Mumbai Court pronounces Salman Khan guilty of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case

11:15 am Judge observes that Salman was driving under the influence of alcohol.

11:14 am Mumbai Sessions Court holds Salman Khan guilty of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case.

11:10 am Judge observes that it is ‘not probable’ that Ashok Singh was driving the vehicle. Judge asks Salman what he has to say.

Live: Mumbai Court pronounces Salman Khan guilty of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case

  1. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Good judgement by the court. Justice at last.

    It was never in doubt that Salman was driving the vehicle to anyone other than some crazy Salman fanatics. Salman’s camp tried every trick to get away.

    I had posted a comment where I had shown how Salman had said that he was sitting behind in a interview few years back and now they said he was sitting next to the driver.

  2. aryan 8 years ago

    Sad news.

  3. aryan 8 years ago

    Bollywood star Salman Khan convicted in 2002 hit-and-run case, quantum of punishment anytime now

    Bollywood star Salman Khan was on Wednesday found guilty by a court in Mumbai of killing a homeless man in a 2002 hit-and-run crash after a night out drinking, a verdict that could lead to a prison term of up to 10 years.

    While convicting Khan, sessions court judge DW Deshpande said all the charges against the star, including culpable homicide not amounting to murder, had been proved.

    The judge said 49-year-old Khan was driving the car at the time of the accident and the defence’s contention that his driver Ashok Singh was at the wheel was not probable.

    Khan, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, broke down on hearing the verdict and witnesses said there were tears in his eyes. Khan’s family members too were upset and his two sisters also broke down in the courtroom.

    The judge then heard arguments on the quantum of sentence and Khan’s lawyer sought a lesser sentence in view of his humanitarian work. He said the actor had paid Rs 19 lakh as compensation to the victims and would do more if ordered.

    “We are not running away from responsibility,” the counsel said. Khan himself pleaded with the judge for a lesser sentence.

    The prosecution sought the maximum punishment.

  4. aryan 8 years ago

    Salman Khan sentenced to five years in jail : Breaking news: Actor Salman Khan has been sentenced to five years in jail. That’s half the jail term under culpable homicide not amounting to murder which attracts a 10-year jail term. He has to now apply to the High Court for bail since the term is above three years.

    The charges are:

    1. Salman Khan is charged under IPC sections 304 part II (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) which attracts upto 10 years in prison. This is the most serious charge.

    2. 279 (rash and negligent driving) which stipulates six months jail;

    3 and 4. 337 & 338 (causing hurt by act endangering life and causing grievous hurt respectively) with punishment up to two years, and

    5. 427 (mischief causing damage to property) with maximum punishment of upto two years.

    Under Motor Vehicle Act, the actor is charged with

    6. Sections 34 (a), (b) read with 181 (driving vehicle in contravention of rules) and

    7. 185 (driving at great speed after consuming alcohol).

    8. Salman Khan is also charged under sections of Bombay Prohibition Act relating to driving under influence of alcohol with maximum six months’ jail.

  5. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    These retards Abhijeet and some Farah Khan Ali need to just shut up. They are indulging in shameless defense of Salman by attacking the poor victims.

    Abhijeet’s tweets.

    “Suicide is crime so is sleeping on footpath..80% homeles film ppl strugld achievd stardom but never slept on footpath @BeingSalmanKhan”

    “Mumbai ke road Aur footpath pe sone ka shauk hai ?? Y not at your village no vehicles to kill u.. Support @BeingSalmanKhan @sonakshisinha”

    “Come out fraternity, support @BeingSalmanKhan boldly not hypocriticly Roads footpath r not meant 4 sleeping, not driver’s or alcohol’s fault”

    “Kutta rd pe soyega kutte ki maut marega, roads garib ke baap ki nahi hai I ws homles an year nvr slept on rd @BeingSalmanKhan @sonakshisinha”

    “Roads are meant for cars and dogs not for people sleeping on them.. @BeingSalmanKhan is not at fault at all..@arbaazSkhan @sonakshisinha”


    Farah Khan Ali’s tweets.

    “No one should be sleeping on the road or footpath. It is dangerous to do that just like it is dangerous to cross tracks.”

    “It’s like penalising a train driver because someone decided to cross the tracks and got killed in the bargain. #salmankhancase”

    “The govt should be responsible for housing ppl.If no 1was sleeping on d road in any other country Salman wuld not have driven over anybody.”

  6. Tall Pike 8 years ago

    Je Suis Salman Khan

  7. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Convicted Salman Khan reaches home, won’t go to jail till May 8

    Despite being sentenced to 5-year imprisonment in the 2002 hit-and-run case by a Mumbai Sessions Court, Salman Khan reached home on Wednesday evening after getting 2-day interim bail from the Bombay High Court.

    The Bollywood superstar was granted the relief hours after he was convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder with all charges proved against him. At around 7:30pm he left for home after signing the final papers at the session court. The High Court will hear Salman Khan’s appeal on May 8.

  8. Tweet Chor 8 years ago

    ‪#‎Sallu‬ ke saare karam bahar aayenge,Wo kya hai na ‪#‎Karma‬ rishwat nahi leti , driver ke rishwat lene se kya hota hai 😛
    but why not full 10years? this is sad,that guy tried his out to save himself , he does not deserve any forgiveness

  9. Tweet Chor 8 years ago

    You really start to lose hope in Indian people when you see trends like ‪#‎IStandWithSalmanKhan‬ .Now you should know how criminal get elected..
    ‪#‎ShameOnLosers‬ who are supporting a criminal

    • Tall Pike 8 years ago


      In an ideal world where justice is blind, fair & balanced, things can be black & white. But we live in a very nuanced world, hence things can only be seen in shades of gray.

      There is no doubt that a lot of angst to “hold Salman’s feet to the fires of justice” has nothing to do with the merits of the case.

      Most people crying to lock up Salman for life have never expressed similar concern or outrage before.

      I see gross insensitivity and an absense of decency in the jokes making the rounds today.

      It is true that by “accident” Salman may have “accidently” caused a person’s death. You cannot ignore that, yes what happened is sad and tragic. Yet, you wonder if only Salman had planned this, if Salman had willfully caused massive death and destruction, then perhaps the same people crying for his blood, would have made him the PM of India.

      • Tweet Chor 8 years ago

        If you study salman’s case you will know salman has also planned and killed one witness too..Btw that was not mere street accident,You break the law(drink and drive,drive without licence ),kill a person,in 1st attempt use your power and walk out free ..Then plan and kill a witness (yet to be proved) ,but that was not enough bribe your driver and ask to hang him for money,whoaa wait that was neither enough open a #FAKE #BeingHuman and try to use it to save your A** and if that person still find supporters i really pity for those hypocrite supporters who watch #JollyLLB and claps but do not accept the truth in real life..
        And do not know why you all (criminal fans) are trying to bring out “Amit Shah” and “PM” name in middle..Huge and extensive scrutiny has done in their case,Congress government tried their best to prove that in last 13years yet can not prove him guilty but still you hate the pm but the guy who was proved to b guilty is being considered as “Messiah” 😛 ..Hail Criminal fans..

  10. Tall Pike 8 years ago

    Throughout history humans have built huge fires to burn those unlike them. Salman is just another case of a man being crucified less for his deeds, and but more because who he is not.

    Look around and you will see moral crusades devoid of basic human decency. Is this possible ? Someone purporting to stand up for moral values, but yet exhibits zero decency ? Zero tolerance ?

    Can we grieve the loss of human life by killing another human ?

    Selective outrage, selective justice is just a disguise for targeting minorities. Salman is a poster child for the very targeting of minorities that a U.S. congress established panel has found in India.

    But like those before him, Salman will most likely find cool & comfort in the very fire he is being thrown in.

    • Tweet Chor 8 years ago

      I found selective outrage from guy like you.Did you wrote something like that for sanjay dutt,did you do that for shiney ahuja?
      I wrote against them, obviously..
      “Selective outrage, selective justice is just a disguise for targeting minorities” a nice way to play the victim and minority card,..Admin of the Tanqeed is allowing this kind of baseless comment to be published, this is strange ,because later that admin will blame the others.Whatever ..
      “Can we grieve the loss of human life by killing another human ?” your this logic is best i have ever seen..Then according to you neither kasab,laden,nirbhaya rapist,and crores of murderer should b punished ..

      • Tall Pike 8 years ago


        From killing Salman to killing Free Speech ? You are descending down the lizard’s hole.

        Let me repeat, what Salman did by accident is sad and tragic. Yes without doubt it is not acceptable. But what is being done with half truths, in the name of a moral crusade, willfully and with intent is far, far worse.

      • Tall Pike 8 years ago


        As much it is very amusing to see you obfuscate by injecting Shiney, let me indulge you (but just for a moment).

        Did Shiney’s appendage accidentally slip across the room, tore through a maid’s under garment and then violently rock back & forth inside her ?

        “No it did not”.

        • Tweet Chor 8 years ago

          Who decide what is half truth?you or court? He has just been sentenced for 5 years..And yes that was accident and that is why it is 5 years jail only not “hang till death” or “life imprisonment” …

          • Tall Pike 8 years ago


            Did the court deem this as “Murder” ?

            Did the court lend any credibility to even half the things you are alleging here ?

            Clearly you are not being truthful. Are your half truths an accident ? If not then what ?

      • Author
        sputnik 8 years ago

        “Admin of the Tanqeed is allowing this kind of baseless comment to be published, this is strange ,because later that admin will blame the others.”

        As long as a comment is not abusive to others I let anyone post any comment. I don’t have to agree with every comment that’s made here by others. And whom did I blame?

        As far as my views on Salman Khan’s involvement in this case is concerned read my comments in this thread as well as my comments in the link that I gave in that comment.

  11. Tweet Chor 8 years ago

    Salman gets bail while, #SadhviPragya typ cancer patient hv nt got bail even no any charge sheet,and another side a murdered a convicted got bail. Bhai bolo
    ““Selective outrage, selective justice is just a disguise for targeting minorities” for minorities na majorities?..
    Bhai tumlogo ye jhutha rona kab bandh karoge?
    Majorities are in danger in this country while minorities are threatening to kill all majorities in 15 minutes 😛

    • Tall Pike 8 years ago


      If you do not like a secular country. If the cries of the minorities bother you, you can always migrate to Nepal.

      • Tweet Chor 8 years ago

        haha hypocrite word must have created for you kind of people 😛
        Btw nepal is also “Secular” and you know these two countries are secular countries because their majorities are not like other Asian countries …

        • Tall Pike 8 years ago

          Yes, people are noticing an increasing influence of China in Nepal

  12. Tall Pike 8 years ago

    Tanqeed Members/Visitors

    It is my humble opinion, that there now exists a “possibility”, however “improbable” it may appear, that Salman Khan will walk away on technicality.

    For a conviction of this kind, “hard evidence” is an imperative. Hence, a court cannot apply the mathematical science of probability in determining such cases. Yet the court clearly is basing its judgement on what is likely, rather than on any hard evidence.

    Ironically the hard evidence are with Salman Khan. Fabricated or not, Salman holds the upper hand on evidence on THIS case.

    Hence a “likely” scenario my good friends is that on appeal, on technical grounds, the case will be thrown out. Thereafter “Double Jeopardy” will apply, and ergo Salman Khan will not be tried again.

  13. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    This is a facebook post by Charudutt Acharya, a victim of a Hit and Run accident. Gives you some perspective.

    “WARNING: Really long post. But I need to share.


    I am a HIT & RUN ‘survivor’.

    In 1998 I was 28. Newly married. A baby was on the way. Small independent writing- directing jobs were trickling in. I was happy.

    October 1998, at 2 in the afternoon, not too far from American Bakery (where the Salman Khan thing happened), a young woman from Pali Hill (incidentally daughter of a film industry bigwig) rammed her car full speed into the auto that I was travelling. The auto turned turtle. My left leg was an unrecognizable mess. The auto driver, miraculously scratch-less, extricated me from the auto. The young lady and her friend, who had got out of the car, saw the mess, sat back in the car and took off.

    AS pedestrians were figuring out what to do with a bloodied me, a pair of really strong muscular arms lifted me in a swoop and placed me like a gentle baby in the back seat of a car. His car was all red and messy now. He asked me my number. I did not have a cell number (it was 1998). I gave him my home number and my wife’s name. He took them down as he drove. I was delirious. I asked him if I would die. He said ‘probably not’.

    He took me to a nearby hospital and called my wife from a PCO and vanished.

    It was long and tough operation. The auto driver came to the hospital and told me that he had got half the car number and given it to the cops. He said sorry that this happened while I was in his auto.

    The next day the Samaritan came to meet me. He was an Indian gym instructor in Australia. He told me his story which is quite dramatic and ‘filmy’.

    Two weeks back he said, his near blind widower father had run out of insulin. Because he lived alone and the medical store owner had a faulty phone, his father decided to go and get it himself. He was knocked down by a speeding vehicle. It was late in the night and desolate. Help came too late. He had died. This saviour of mine, said he had come down from Australia to cremate his father and was going back that night after the 13th day ritual. He said when he saw me on the road, he had to stop for me.

    After two and half months of giving my pregnant wife the run around, the cops finally tracked down the girl. She came to see me at home where I was bed ridden. She said she fled because she feared the people on the streets will do something nasty to her. I asked her why she did not go to the cops and tell them this is what happened. She just said nothing not looking me in the eye. I asked her the question again and she just continued to be silent. She gave me a bouquet of flowers, cried a bit and left.

    She was never convicted. I did not have medical or life insurance. I got some basic compensation from the car and autorikshaw insurance companies. So that was that.

    I had three more surgeries over the next few years. I have never walked straight since. I live with this partial permanent disability, making do with a walking stick.

    This accident cost me. Professionally, financially, emotionally and psychologically. But I have been bloody lucky to have a support system and professional work to do, which has pulled me through. Needless to say, poor people get screwed really really bad.

    What I want to say is this. There is a HIT and there is a RUN. A hit can happen due to various reasons including elevated levels of alcohol in the blood. But a run happens when there are elevated levels of inhumanity and arrogance in the blood. A run happens when there is confidence in a corrupt system to back you up. A run happens when you know that money and ‘Bhai power’ can ‘settle’ things.

    Salman Khan ran for 13 years. He first ran from the accident site and then did all money and power could do to keep himself running.

    As such, driving drunk is equivalent to giving a loaded AK47 in the hands of a chimpanzee in a crowded street. It’s a no brainer @ don’t drink and drive. But it’s a token take away from this case.

    This case is really not about drunken driving. It’s about shameless, cowardly running. A macho star running from the ghosts of victims of a ‘single –screen’ class that subsidizes his stardom, and a shit scared, spineless film industry running to absurdly defend the star who subsidizes their 100 crore clubs.

    So each one of you who is expressing rage over this verdict and standing in solidarity and support for Salman Khan, picture this.

    You were at American Bakery buying jelly pastries for your near and dear ones at home. You step out and boom! A drunk Salman Khan knocks you down. Your one leg is a smashed jelly pastry now. He gets out, looks at you, sits in his car and fucks off.

    For 13 years you go through operations, implant failures, infections. You are in debt. You wake up in cold sweat often. You cry when your kids want to play football with you. And you keep going to court for hearings where all the time the large hearted human being Khan says he was not at the wheels. He does not even recognize you. Maybe he even smiles and waves at you thinking you are his fan.

    Then this judgement comes. Salman gets five years. Out of which one year gets pardoned for good behaviour. And in the remaining four years, he gets several privileged and entirely illegal paroles to attend parties and chill out like his good pal ‘innocent –gun lover ‘Sanjay Dutt gets. Or Jessica Lal’s baby faced murderer Manu Sharma gets.

    2019. Salman is out in four years, back into the lap of luxuries and stardom. Maybe starring in his own bio-pic.
    But YOU continue sit in the ‘handicap’ seat of a bus like you have been doing for the last 18 years. You sit in the corridors of hospital waiting for the doctor to tell you that finally your bone is united. You sit at dance parties. You sit on the beach. You SIT a lot. You sit your entire life out.

    So go figure.”

  14. Tall Pike 8 years ago

    My heart goes out to Acharya. He got bamboozled by the system. He deserves better.

    But, I see evidence of envy and a strong desire to undo the injustice that happened to him, by making Peter pay for the fault of Paul. Salman did not cause Acharya any grief, he should not bear the brunt of someone else’s fault.

    Salman is responsible for Salman’s action. Fortunately, Salman is fighting a case in a court of law, and not in the court of public option. Acharya is biased by personal experience. Archarya uses words in his facebook post which make him appear as if he has a grudge against a group of people, against an entire race. His post smacks of the regular garden variety emotional blackmail.

    I am sorry about what happened to him. But that does not mean I have to overlook envy & personal bias, or fall for emotional exploitation.

    The court will decide, based on the merits of the case. In the appeal if it is found that the court has unfairly rejected evidence or based a decision on speculation then the judgement will be overturned.

  15. Tall Pike 8 years ago

    Today’s Summary

    What happened on that landmark night was an accident. But since then this tragedy has been exploited to turn it into an industry.

    Sadly it appears that pieces are being moved on the chess board to malign a whole community. Someone is priming the pump to make the final “not guilty” verdict a volatile event.

    The appeal court will look at this and most likely say that evidence in support of Salman was suppressed. On the grounds of suppression of evidence, this case will be reversed. Perhaps the appeals judge will also deem the verdict to be speculative, devoid of hard evidence.

    Hence by this rash decision the court has effectively stopped the prosecution. Simultaneously they have given Salman a go past jail card. Truly Salman is destiny’s child.

  16. FS 8 years ago

    Interesting Comments Tall Pike. Was this your id from the beginning?

    • Tall Pike 8 years ago


      At times I have used “The Witness”. On other occasion, I have used “Fellow Teaveller”. I have used a lot of names, what’s in a name, “A Rose smells as sweet …..”.

      Ask not the name of the messenger, seek the true message.

  17. Tall Pike 8 years ago

    See the link below

    The tides are turning. Soon the prosecutor will be prosecuted. Truth will overturn the fabrication/suppression.

  18. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Namard abhi bhi bahar hai?

  19. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Salman’s character is well known by the simple fact that he has not forgiven an actor. If you are nearing 50 and u still are so stubborn – shows how u are in real life.

  20. mgt 8 years ago

    Tall Pike you have made some valid points and agree with your assessments. There is someone behind the scenes doing a number on him.

    This Kamal Khan thing seems very suspicious and cops may have taken a supari against him as he is the witness who can save salman from conviction. I think the cops may have coerced Kamal Khan to give a statement against Salman Khan and told him to leave for UK otherwise he would be imprisoned too . Being a foreigner and watching the corrupt state of affairs he must have left the scene.

    If Harish salve remains on this , he will turn the whole case up side down and it seems Salman is framed here though he was in the car.

    • Tall Pike 8 years ago


      Salman committed the ultimate crime that one can commit in India. He was “Successful while being Muslim”.

      Hence today without any evidence all kind of accusations are being hurled at him.

      But truth will set him free.

      • Author
        sputnik 8 years ago

        What a load of BS.

        Aamir, SRK and so many other Muslim stars have been highly successful in Bollywood. They are all not facing cases of drunken driving or anything sinister.

        Its funny how Salman fans continue to propagate this BS and lies that Salman was not driving the car. Ravindra Patil and Kamaal Khan who were both in that SUV said he was driving. Witnesses at the hotel saw him on the driver’s seat and witnesses at the accident scene saw him get out of the driver’s side of the car.

        During the court hearings Salman said that he was sitting in the passenger seat next to the driver and that he got out of the driver’s side because his door was jammed. Salman himself said that he was sitting behind the driver in a interview to Aaj Tak 5 years back. So he was sitting next to the driver but he told that he was sitting behind the driver 5 years back?

        How can someone forget where he was sitting in a car which was involved in a accident which killed a person. He was not drunk according to him and he was not hurt. So how did he forget where he was sitting?

        The person who died and all the injured are themselves Muslims. So stop trying to give this a communal angle.

        If the cops or the govt really wanted to get Salman he would have been in jail long time back. The reason this case took 13 years and is still going on is itself proof that they are using every bit of money/influence to prolong the case. If it goes on to HC and then SC and it takes another 13-20 years nobody will care about the punishment then and he will get away with a slight sentence even if he is convicted.

        The justice system in India is a joke anyway. If the poor get justice in India then its usually a miracle.

        • Tall Pike 8 years ago

          You would have a valid argument if the victims were the one prosecuting him the court of law or the court of public opinion.

        • Tall Pike 8 years ago


          I hope you understand that it does not matter what the public opinion says where Salman was sitting. The public opinion believes in “Ghar Waapsi”, they want to convert Salman KHAN to Salman DOSHI

          Neither does it matter what the related authorities say either. It appears they have been victimizing the victims here.

          What only matters is what the court records says. On this count there is no confusion at all.

          Neither there is any doubt that the body guard’s has contradicted himself on serveral counts. He has admitted that there was a driver. He has in a round about way admitted that they were NOT DRIVING FAST. He also has indicated that he was testifying under stress.

          Finally Kamal Khan was not called because he too WILL SAY THAT Salman was not driving.

          Yes justice has become a joke. It is a miracle when the disenfranchised get justice. I am a secular Indian who believe in the poor and the disenfranchised. I like to champion the under dog. In this case that under dog is Salman. But ACCHE DIN AANEWALE HAI soon.

          • Author
            sputnik 8 years ago

            Its not about what the public opinion says where Salman was sitting. Its about Salman’s own opinion about where he was sitting. He contradicted himself. So he either lied back then or now or he has lied both times.

            “The public opinion believes in “Ghar Waapsi”, they want to convert Salman KHAN to Salman DOSHI”

            There are some crazy people in India but its ridiculous to even suggest that Salman is being targeted because of his religion.

            “What only matters is what the court records says. On this count there is no confusion at all.”

            So far the Sessions court has convicted him and not believed in his lies. His appeal is pending and the case might drag for years.

            The bodyguard did turn hostile once but he later stood by his original statement till he died.

            “Finally Kamal Khan was not called because he too WILL SAY THAT Salman was not driving.”

            Prosecution should have produced Kamaal Khan too as he was the witness but why did Salman Khan not produce Kamaal Khan as witness for the defense?

            Yeah Salman is the poor and the disenfranchised and the under dog. And the dead Nurullah Sharif and the other injured are the bad guys who tried to frame Salman by deliberately coming under Salman’s SUV.

          • Tall Pike 8 years ago

            The guy who died is a victim. The victims family should be compensated. But this case is not about making things right for the victim. This case has been about milking Salman Khan.

            As decent human, you have to ask if the bodyguard has flipped flopped, is he credible ? Can any court throw the book any anyone based on the statements of a person who is not credible ?

            It is not just the issue of credibility ? There are so many other serious flaws vis a vis the bodyguard. By hanging their case on this hook (i.e. The bodyguard), the prosecution have made it easy to be over ruled on appeal.

          • Author
            sputnik 8 years ago

            Don’t talk nonsense that it is only about making things right for the victim by compensating them. If someone commits a crime he will be punished.

            If it is only about making things right for the victim by compensating them then nobody will be prosecuted. All rich criminals will just compensate the victims and move on.

            Salman should be punished for drinking and driving without a license and killing a person.

            Not a single comment on Salman’s flip flop that he was sitting behind the driver and sitting beside the driver. So how credible is Salman who is clearly shown to be by lying by his two contradictory statements? Yet he is the innocent underdog who is being punished.

            Witnesses turn hostile many times due to coercion and threats that are applied to them. But he stood by his statement later and deposed in court and that’s what this case is based on. There are other witnesses who have corroborated that Salman got off driver’s side and he was in driver’s seat. His medical test proved he was drunk. He ran away from the scene of the accident and surrendered only the next day.

            Salman’s defense even shamelessly suggested that the person died because the crane dropped the car on him.

            Some people will shamelessly defend Salman even if Salman had killed in full public view in front of live TV. This is the height of shameless fandom.

            Yeah right. These people would have been batting for Salman if their loved one or family member was killed in that accident.

  21. MGT 8 years ago

    Salman mass hysteria was visible last Friday and Mumbai shook. He is a common man’s hero and god forbid if he they decide to send him to jail all hell will break lose.

  22. MGT 8 years ago

    I can’t much say on the Muslim angle but yeah he is a pet hate for a certain demographic putting him behind bars is the only way they think they can pin him down.

    On this case he is certainly getting penalized due to his celebrity and I wont be surprised if evidences were cooked and baked to make a case out of this accident which led to death.

    99% of the case when they come up for hearing on the superior court are thrown our as the witness turn hostile. We have seen in Jayalalitha’s case all 25 witness of the prosecution case turned hostile when the case came up for hearing at HC. Will this happen in the case of Salman or will these witness be threatened with dire consequences if they change their statement. Kamal Khan was not brought as prosecution as he would change his statement and say he was bullied into making that statement. This is the card which defense will now bring which the prosecution Judge D W Deshpande was not allowing.
    Lastly case is been decided by a single judge and he can easily give in to corruption or his own biases. Personally I will be pleased if Salman is set free so the first thing he can to do is to come to aide to these victim’s family. At the moment due to court case he cannot do anything for them.

  23. aryan 7 years ago

    Salman Khan acquitted of all charges in 2002 hit-and-run case

    The Bombay high court on Thursday acquitted Salman Khan in the 2002 hit-and-run case, setting aside the order of a sessions court that had convicted him in May this year.

    The court said that Salman cannot be convicted as the prosecution has not proven the charges against the actor.

    Pronouncing the verdict, justice AR Joshi said the “prosecution has failed to prove charges against Khan on all counts”.

    He pointed out that Salman can’t be convicted because of “various shortcomings in investigations and prosecution’s evidence”.

    Salman had appealed to the high court to overturn a sessions court judgment in May that held him guilty and handed out a five-year jail term in the 2002 hit-and-run case.

    “Doubt arises over involvement of appellant on charges … Investigation was conducted in faulty manner with scant regard to procedure,” Justice Joshi said after seeking Salman’s presence in court at the time of pronouncing the verdict which is expected as soon as he reaches there.

    The actor’s sister, who was present in court, said he is in Mumbai and will reach the court in about two hours.

    On Wednesday, the high court opened a window of hope for the popular actor when it had observed that the prosecution had not convincingly proved the 49-year-old actor was drunk or driving his Toyota Land Cruiser when the vehicle ran over five sleeping people on a pavement, one of whom died later, in Bandra West on September 28, 2002.

    Justice Joshi said it was difficult to rely on the testimony of Ravindra Patil, the police guard who was in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

    He observed that Patil, who died of tuberculosis in 2007, was not a “wholly reliable witness” because of the numerous changes in his statements during the course of the trial, although he was the lone witness to testify that Salman was drunk at the wheel.

    “Even if Patil’s statement has to be considered as partially reliable, there has to be corroboration in evidence which does not exist in this case,” Joshi said.

    The drink-driving charge looked doubtful since Patil didn’t mention it in the FIR filed hours after the accident but said so a few days later after Salman’s blood test reports came in. Later, he turned hostile and retracted his statement.

    Justice Joshi also made crucial observations on the defence witness, Salman’s family driver Ashok Singh, as well as singer-friend Kamaal Khan, who was with the actor in the car but the prosecution never examined him in court.

    The loyal driver took the blame for the accident after Salman was held guilty in May, saying he was driving the car on that fateful night. The prosecution dismissed his confession as 13 years too late.

    Justice Joshi didn’t agree with the prosecution’s argument.

    He also took a strong stand against the prosecution for its failure to examine Kamaal Khan, who was in the country till 2007 before he settled abroad. “The examination of an eyewitness, especially when the case has very limited number of eyewitnesses, is incremental. But the conduct of the investigating agencies leads to the conclusion that they were not desirous of bringing Kamaal Khan before the court. It is thus, necessary to draw an adverse inference against the prosecution.”

    The court said the prosecution had failed to prove that the left front tyre of Salman’s car burst after the accident that night. The actor had maintained all along that the car swung out of control and jumped onto the pavement following a tyre burst on Hill Road in Bandra.

    He made these observations while dwelling upon citations of the Bombay high court and the Supreme Court in a similar case pertaining to Alistair Pereira and the applicability of Section 304, Part II (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) under which Salman was convicted.

    • Author
      sputnik 7 years ago

      From the last two days it was clear that Salman would get acquitted.

      As I said in one of my comments above “The justice system in India is a joke anyway. If the poor get justice in India then its usually a miracle.”

      So apparently No One Killed the person sleeping on the footpath.

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