My short take on STEP UP REVOLUTION (3D)

Although I had no plan of watching the film before one hour of the show, but I must say I am very much thankful to my bunch of friends who dragged me into theater to watch it.

There’s so much of innocence in the flow of the film that you don’t really witness and high voltage drama and all that crap. What you get is some deadly dance shakes and good humor that bumps out os the normal life conversation.

Yes, its not a flawless film. Its predictable story and some half-baked characters surely pinches you. But, STEP UP is all about dance and fortunately STEP UP excels in that department without any shed of doubt. My personal favorite has to be the climax one where you also get to see some characters of past series. And this is the first time ever I was hooting for a English film. I wanted to join them and want to reveal my dancing abilities. The finale is sheer brilliance.

Also the one at art gallery is a very commendable job. Overall, a must-watch if you are STEP UP fan! Go, relish some unimaginably excellent dance moves on screen.

Rating- 3.5/5

  1. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Thanks for posting this sanket.I am a step up series fan.Good that you liked the film.I will see it soon.The step series as you said is not about story/ is basically an excuse to show off some great dancing.and thats what we expect from a hardcore dance film 😀

  2. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    my short take on the first 3 films:

    step up : it was more a romantic film than dance film.As for dancing,it was mostly centered to salsa and normal street dance.But what helped the film was the leads both of whom are great dancers.The climax had good dance i thought – a fusion of salsa-street dance. 3.5/5

    Step up to the streets : The dancing here moved from elementary level to competitive level.There was lot of B-Boying and modern street dancing.But the biggest negative was the herione who had two left feet.she knew nothing other than krumping which even the biggest non-dancers can do.She almost ruined the climax for me.But the other guys saved the day especially monster who was expert in all the ground moves (flare,windmill , cork,kick up etc).You name it and he nailed it!

    Step up 3d :If you are not a fan of breakdancing,you probably might not enjoy it. But i am ,and I think Dancing here was top notch,the best in the series.Best part was they got the Capoeria trained girl here! It is the mother of all breakdances.Capoeria is a brazilian martial art and Almost all the famous moves of B-boying are derived from it.
    Mus serir = headstand
    Folha mariposa = Cork/Corkscrew ( which the girl does in the finale round when she enters the stage)
    Au Ponteira = flare
    Piao de Mao=Airflare
    Besides,the robotic dance was another highlight in step up 3D.

  3. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    My fav dance clips from the 3 films.I somehow like the dancing in their routines more tha the finale/actual showdown 😀

    step up

    Step up 2

    Ste up 3:

  4. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Saw the film today on a very bad print but i could not resist not watching it. Found it not as good as the other films but may be thats bcos i saw on such a print that i had to skip quite a few scenes where it had no dance or the voices were unclear.Will update my feedback after watching it on dvdrip.But i am really impressed by the actress.Step up 4 has a lot of erotic dance unlike the other 3 parts and this girl is simply amazing at it.Have a look 😉

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