My All Time Favourite Martial Arts Fight Moves

The Corkscrew Kick: Not just a flashy or visually pleasing kick, its impact is lethal. It is meant to hit the opponent on the neck. The fighter is supposed to take a flight like a butterfly kick or a 720 and then impact the opponent right on the neck. no need to explain further what would it result in

Wing Chun Punching: The most lethal form of punching in a close combat situation. The idea is not to give the opponent a chance to recover with continuous attacking and defending simultaneously

Parkour/Free Running : No fight especially a one-vs-many is ever complete without parkour. Its a must. A single person cant beat multiple opponents by staying in the middle even if he has the best ground technique in the world. The idea should be to scatter the gang by employing parkour so that only 2-3 people can catch you at a time and they can be dealt with by some basic fighting techniques

The Ninjutsu multiple attacker takedown: Ninjutsu is arguably the most effective martial arts ever. the most practical form of fighting alongwith krav maga especially while fighting 2 or more attackers.Vidyut Jamwal oftens uses this technique in his movies

Dim Mak/ Pressure Point : One of the most (once considered a myth) scientific moves in martial arts by attacking pressure points in the body. Maximum result with minimum effort. This technique was shown in Kamal Hasans Hindustani/Indian

  1. sputnik 7 years ago

    Good post @baba-ji.

    Have seen the corkscrew one before when you showed me.

    I was thinking the fight technique in the second video is similar to the one from IP Man. Googled Wing Chun and that’s what IP Man used 🙂

    I know this has more variety but I liked the Australian Parkour video which you posted on FB a few days back.

    Did not like the presenter and his presentation in the Ninjutsu video. You should have posted the Israeli Krav Maga video instead which was awesome.

    Liked the Dim Mak/ Pressure Point video.

    • Baba 7 years ago

      thanks sputnik 🙂 it takes some effort to extract a comment from you.

      yes ipman fight style is of wing chun.

      The ninjustsu video is a part of the home study course of Ninjutsu by one of the most renowed ninja teacher Richard van Donk. Anyone who completes that course can actually get a real life black belt which is certified!

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