My most awaited film : New Poster Art, Cast Details And Release Date For Tony Jaa’s TOM YUM GOONG 2

Presenting Tom Yum Goong 2 – at a theatre near you in 2013 :D…………..

Heads up fans of Tony Jaa: There are rumblings on several fronts from the upcoming Tom Yum Goong 2.

Up first is the new artwork, which you see to the left. It may seem a minor note but it’s worth pointing out that Jaa is the only one featured on the new poster, which is a change from the earlier art which also featured co-star Jija Yanin prominently. I take this as a sign that the footage is turning out well and Yanin – along with Born To Fight star Dan Chupong, who is also in here – is no longer considered necessary to market and sell the film. This is a good ting for fans hoping for a Jaa rebound.

Second? Due to production delays the Thai release of the film has now been pushed back from its planned December release to May of 2013. Principal photography on the film began in August of 2011 and is still ongoing with Twitch learning that at least one international fighter has been asked to shoot scenes in Thailand in the coming weeks – we’re waiting for word that contracts have actually been signed before saying who, but it’s good – meaning that photography has now stretched out for well over a year but the end is reportedly in sight. Time will tell if that May release date sticks.

And, finally, Sahamongkol have confirmed that the RZA has joined the cast in what they call a ‘featured’ part. RZA tweeted from the set some time back and Thai media have reported his involvement – his Man With The Iron Fists stunt double Marrese Crump has been part of the cast from day one – but this is the first I’ve seen that confirmed from within the production company.


  1. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    my fav scene from part 1 :

  2. desire4grave 10 years ago

    iske aage toh akki ka kicks bachhon jaisa lagta hain..tony jaa is the greatest action star..

  3. Alia Bhatt fan 10 years ago

    interview of TYG2 director Prachya Pinkaew

    “A lot of Hollywood films, they seem to focus on the surroundings, make you feel like you’re in the location, but to me I really like the feeling of 3D breaking out of the screen and affecting the audience! We’re making a martial arts movie, to me that’s something that is perfectly suited to 3D, lets really make use of the 3D element, make it almost interactive with the audience. I want punches and kicks, and weapons coming right at the audience. I want them to feel like they might get hurt watching the movie! (Laughing) They’re not just watching the high impact fights and stunts, they’re part of it!

    Of course I don’t want to overdo the 3D, I don’t want to give the audience a headache that everything on screen is constantly poking them in the eye etc, but at the right times totally immerse them in the 3D, make them part of the movie!”

  4. Baba 10 years ago

    sneak peak of my most awaited film – TYG2 . can only say that i am disappointed. i had this fear right when i heard that the film will have lots of CGI and car chases.add to that the fetish that every director seems to have about going 3D. too many characters and sub plots may also ruin the film. lets hope the film turns out better

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