My Take on Jab Tak Hai Jaan – FS

One of the best cinematography I have seen in decades or may be the best camera work till date. Each and every frame, locales, scenery and the background music complementing the awesomeness and beauty of nature and humans is mesmerizing and just outstanding. Most of the scenes are never seen before and they come as such a relief during pathetic first half.

In first what I could see was, Ageing of Srk, Katrina’s smoking hot wardrobe display, her beautiful face ah fuck it was all Katrina that I saw in first half. Her expressions were pathetic but her looks and her wardrobe made me stare at her first half even though my neck was in hell of a pain. Whenever my mind said “ye kya bakwaas chal raha hai” suddenly there comes some beautiful scene or excellent and stylish Katrina. Challa song was good but choreography and srk’s expression were pathetic.

I didn’t understand what was going on in the mind of make-up man or director. When Srk needed to look younger he looked old and wrinkled guy but he looked 10 years younger and fitter when he was supposed to looked 10 years older WTF I mean. There was no story, no chemistry, srk looked old and in his usual ham avatar.

I loved second half with same pathetic story being continued but this time with anushka’s and srk’s chemistry, performances and again the beautiful sceneries/locales of Mother Nature and cinematography saved the day. Few scenes between Srk and Anushka were emotional and had an impact on the viewers (off-course those who can relate to such emotional values and instincts) because it had soul in it.

Srk and Anushka’s performances were excellent and I would vouch for srk in such roles and character any day over his any of those monumental hits. He justifies such roles. But I didn’t like the story at all. One can dig out hundreds of bloopers, cliché’s and stupidity of script writer if you are going to watch it as a romantic saga as there was no story but cow shit mixed with feces. Watch it for the beauty captured by the cinematographer and second half performance until the climax which is again a shit anyways. The best scene I would say was between Anushka and Srk in airport and 3-4 emotional scenes featuring anushka.

Over all I would say there is nothing in the story and one of the worst crap of recent times as a script with worst ever climax but the film overcome its script flaws with outstanding Cinematography and Visuals, Excellent background score, Second half performance of Anushka and Srk and few emotional scenes between Anushka and Srk.

First half I would have given 0/5 but will give 2/5 just for the excellence of Camera work followed by good songs and Katrina’s wardrobe. Second half I would give 4/5 and i really don’t know whether it is because of first half being so silly and pathetic that second half looked excellent till the climax. Overall an average product, excellence achieved in few departments, that’s Jab Tak hai Jaan for you.

Overall 3/5

  1. FS 10 years ago

    If you go with any sort of expectations from the film or story then take a pillow with you or just enjoy few moments, few performances and Many Extraordinarily beautiful locales/scenery’s.

  2. sputnik 10 years ago

    Just came back from JTHJ.

    Agree with you on the cinematography and locales.

    “When Srk needed to look younger he looked old and wrinkled guy but he looked 10 years younger and fitter when he was supposed to looked 10 years older”

    Totally agree.

    • FS 10 years ago

      How much would you rate and how did you like overall?

      • sputnik 10 years ago

        I have stopped giving ratings 😉

        The movie is too long. I was waiting for Intermission and it could have come at 5 different places and then it finally came. The intermission twist is also silly but at least they gave excuse of katrina being like that from beginning.

        But the climax memory loss thing is ridiculous. The whole part after that was so cringe worthy.

    • narad_muni 10 years ago

      your views Sputnik?

      • hithere 10 years ago

        Sputnik is afraid of watching KJO, Yashraj movies and write “JTHJ scenes inspired.copied from…..” 😉

  3. prashant 10 years ago

    but kuch bhi kaho kashmir ke samne london bhi kuch nahi hai….

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