On the Edge….. Bridge….. Grudge….. There lies Innocence in every actor be it Salman, Aamir or Srk

With some of the biggest hits, largest fan base, immense popularity and enchanting Charisma, he has been best to the bests, loyal to the loyal’s and Rebellious to the Mutinous. He has been the route of Success to many but egress to fewer. Who knew Controversies favorite child believed in Being Human until he revolted against the King. Today he has dethroned the King and the day is not far enough when the pupil will name him the Undisputed Emperor of the Region, but does the common public care?

The dethroned King was the first to recognize the adulation and recognition of Media – a Weapon as a Protective blanket or as a Panacea against and for all sorts of complications, issues, manipulations, popularity and stardom and to the Ultimate Power of being No 1. He heard them, fed them and extracted from them with layers of his cunning, acuminous and nimble qualities. He went on to become the undisputed King for over a period of time but then there is Gajini who even made Stars land on Earth.

Who could have possibly thought he was feeding a King – pet of neighbor. He fed common public with numerous quality products designed to have durability, reliability and peculiarity of savor. He successfully mastered art of manipulating the weapon still used by the King for the benefits of his designed quality products. Soon the latest quality product turned into one hell of nature of a beast s that even fearless couldn’t afford to win even with dispensation of all odds in his favor.

On the Edge…

Have we not witnessed the fall of Kingdoms, Rise of Emperors and Change of Rulers? They live on the edges of their extreme Ego’s unaffected with negative spirit floating around them. They are armed with Wisdom, wishful thinking, venom, virulence, enormous energy and bohemian attributes. If desired they will go to any extreme, risk their goodwill and reputation to be a common man but do they desire? Celebrities are not super humans but they have definitely differentiated themselves from a common man by doing things differently. They too are humans and attending call of nature and fiddling nose with the finger affirms the traits of common man in them.  But still it feels they live their life on the Edges of a common man and an Extinct…


We Saw Chocolates being offered to bridge the gap between Star and the Earth. We saw a 10sec role enacted for the assurance of friendship and half a dozen of appearances for the display of loyalty. We saw their personal pleasantries, hugs and kisses are being shared, recognizing their hard work, passing out flattery remarks, naming each other for the throne, appearing on their hosted shows and partying together. Most commonality traits are found in being human with the touch of golden heart towards the King and the King’s Master’s neighbor. Today whatever may be the intentions of their friendship be it like the intentions in AAA or KKHH, this accord would always remain a treat to the public. Below is a date of their friendship that will be cherished forever in the hearts of zillions.

Salman Khan, Imran Khan and Aamir Khan in Dus Ka Dum

Salman khan, Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan KBC

Shahrukh Khan and Aamir khan

Only Film where Shahrukh and Aamir acted together in a single frame


We know Human body has two vital components, a control room (Brain) and a power supply (Heart) which sometimes gets influenced with positive/negative environment/nature they live or surrounded by it. Feelings are natural phenomenon in human beings then can either be controlled by the brain or dismantled with the lack of blood supply. Normally a person’s feelings are generated with the contacts of favorable or disapproval vibes of the environment. In an environment they live made them vulnerable to gossips, rumors, appreciation, dejection, objection, love, friendship, marriages and many such factors that contribute to their daily feed of their life. They get very much uncomfortable, shade under the protective blanket, hostile to the very nature of existence but then power of liberty, concurrence of vigor and dynamism and politics stimulate the vengeance to the very purpose of dominance.

One gets rattled with the continuous Dominance, another gets deserted for contempt of ex and the last one gets ridiculed against his reputation.

All this happened at this very venue

And there goes a blogger…

There lies Innocence…

To be short each has his own persona, charisma, charm, swagger and each has his own qualities but there lies innocence in every human being. You can find a child in every human being and it is one of those attributes which reminds them of humans as most of them could easily be carried away with them being worshipped as demi-god. All I wish is that they remain humans and we too remain humans instead of worshipping them as God. Let better sense prevail everywhere and put your brains to avail elsewhere.


  1. Author
    fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    Not sure why videos are not working… Sputnik any help?

  2. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    Great post fs.you have followed the careers of the khans very closely and written it in a larger than life manner. good one 😀

    of course,what you have written about srk is just one perspective.I dont think his stardom was just about manipulations.It takes lot of talent to be a star for that many years.srk was the most proactive superstar of his time.

  3. sputnik 11 years ago


    Had to read it twice to understand what you are trying to say 😀

    You had some KBC videos too and you removed them?

    • Author
      fearlesssoul 11 years ago

      Updated Sputnik…

      @baba – I have written only one aspect of every star from my point of view. You can writes pages on them but if i write everything then who will comment?

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        no…you have summarised aamir and salman in a positive way but not srk.but yes it was your point of view.

        • Author
          fearlesssoul 11 years ago

          First of all, he is successful in only one genre and rest about my views is know to everyone but yes without hard work one can’t climb the ladder but still i gave him full credit to make of use right resources at right time when others were snoring…

          • sputnik 11 years ago

            I have said this many times and I will say it again. All those who think SRK became a superstar or the No 1 with DDLJ or used media to become No 1 were not old enough during the early 90s.

            SRK became the No 1 or superstar after Baazigar/Darr/KHKN and this was because he did something that the others could not.

            Shetty Bhai’s 1995 (for the year 1994) Movie magazine scans proved what I was saying all along – that SRK was the No 1 for 1993 and 1994. Doga had posted that here with link to his site but the scans from his site are not visible. His site BOK is giving virus warnings.

            I will post a Akshay, Saif and Sunil Shetty interview in the next couple of days and one should read how SRK is being talked about by all of them.

          • Bored 11 years ago

            We really need to read Akshay, Saif and Shetty’s quotes to know how SRK was doing in 93-94?
            These guyz were second-grade wannabe stars at that time and would have had a lot to say about any top star of that time – be it Anil, Salman, Sanjay, Sunny or Aamir.
            SRK made right noises with Deewana and Darr where he upstaged established stars like Rishi/Sunny. Baazigar also worked but he was yet to reach out to the larger audience, thats the family audience – which in turn would established himself as the romantic superstar – for that DDLJ was instrumental, not KA.
            To summarize crudely, the rickshawalas accepted SRK during 93-94, but the families (screwed more on the female demographics) fell in love with him only with DDLJ, which catapulted him from a star to a superstar.
            Similarly, Amitabh’s superstardom started with Deewar, while Zanjeer had already made him a star. The classes accepted him in Chipke Chukpe of other such attempts, but his superstardom was based on his popularity among the lower strata of society; majority of the classes accepted his status grudgingly. Similarly the masses passive accepted SRK’s superstardom from 95-04 without active participation.
            Since 2005 SRK was hardly dominat over his competition, and everyone from Akshay to Aamir to Hrithik to Salman gave him a hard time in their respective phases

  4. milind 11 years ago

    The rebuttal post shall hurt many…watch out.

  5. Author
    fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    You might be right about him being no 1 in early stages of his career because I was so fond of him after watching KHKN, Deewana, Baazigar, Darr, and Raju Ban gaya Gentlemen. After that when i watched DDLJ [his hamming, over melodramatic sequences to console her parents (coz after those 5 films i saw MPK and it was nothing different to it except first half), and the last fighting and train sequence just made me hate him as well as the film].

    Later I used to Cherish Akshay, Sunil shetty and Sunny deol for their sheer awesomeness, Action and raw power. Still Salman was not in picture.. It was from pyar kiya to darna kya, jpkhh i started to adore him much more than anyone for his Natural, effortless performance. When you cry go look at the mirror and see yourself whether you look like srk or salman enacting emotional scene… There is a huge difference, you might need to cry like a women to get that expression. Its a faminine attribute. ok back to the topic, i have seen salman praising srk when he had given hssh, biwi no1, pktdk etc… where as srk just sees himself as king of the jungle and don’t say he didn’t start mastering the art of Media manipulation by that time. It was visible to everyone and even if you deny it doesn;t matter coz i have seen him from 1998 he was media’s fav child but i will give him full credit for that. it was acknowledged by media themselves when he went all out promotion for OSO.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      I liked SRK in the first half of DDLJ and I have said the same as you said before – that I did not like him in the second half of DDLJ especially in the melodramatic scenes like “Main Bhaga Kar Nahin Le Jaonga” scene.

      SRK has always been arrogant right from when he started. As far as humility is concerned I don’t think any celebrity or achiever is humble. They all fake humility.

      Media’s favorite child from 1998? 1998 he had KKHH so he will be media’s favorite child that year. He was also written off in 2000 when Hrithik arrived.

      Media will always praise whoever is successful. They just like to put someone on a pedestal and take pleasure in bringing them down. When Aamir gave Ghajini and 3 Idiots they were all over him. Today they are all over Salman. When Akshay was doing well they were calling him real King. When his movies started flopping they started ridiculing him.

      • Author
        fearlesssoul 11 years ago

        They have rediculed, written off, called names, numerous cooked up stories and huge negative publicity was done to downgrade them when their films flopped or got into some kind of controversy but it didn’t happen with Srk… As i said it was during OSO media realised how it was used by him and even SrK has been vocal about it to the media that he knows how to handle the media… Aamir just openly said srk knows how to handle or manipulate media which he wasn’t good and gave full credit to srk.. Media may use others name to sell its magazines but they have hardly misused srk’s name for their beneficial and that credit goes to srk as he mastered the art…

  6. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Fs- Srk’s latest superhit was in action genre(Don 2). He has given blockbusters in masala genre and followed it with movies like swades, CDI, paheli, MNIK,baazigar etc. He doesnt have much succes in comic roles(or we can say he has hardly tried in that genre). It is a known fact that no one even come close to him in romantic genre. But this doesnt implies that he is successful only in one genre rest is your opinion.

  7. Fearedsoul 11 years ago

    Maybe we should look at salman killing people while driving drunk and buying the police,media out….but then that can’t be manipulation
    Maybe we should look at aamir suddenly supporting medha patkar before fanaa for publicity….but then that can’t be manipulation
    Maybe a cdi and don were media manipulated hits
    Maybe a mnik made 20 m overseas bcoz of fareed zakaria and his manipulations
    Maybe a reliance is successful bcoz they never indulged in manipulations
    Maybe kkr won ipl also bcoz of manipulation

    What is this pointless article trying to say? Media hasn’t used srk’s name for their benefit. Duh! Give these media guys some credit. Srk still reigns supreme over bollywood. Except for 3 idiots, which is a once in a lifetime kinda movie, salman and he have given similar range numbers worldwide in the last couple of years (source boi). Salman’s movies have been far more profitable as they were low budget movies. Srk took some big risks in ra 1 etc which didn’t pan out. But that was coz he could whereas salman couldn’t. Salman was never in the big league until Dabaang. What essentially has happened is that there is no more single king to the throne – all 3 khans now play a rotating game on the throne. Where Srk reigns supreme is that he has smartly moved on to other fields like sports and visual effects and built a sustainable business model unlike amir and salman. You have to give lot of kudos to salman though. I don’t think any other khan would be able to take a bodyguard to the numbers it made. One of the worst salman movies and it was his biggest hit.

    Btw, why is salman bigger than Srk and aamir? You don’t judge a star’s worth by a few crores here and there.

    • Author
      fearlesssoul 11 years ago

      Aamir still is no 1… Might change my stand only after ETT has exhausted its run at BO
      when srk can be bigger than other two prior RBDJ, then why can’t they be bigger than srk post dabang n gajini?

  8. Serenzy 11 years ago

    U talking abt BG….?

    Ready which was More Crappier den BG did 122cr on a Non-Festival Release with 2 Blockbuster Songs!

    Stardom @ it’s Best!

  9. sputnik 11 years ago


    I will post the interview and people can see how Aamir and Salman are being talked about too – especially Salman after HAHK 😉

    I don’t think rickshawala’s voted him Best Actor for Baazigar. KHKN did well with more with the college/intellectual crowd similar to a JJWS. Baazigar/Darr/KHKN were performances that the critics/intellectuals loved. There used to be articles about how SRK changed Hindi Cinema with his anti hero roles and how he made villains obsolete. Everyone started playing negative/anti hero roles.

    You are right that the female audience fell for him after DDLJ but before that he was stalking (Darr) and throwing them off the roof (Baazigar) 😉 I think movies like DTPH and KKHH still made the female audience fall for him but those movies/performances also turned off the critics/intellectuals who previously liked SRK.

    SRK became a star with Deewana but with Baazigar/Darr/KHKN he became a superstar. Amitabh became a star with Zanjeer but became a superstar with Deewar/Sholay/Chupke Chupke. I think people need a double or triple blow of hits coupled with good performances. DDLJ is to SRK what Amar Akbar Antony was to Amitabh. As DDLJ made SRK a favorite of female audience, AAA made Amitabh a favorite of the rickshawala audience. And I think both AAA/DDLJ caused the rut in Amitabh/SRK respectively.

    • Bored 11 years ago

      Dude I was a front bencher in single theaters during early nineties thanks to my rowdy cousins. Had seen most of Akshay’s B grade stuff on theaters and remember being forced to buy Darr/Baazigar tickets in black. So I know what I am talking.
      KHKN didnt work at box office. JJWS did marginally better and neither was counted a hit. Yes his anti-hero avataar was popular but that fell flat on his face in Anjaam. By the time DDLJ came his anti-hero popularity was down the drain. I could agree with your argument if DDLJ built on that previous hype – but it was a new domain for SRK which have him success that other top stars were only dreaming at that time. What he achieved with DDLJ/DTPH/KKHH was unsurpassable (likes of Pardes and stuff were only toppings).
      Aamir was not doing too well after Dil, he had a couple of small hits in DHKMN and HHRPK. He resurfaced with Rangeela where his tapori act pleased the rickshawalas (instead of girls for a change). This lead to a mammoth grosser in RH in the following year. But by that time DDLJ had happened and Aamir couldnt keep up with small hits in Ishq or Ghulam.

      • sputnik 11 years ago

        Ha Ha. Back in those days we had simple yardstick. If a movie played for 100 days in regular shows in one theater we called it a hit, 50 days semi hit. I think JJWS played for 50 days and KHKN for 6 weeks or so.

        Anjaam failed because it was too violent and gross and it wasn’t a good movie either. He stopped doing the anti-hero roles after Anjaam itself. He did a lot of flop films in1995 but he also had two big hits in KA and DDLJ. The thing is everyone was giving flops but his hits were bigger than the others.

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        dont forget raam-jaane 😛

        • sputnik 11 years ago

          Yeah Ram Jaane was a total frontbenchers favorite and a crappier version of Agneepath.

  10. Bored 11 years ago

    Ram Jaane came right after DDLJ and it worked to some extent at the BO. The frontbenchers were still searching for their Darr/Baazigar idol after the DDLJ wave. But neither SRK nor the rickshawalas were happy with the outcome – the result was SRK concentrating on romantic roles from then on.
    Those days flops didnt matter if you had hits. Now actors do so less films that outcome of each movie become important.
    Aamir in the nineties was mostly passable to me except the mansoor khan movies. Was neither a fan of his DHKMN/DIL nor his tapori acts from Rangeela to Ghulam. It was only in 99 when I rediscovered him with Earth and Sarfarosh – both movies showed signs of the Aamir we came to see from 2001.

  11. Author
    fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    No body talked about their chemistry on KBC show or Dus Ka Dum show, instead all talk about of who is great. Neither anyone viewed those videos posted and their funny comments…

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      I have seen these KBC and DKD episodes when they aired on TV and liked both of them. Salman’s chemistry was good with both SRK and Aamir on these episodes.

      I had said this before about SRK on KBC and had mentioned about the Salman episode.

      “SRK tried to go the opposite route being over friendly with the contestants giving off watches and all. It looked very desperate. I only saw brief clippings of KBC with SRK except for a couple of celebrity episodes. He was very good on the celeb episodes (Salman one and some other) because he was natural and more comfortable with them. With ordinary people he was trying too hard.”

      Aamir Khan’s TV Show Satyamev Jayate Promos

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