergill or Arshad Warsi(Remember ‘Babban’ from ISHQIYA?).
    They could have pulled off the dialogues well and wud’ve matched upto Akshay’s Character too.

    Sonakshi is a welcome addition to OUATIMA but she isn’t a commanding/impactful actress.

    Akshay’s dialogue delivery is at fault but he is carrying of the role of ‘Shoaib’ well with Panachè taking it forward from Emraan Haashmi.

    Expecting a Strong Story and Good Songs.!

  58. Avatar
    Serenzy 7 years ago

    Other Actor inplace of Imran Khan would’ve made the Clash more Spicier(like Emmy-Devgn took it to another level in OUATIM).


    I find Akshay Kumar extremely good in the “explaining the concept” scenes… He get’s it right many a times… Nails it!!

    1) Special-26 Scenes while raiding and pre-planning
    2) Ajnabee – Akshay reveals to Bobby his scheming plan on that Cruiseship
    3) Bhool Bhulaiyaa – Akshay explains to Shiney Ahuja about Vidya’s condition
    4) OMG! – Akshay educating Paresh about all those ‘Godly’ notions
    5) Hera Pheri – Explaining the Plan to Paresh and Suniel
    And many more….

  59. Baba
    Baba 7 years ago

    as much as i dsiliked this trailer, i have some newfound respect for it after seeing stuff like yjhd

  60. Avatar
    ank_16n 7 years ago

    btw i would also like to add its biggest mistake
    of UTV to attach the trailer of ouatima with
    yjhd…. 😀

  61. Avatar
    Aditya007 7 years ago

    It was Dharma-UTV Production Insted of only UTV and You know Ekta-Karan On their Peak for what? :p

  62. Avatar
    ank_16n 7 years ago

    i know yaar but firbhi utv waale paagal hain…….unhone apne paar pe kuladhi maar di…!!

    utv waalo ko business karna nhi aata they r releasing satyagrah just 2weeks after ouatima n ce….one movie will surely be in huge loss.

  63. Avatar
    Aditya007 7 years ago

    And You know they released Satyagraha trailer after an day because of reduce the hype of #OUATIMA but they failed badly 🙂

  64. Avatar
    ank_16n 7 years ago

    utv is mad satyagrah trailer says this independence and at last shows releasing on 23 rd aug……


    utv has made ajay a popat..!! 😀

  65. saurabh
    saurabh 7 years ago

    Suparbh nd sputanik, I think u have some different taste.. I loved the first part…
    I guess u just like Hollywood movies..
    nd suparbh tum to rhne do.. Tumhara taste bhut hi bkwas h

    • Avatar
      ank_16n 7 years ago

      😆 😆

      Suprabh n Baba have some competition 😉

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