Movies You Watched This Month – September 2014

cityofgodCity Of God (Cidade De Deus)
Official Synopsis:
The streets of the world’s most notorious slum, Rio de Janeiro’s City of God, are a place where combat photographers fear to tread, police rarely go and residents are lucky if they live to the age of 20. In the midst of the oppressive crime and violence, a frail and scared young boy will grow up to discover that he can view the harsh realities of his surroundings with an artistic eye. In the face of impossible odds, his brave ambition to become a professional photographer becomes a window into his world and ultimately his way out.

The movie is based on actual events and the end credits show the real life Ned giving an interview which is a scene in the movie. The movie starts off with a flashback and has various back stories of the lead characters which are are all integrated very well into the main story. The only drawback in the movie is that Rocket’s interest in photography and him turning into a photographer for the press seemed a bit contrived.

The movie has shocking scenes of kids being shot and kids killing others. Here are some of the excellent scenes.

The scene where Lil Dice shoots everyone while enjoying the killings.

The scene where Shaggy gets killed while trying to get out of City of God.

Here is the best scene of the movie – the scene where Li’l Zé caches hold of the “The Runts” and shoots at the little kid on the foot.

Alexandre Rodrigues was good but his role is more that of a narrator than the actual lead. Alice Braga looked very pretty and don’t know why her character was completely removed after Benny’s death. Leandro Firmino was brilliant as the evil Li’l Zé and he is the actual star of the movie. Douglas Silva was excellent as Li’l Dice who grows onto become Li’l Zé. Phellipe Haagensen was good as his good friend Benny. Jonathan Haagensen was good as Shaggy. Matheus Nachtergaele was good as Carrot and Seu Jorge was good as Knockout Ned.

The movie was nominated for 4 Oscars in 2004 including Best Cinematography, Best Directing, Best Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay. In 2003 it was Brazil’s official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film but it was ridiculously not even nominated. Had watched Nowhere in Africa, the winner for Best Foreign Language Film that year and I had felt that it did not even deserve to be nominated let alone winning an Oscar. Here is my comment on the movie from June of last year.

“The movie was scenic – shot in Africa but it did not really have much of a story and it just went on and on. It is based on a true story but there should have been something more in the movie apart from the reason why they moved there. There were some camera zoom shots which seemed amateurish. Don’t know how this movie even got nominated let alone winning an Oscar.” Link

Can’t believe that no one mentioned this before but Gangs of Wasseypur is just a wannabe City of God with all the violence and even the way the characters are named.

The Cinematography is excellent and the movie has a documentary feel to it. The movie feels so authentic and so real. The direction is brilliant. The movie may feel a bit slow paced at times with the back stories and it may seem complex with so many characters but it all comes together so well in the end. The movie is absolutely brilliant, a masterpiece and a classic. This is a movie not to be missed. Highly Recommended.

  1. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Can’t believe that I did not watch such an excellent movie for so long. Had been on my list of movies to watch since such a long time. Finally watched it.

    Thanks to @serenzy and @fearlesssoul for the reccos.

  2. cr7 10 years ago

    I needed a reminder to watch this movie . have it on my pc for nearly 6 months now . Will watch it tonight .

  3. jj 10 years ago

    Had watched City of God when released. Liked it very much then. Have not seen it after. If I remember right the opening shot was of a chicken being chased which was excellent, and sums up the movie well. Dont think I will be able to watch it again though, because of all the violence against children. But its definetely high quality movie making.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Agree with you that “the opening shot was of a chicken being chased which was excellent, and sums up the movie well.”

      Yes the scenes of violence against children were disturbing. I was thinking that the camera would pan away or there would be a symbolic shot but the director did not back away from showing violence against children.

  4. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Fully agree with this:

    ” LeandroFirmino was brilliant as the evil Li’l Zé and he is the actual star of the movie. ”

    “The only drawback in the movie is that Rocket’s interest in photography and him turning into a photographer for the press seemed a bit contrived.”

    The movie was good as documentary on ghetto violence. But thats it. I cant take anything back from it. I didnt get any learning from this. Now, its not necessary that every movie will give you something. But I was expecting more from this one maybe.

    PS: I have not watched Gangs of Wasseypur. I had liked Satya in this genre. No head and tail just violence. But it still made sense. Had they shown Lil’Z in same way it would have made some sense. The story from a third person – photographer did not make sense to me.

    This one reminded me about another gory fake-art movie called Subramaniyapuram. Everyone dies in the end. Ofcourse this one seems more realistic, but so are so many fake-arty tamil movies like Subramaniyapuram these days. Maybe thats why I didnt like it much. But I loved Lil Z so much. They could have had a better ending. No one looked into what was going in his mind!

    What the scriptwriter needed was a break. A pause.

    Instead of mindless bloodshed and storytelling like “text-to-voice” narration ; which made it artificial, there was a need for an emotional bonding.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Yes the movie was like a documentary on ghetto violence and it showed how little kids get involved in the violence.

      I loved Satya too and it did not have a back story for Chakravarthy’s character either but he had a character arc and he wanted to turn good by the end of the movie.

      I loved Lil’Z character as he was almost pure evil and he just enjoyed killing right from his childhood. The movie showed that he wanted to have power from his childhood. There is one scene where he seems vulnerable when the girl rejects him for a dance. Also it seemed like Benny was his real friend and he did listen to him.

      Yes the story from a third person – photographer did not make sense. I don’t like when movies have one character narrating the story. How can the narrator know of things that happened when he was not even present at the scene? The movie should either have had a voice over or no narrator.

      I think there was an emotional bonding because the characters seemed so real. There are times when you are rooting for someone like for example one might want Shaggy to escape the city but he gets killed. One might be rooting for Ned as he was the good guy who is taking revenge but he gets killed. And one would think Lil Ze got away but he gets his comeuppance too.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        True that Satya had the character arc and he wanted to turn good in the end. Lil’ Z was pure evil and loved killing.

        Lil’ Z is one of my most loved film characters now!

        Agree on you last para. I was rooting for Ned.

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    • saurabh sharma 10 years ago

      liked the video, thanks for posting

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        You are welcome Saurabh. I happened to see it yday. I loved especially the Lil Dice with his kid – he looked human 🙂

  6. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    I must mention that movie is completely gripping from first scene. One does not feel like taking a break. But still I have my criticism on it and I stand by it (mentioned in above comment).

  7. saurabh sharma 10 years ago

    I liked the movie very much specially the all kids’ acting.. specially kid Lil’Z ‘s acting.. In the hotel scene when he is killing all the guys, he was very good..

    Also the scene which you posted as best scene is also very good and acting of the small kid is also very good, and by only one scene he shows his presence. and I remembered him even when I watched this movie 8-9 month ago.. I felt like he is crying for real.. in that scene if you watch closely, the way all characters are wearing clothes feels real, like in india you can see kids wearing underwear in the same way in slum areas..

    Liked the photographer character too though he got lucky in the movie and the sexual scene symbol was too lucky.. He got the hot gf too..

    I feel in these type of movies you need a narrator character because if you see movie from any of the main character’s mind then you will not feel they are doing a wrong thing.. like Lil’Z, i do not think he is doing anything even after he thinks that he is doing wrong..

    I also missed the.Alice Braga and they could use her character in better way, but then movie was based on real things..but she looks hot man… kiss was good..

    Liked knockout ned too and generally in these movies less evil guys or good guys get killed by someone they helped…

    I loved acting, whole set up, art directions, cinematography, music and direction all seems very good.. all in all very good movie..

    Best thing about movie is the real feeling coz its tough to achieve.. you can put cameras here and there and can introduce some abuses.. but that doesn’t feel real when characters are talking in dialogues..

    Ak started GOW when one of his writer told the story of wasseypur to him.(writer also insisted for a big role and he is the guy who is son of Dhulia) and he modified the story keeping the basic feel same as told by writer.. Though I can not confirm that he is not inspired by city of god but i do not think entire GOW is based on COD at least gow 1 is different than COD but GOW2 looks lil similar to COD… but then also I do not think AK consciously tried to be similar to COD..

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      “I feel in these type of movies you need a narrator character because if you see movie from any of the main character’s mind then you will not feel they are doing a wrong thing..”


      But somehow I wanted Lil Dice/ Lil’Z to narrate few things – he was the hero of the movie – he was the soul of the whole thing.
      I get your point. But still I feel there was nothing wrong in what Lil’ Z and Ned – both were equal – ultimately Ned also became a killer – killing innocent people.

      For whatever reasons – Ned and Lil’ Z are same in my opinion. Ned wud have been a Lil’ Z few years down the line, … you know! If he wud have been alive and Lil’Z dead.

      Ofcourse Ned has personal agenda as opposed to Lil’ Z . But still Ned also killed lot of innocent ppl..

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        My comment is under moderation!

        Well , I am not trying to take a higher moral ground, but just what I felt.

        PLs read my first comment and the criticism. Maybe I am not matured enough to these type of movies.

        I am very much open to film characters like Lil’ Z – one of my fav as mentioned already! But, overall this was a disturbing movie for me!

        Coming to think of it, imagine same thing happening in your neighbourhood …..mumbau,pune.delhi,hyderabad,chennai,bangalore,pune,bhopalk, ahmedabad etc etc….

  8. cr7 10 years ago

    Person of Interest– Started watching season 1. A bit illogical but engrossing show .Its written by Jonathan Nolan . So hope it’ll get better with lots of twists.
    Silicon valley-One of the best comedy shows I’ve seen lately . Hilarious . Not like typical sitcoms. Worth watching .
    The fault in our stars– It could have been something better .But it ended up being a chick flick .But i didn’t mind . There were some beautiful moments and excellent dialogues . Fantastic performance from the leads . Even though the emotional scenes looked a bit forced at points still they were very touching .The humor was unusual and very likable .Good movie overall .
    The orphanage- Good horror movie . Not very scary .But well made .Good story,dp and bgm . Could have been more detailed about some issues . Liked the ending a lot .
    A million ways to die in the west– Couldn’t finish . Nice concept but very unfunny . Even if some jokes were funny they fall totally flat due to delivery .
    Chef– Simple fun movie without any complications,surprise,twist .Good time pass movie .

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      So you did you watch City of God?

      • cr7 10 years ago

        I have mistakenly deleted it. So downloading it again .Will watch ASAP .

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Deepika and Varun in The Fault In Our Stars remake

      Director Homi Adajania, producer Dinesh Vijan and Fox Star Studios are all set for the Hindi adaptation of the Hollywood film The Fault In Our Stars. A little birdie chirped that the film might star Deepika Padukone and Varun Dhawan in the lead roles. If this is true, this will be the third film that will bring Homi and Deepika together after the successful Cocktail and Finding Fanny. A hat-trick in the offing for the maker and his favourite heroine. The film will also bring Varun and Deepika together for the first time.

      About the film:

      The Fault in Our Stars is a 2014 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Josh Boone, based on the novel of the same name by John Green. The film stars Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, and Nat Wolff, with Laura Dern, Sam Trammell, and Willem Dafoe playing supporting roles. Woodley plays Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year-old cancer patient who is forced by her parents to attend a support group, where she subsequently meets and falls in love with Augustus Waters, portrayed by Ansel Elgort.


      • cr7 10 years ago

        I’ve a bad feeling about it . Not gonna work . The original is not some sort of classic but still Bollywood specially someone like Homi Adjania won’t be able execute the emotional scenes .And nothing against deepika , I love her and she is one of the best actresses now but Shailene was too good .She won’t be able to do justice to the role of hazel. Varun is a comedian . And Gus’s role is much deeper thatn that . Bad choice .

        • FS 10 years ago

          film bhi to itni khaas nahin thi to kya farak padta hai?

          • cr7 10 years ago

            Yup .I agree with that .The movie is overrated.

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          I think Deepika will be able to pull off Shailene Woodley’s role but I am not sure if Varun is a good choice for Gus’s role. I think Shahid Kapoor would have been perfect for Gus’s role. As I said in the other thread “He is like a taller version of Shahid Kapoor. His smile and even a few of his mannerisms reminded me of Shahid Kapoor a lot.” Link

          I am not sure if it will work or not. Yes its nothing great but then it was a big hit here with the younger crowd.

  9. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Watched “Gandu” a bengali film. Was OK. some scenes are just put there to shock (x rated) and self-indulgent.

  10. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Started watching The Office again because of a relative and this time liked a couple of episodes a lot. The Niagara Falls episodes and the Diwali episode were hilarious.

  11. jj 10 years ago

    Agree with Anjanpur on Subramanyapuram and many of its clones. They are just glorified versions of masala films of yore. Though liked Aadukalam and Paruthiveeran. They had brilliant performances.
    Left Gandu midway, could not tolerate it at all. Seemed like a pointless movie with lot of expletives and felt those scenes were just for shock value, not sure if they added anything to the movie at all as dint watch it completely.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Thanks JJ

      I also liked Aadukalam partly , but that was more because of acting of Dhanush.
      Agree that, (we have same opinion) These tamil movies are just masala movies in garb of art.

      Gandu , I didnt get anything. It was just a time-pass movie. Amateur work.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        I think my comment is under moderation beacuse of the name of the Bengali movie I saw!

  12. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    The God Who Wasn’t There Ex-Christian fundamentalist Brian Flemming’s lively exposé shines an unflinching spotlight on Christianity and the existence of Christ.

    Its a documentary which tries to prove that Jesus was a mythical figure whose story is similar to other mythical figures in folklore. It started off well with some good points initially but later on it just turned into a personal grudge with his Christian school.


    The Unbelievers Scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss travel the globe promoting a scientific worldview and the rational questioning of religious belief.

    Its another documentary where the two Scientists are shown travelling around the world giving speeches or having discussions with each other or appearing on TV shows. While the clips from the speeches/discussions/TV Shows were good it would have been nicer if there was a full length or a detailed discussion. It felt more like watching those documentaries on some celebrity’s life.

    Liked the small interviews of Ricky Gervais, Woody Allen, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Silverman and Bill Pullman.

  13. cr7 10 years ago

    Watched Vishwaroopam . Decent movie . Great production values .Kamal hasan was great as usual .The story line could have been more interesting .One surprising thing is it is rated 8.9 on IMDB with 31k votes . This is insane .

  14. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Good Morning, Vietnam When his manic radio show proves a morale-booster, an Armed Forces Radio DJ gets sent to Vietnam, where his act lands him in trouble with superiors.

    The movie is loosely based on the experiences of radio DJ Adrian Cronauer. Movie was ok at best. Most of the movie is just Robin Williams doing his usual stand up comedy and most of it was not funny. There was not much of a story. There was a small romantic track and there was a small track on the Vietnam war.

    Robin Williams was annoying for the most part with his hyper stand up comedy. He was good in a few scenes where he was trying to woo the Vietnames girl and in a few scenes where he was trying to rebel against the army for trying to censor him after a bombing. He was surprisingly nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor.

    Chintara Sukapatana who played the Vietnames girl was very pretty. Forest Whitaker was good as his associate. Tung Thanh Tran was bad in the emotional scenes. Bruno Kirby was good as the uptight Lieutenant. J.T. Walsh was good as the strict Officer.

    The Good Morning Mumbai greeting scene from Lage Raho Munna Bhai is copied from this movie.

  15. cr7 10 years ago

    Manam – Its a “leave your brain at home” kinda movie .There are no explanation to things that happened but whatever happened was very entertaining .If you don’t try to find reasons it is a very likable movie .The comedy and romance both worked extremely well .Nagarjuna was excellent.Shriya saran and Samantha looked pretty and acted well .

  16. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Side Effects When a young wife’s depression spirals out of control due to her husband’s prison release, she turns to a new medication that alters her life forever.

    I was expecting the movie to be like The Constant Gardener about malpractice of pharmaceutical companies but it turned out to be a murder thriller. There are a few unexpected twists in the movie but they are ridiculous or implausible. The final twist was completely unnecessary and spoiled the movie. The murder and mental hospital twists reminded me of another movie Passion that I saw recently. Link

    Rooney Mara looked pretty and was very good in the lead role. Jude Law was good as the psychiatrist. Channing Tatum has just a brief role. Catherine Zeta-Jones looked old and wasn’t that good either. Vinessa Shaw was good as Jude Law’s wife.

  17. jj 10 years ago

    Saw 2 Mahesh Bhatt movies back to back. Saraansh and Zakhm. Had watched both very long back and had liked it very much back then.

    Saraansh – An elderly couple who lost their only son decides to end their lives with no reason to live. They find reasons, though different to live again when they learn that ther paying guest is pregnant out of a wedlock. Movie had a very good story and some excellent dialogues. Performances from both Anupam Kher and Rohin Hattangidi were excellent.
    There were also number of outstanding scenes. The one Iiked most is a chilling scene where Kher’s character tells his wife to eat less as poison will work faster then. The bland way its acted out adds to the impact.
    Also there is the famous scene where Kher’s character walks into a customs officer’s room to retrieve his son’s ashes. But in the climax he walks into home minister’s cabin to raise his concerns which was way too convinient and lazy writing. Otherwise its a brilliant movie and was thoroughly entertaining even on a repeat watch.

    Zakhm – Story of a Muslim women, who lived as a Hindu told through her son’s point of view. Its partly autobiographical too. The flash back scenes were excellent and well acted by Kunal Khemu and Pooja Bhatt were good. Ajay Devgn was good too, but not sure if it was worthy of a Bharath award. Ashutosh Rana and Sharath Saxena were good too Nagarjuna’s acting was funny mostly with an open expression and Saurabh Shukla’s character was irritating. Also the movie got bit loud for its own cause towars the end. Overall decent watch, but could not hold interest much on second time watch.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Agree with you almost completely on both the movies.

      Saraansh is an excellent movie and it is Anupam Kher’s best performance. Rohin Hattangidi was very good too.

      Had posted the scene where Kher’s character walks into a customs officer’s room to retrieve his son’s ashes as Scene of the Week here. Had also posted a few more scenes including the home minister’s cabin scene in a comment on that post.

      Scene of the Week : Saaransh

      Yeah the scene in the climax where he walks into the home minister’s cabin looked contrived.


      Agree with you on Zakhm that the flash back scenes were excellent. I think Kunal Khemu was excellent and Pooja Bhatt was very good too. I don’t think Ajay Devgn deserved the National Award for that role. He did not have much to do except say dialogues while tilting his head to one side. Nagarjuna’s voice was dubbed and it looked very weird. I think the Akshay Anand (younger son) part of the movie and the tussle between him and Ajay was cliched or filmy compared to the excellent flashback.

  18. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Lawless This true-to-life action saga profiles Virginia’s bootlegging Bondurant brothers, whose exploits during the Prohibition era made them outlaw heroes.

    Good movie but a little long and the climax could have been better. I thought the movie was fiction but turns out that it is based on a true story and is adapted from the novel written by grandson of Shia LaBeouf’s character. Understandably the movie focuses too much on his character. This movie is from the point of view of the bootleggers and so they are the heroes whereas the cops are the villains or bad guys in this.

    Did not like Shia LaBeouf’s performance or his character. His character is that of a sissy who is also reckless and who just brings trouble. Tom Hardy was excellent as the eldest brother Forrest. He just grunts and mumbles but he totally owned the movie. Jason Clarke was good as the elder brother Howard. The underrated Guy Pearce was excellent once again this time as the corrupt cop Rake and he makes you completely hate his character. Jessica Chastain looked pretty and was very good. Mia Wasikowska looked pretty and was good as Shia’s love interest. Gary Oldman had just a couple of scenes.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Just found out that it was Tom Hardy’s birthday today. So glad that I watched this movie today. Have liked him in TDKR, Warrior and Lawless.

  19. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    By this time last year we had best movies of the year already released like Ghanchakkar and Madras cafe.

    Looks like now we have to wait for Haider, Ai and PK only now. Rest all look crap.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      The honorable mentions this year are – two states, Bobby Jasoos, Mardaani, Holiday and Dedh Ishquiyaan. But none of them matches the brilliance of best movies of last year I mentioned above.

  20. cr7 10 years ago

    No mercy – Another gem of a Korean thriller .Korean movies usually have strong emotional content and this is no different.Very intriguing,well acted . Some of the twists are not unique but I love the way they get revealed .Specially last half an hour is too good. Recommended . Its a shame that its not as appreciated as it deserves .

  21. cr7 10 years ago

    3:10 to Yuma – Not a big fan of western .Haven’t seen much either .But this one is very entertaining .Never for a moment it bored me .Both Crowe and Bale were in superlative form .

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Haven’t seen 3:10 to Yuma. Will try to watch soon.

      You can try these westerns if you have not seen them.

      Unforgiven directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. It won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor.

      Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly starring Clint Eastwood

      The Quick and the Dead starring Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio

      Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West starring Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson.

      Had posted as Scene of the Week.

      Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman is also entertaining. Its more a light hearted western than a serious western. Here is my comment on the movie. Link

      • cr7 10 years ago

        Unforgiven and the good bad and ugly are on my list for quite some time .Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid has the song raindrop keep falling ? I liked the song a lot . Never thought Its a western movie . Will try to watch the movie soon .

  22. cr7 10 years ago

    X-men Days of future past – – Kickass movie . One of the best of this year . Loved it .

  23. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Out of the Furnace The brotherly bond between two blue-collar siblings is put to the test when one lands in prison and the other gets mixed up with a crime syndicate.

    The movie is quite slow paced and the story is kind of depressing but liked it. The movie felt very realistic in the portrayal of a small town and the hardships ordinary people face.

    Christian Bale was excellent as Russell. Agree with @saurabh that “his performance in Out of the Furnace was leagues ahead of what he did in American Hustle.” Link He should have been nominated for Best Actor for this movie instead of American Hustle.

    Woody Harrelson was excellent as the dangerous Harlan DeGroat. I think he should have been nominated for a Best Supporting Actor instead of Jonah Hill and James Gandolfini. Casey Affleck was very good as the younger brother who is in trouble and who has issues because of his being in the Iraq war. Forest Whitaker, Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana and Sam Shepard were all very good.

  24. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    The Big Chill After years apart, a group of idealistic former college buddies who’ve followed divergent paths as adults reunite at the funeral of one of their own.

    The movie is somewhat similar to St. Elmo’s Fire which came out after this. While that was about recent college graduates wrestling with their new found responsibilities of life this is about friends in their 30’s wrestling with the choices that they’ve have made in their lives.

    The movie is very slow paced and most of it is just conversation among friends. Most of the characters have histories with each other and one has to be very attentive to the conversations as there are no flashbacks. The movie was nominated for three Oscars including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.

    Tom Berenger was good as Sam, the actor with the TV show. Glenn Close was good as Sarah who is married to Kevin Kline’s character Harold but who had an affair with Alex who committed suicide. She was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

    Jeff Goldblum has a somewhat annoying character who constantly talks and who thinks he is too smart. William Hurt was good as the straight talking Nick. Kevin Kline was ok as Sarah’s husband Harold. Mary Kay Place was good as Meg who wants to have a child. JoBeth Williams was good as Karen who is bored of her husband and wants to be with Sam. Meg Tilly was good as the slightly clueless girlfriend of Alex.

  25. cr7 10 years ago

    Edge of tomorrow – Aline invasion and time loop , two topics attempted several times .Specially doing something new with alien invasion is difficult . But this one is very interesting .Not a single boring moment .The vfx isn’t top notch but not bad either .Bits of comedy here and there was very enjoyable . Tom cruise did a fine job . One of the better sci fi movies I’ve seen recently .The ending is too mainstream though .

    • FS 10 years ago

      Absolutely agree with you. Good to see Tom doing some fine movies, first was oblivion and now this.

  26. jj 10 years ago

    Peruchazhi (Malayalam 2014) – For a US Governor election, Republicans Campaign team asks for assistance of some local politicians. Movie starts with a message to switch off both mobile phones and logic. First half was thoroughly entertaining and had some very clever self referencing jokes on Mohanlal and his hits from past. There some genuine LOL moments too.
    By second half the jokes dried out and the director took the audience for granted. Movie tried to spoof whatever came it way including Batmans, Avatars and MI was quite irritating. Climax was very predictable.
    But Mohanlal was terrific in the comedy scenes as usual and is a real feast for his fans. Otherwise a one time watch movie.

  27. jj 10 years ago

    Tried to watch 2 new Hindi movies after a long time.
    Humpty Sharma ki Dulhan – Left half way 🙁
    Bobby Jasoos – Movie was quite entertaining initially. Vidya Balan was convincing. Its very difficult to incorporate a romantic track in those sort of movies esp with an aged female lead, and must say the writer has done this bit quite nicely. Ending was bit silly. Knew for sure that the conclusion will be light hearted but this was bit too easy and also there is a desperate attempt to tie up 2 threads together on the pretext of father’s love. Timepass watch.

  28. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Rosemary’s Baby A woman is thrilled to find out she’s pregnant. But as her belly grows, the more certain she becomes that her unborn child is in serious danger.

    Its a 1968 movie and it was a big commercial and critical success. It is considered to be one of the best horror movies ever made. The movie was nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

    Did not find the movie scary at all. It’s more of a drama than a horror movie. The movie creates this creepy atmosphere with the big apartment in this old building with creepy neighbors. May be the setting was a novelty for its time but it has now become a cliche. The movie Single White Female which I saw recently might have been paying homage/tribute to this movie with the big building and the elevator.

    The movie is very slow paced and has a lot of implausible things about it. The lead character Rosemary suspects something is wrong but still continues to drink the herb drinks that her neighbors give. In a completely ridiculous and unbelievable scene Rosemary tells the Doctor who is a close friend of her neighbors that their neighbors are into witchcraft. She doesn’t find it odd that a Doctor is asking to stay off vitamins. Found it odd that she gives in when her husband says that her going to another doctor is unfair to the Doctor she is seeing and he won’t let it. There is one party scene where she is seen with some young friends but its odd that she never meets those young friends ever again.

    The movie has some weird dream scenes which work very well for the movie. The scene of sex/conception was very good. And the movie seemed to be moving towards an excellent climax when she starts discovering the conspiracy. But the climax was pretty much anti climactic and the ending was horrible. It pretty much made the whole movie pointless.

    The movie is directed by Roman Polanski and looks like he is into the Satan stuff because The Ninth Gate directed by him was also about Satan and that had a creepy scene of having sex with the devil too.

    Mia Farrow was excellent as Rosemary even though her character was very unbelievable. John Cassavetes was bad as her husband. Read that Robert Redford was Polanski’s first choice and I think it would have been hard to suspect him and it would have made the movie more interesting. John’s acting made me question Rosemary’s intelligence to trust this guy. Ruth Gordon was excellent as the nosy neighbor and she deservedly won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Sidney Blackmer was very good as the neighbor Roman Castevet.

  29. cr7 10 years ago

    Ghost Writer– An excellent political thriller .The premise was set for something bigger .I would have love to see something more detailed .But I think it was intentional just to touch the main conspiracy .The direction was classy. Another great work from Polanski.

    Its a wonderful life – Its a wonderful film .

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Never heard of Ghost Writer before.

      Have you seen Chinatown and The Ninth Gate?

      • cr7 10 years ago

        Nope . I’ve seen only Pianist and Rosemary’s baby .In fact i watched pianist two weeks ago and loved it so much that I decided to watch all movies of him .Had ghost writer in my pc so started with it . Will be watching all of them .

    • FS 10 years ago

      Had liked “The Ghost Writer”. It was mystical and very intriguing. I can’t find my comment though.

      Its a wonderful life is a definitely a wonderful film.

  30. FS 10 years ago

    No Mercy – Loved it and posted comment on korean thread, highly recommended

    Transformers Age of Extincts – Loved it, the action is grand and dear this has a good story for first half an hour. loved the father and daughter angle to it. Rest is no different to its prequel. So you are hooked to it till the action starts which is little disappointing.

  31. cr7 10 years ago

    October sky– A truly heartwarming,inspiring movie based on a true story .Loved it.

  32. cr7 10 years ago

    Unbreakable- It was good .Liked the mystical atmosphere,bruce will’s performance .But the movie could have been so much better .Had huge potential .I felt unsatisfied in the end..I don’t know what but something was missing .The ending was so-so.Was reading the IMDB discussion and I agree that this is really the first serious superhero movie . This is the third Shyamalan movie I watched and I have to say he has his own unique style . And I quite like it.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I had similar views on Unbreakable. I think the twist ending ruined what could have been an excellent movie.

      Here is my comment.

      “The movie would have been excellent if it was not for the bad twist ending. Still a very good movie and definitely recommended. It is slow paced and has a very moody atmosphere created by the cinematography.

      This was M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie after The Sixth Sense and it did not do as much as The Sixth Sense at the box office. This is also in similar vein in that the lead has a supernatural power and a Sixth Sense by which he can glimpse criminal acts committed by the people he touches.

      Nolan fans praise him for the way he changed superhero movies but I think Shyamalan already did that with this movie. I had heard some people praise this movie but I think this is one underrated movie.

      Bruce Willis was very good as the Unbreakable. Samuel L. Jackson was good as Elijah. Robin Wright Penn was good as the wife and the kid Spencer Treat Clark was ok.”


  33. FS 10 years ago

    Waar – Wht a mind blowing film from Pakistan. Had heard a lot about it in UAE and finally watched it. The screenplay is flawless, cinematography is awesome, background score with background songs is excellent. Can’t believe this is a product from Pakistan. It is better than hollywood stuff. Highly Recommeded

    • Dhamaka 10 years ago

      Waar is indeed a fantastic movie FS. it was released on last Eid ul adha with huge hype. if you watch its trailer on You tube you would realize why it was Highly anticipated.I watched it in theater and and was amazed by the standards they achieved in this movie indeed it is on par with Hollywood movies.
      Shan Shahid is extremely good but the guy who became huge after this movie is Hamza Ali Abbasi even his Drama serial Pyare Afzal got the benefit of his popularity (which in its own right is a great serial especially for those who wants to enjoy good Urdu dialogues). Highly recommended indeed.

      • FS 10 years ago

        who is hamza ali abbasi? lead actress brother? the lead actor has done a terrific job

  34. cr7 10 years ago

    Ninth gate– I like this genre . So I didn’t mind the movie and found it decent. But with this plot movie should have been darker & scarier .The intensity was missing. Cinematography,bgm didn’t suit the movie in some scenes . A decent movie overall .

  35. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    The Firm When a Harvard Law School grad joins a prestigious firm, he ignores the warning of his wife, who fears the lucrative deal sounds too good to be true.

    Had watched this movie a few years back and liked it back then but did not like the movie much this time. Even though it is a 1993 movie it felt like a much older movie from the 80s. The movie starts off as a movie about this sinister Firm which is a front for the mob/mafia but in the end ridiculously turns out to be a movie about over billing. Found out that this is different from the novel on which it is based.

    There are quite a few plot holes in the movie. Cruise tells his wife that he met his convicted brother in the house which is supposed to be bugged but The Firm does not find that out until much later from a fellow convict in the jail. Holly Hunter is under the desk facing Gary Busey and she has no way of seeing who the killers are but can clearly describe how they looked.

    Tom Cruise was good but his character is similar to that of his character from A Few Good Men. Jeanne Tripplehorn of Basic Instict fame looked totally miscast as his wife and her acting was bad too. Gene Hackman was good as usual. Ed Harris was good as the FBI agent. David Strathairn was ok.

    Don’t know why Holly Hunter was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Neither her role nor her performance was any good. Felt like she was nominated just because she spoke in a Southern accent. The background music was pathetic with just repetitive piano music but surprisingly was nominated for Best Original Score.

    • FS 10 years ago

      It is such a good movie, how did you not like it?

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        As I said I liked it when I saw it some years back and I think I recommended it to you 🙂 but I did not like it much this time.

        It felt very contrived in the 2nd half and that over billing resolution was such a cop out. Read some IMDB discussion threads and that’s a change from the novel and many have blasted the over billing thing.

        • FS 10 years ago

          Yes it was you who recommended me and i have watched it may be 2-3 times on different occasions. Liked all everytime

  36. cr7 10 years ago

    Haider – Best Hindi movie of the year .

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Agree. Will post a detailed review later.

      • cr7 10 years ago

        🙂 Looking forward to your review .
        My view on the movie- Haider is good.Not a flawless movie ofc .The pacing was not right,romantic track failed .But what the movie got right is the strong emotional content and performances . Loved both KK & Irrfan . But the movie belongs to Shahid & Tabu .They didn’t put a foot wrong in the whole movie .I have seen very few Hindi movies this year .And Haider is the best .

  37. FS 10 years ago

    Bang Bang – Its nothing but Chutiyappa. Only good thing is few jokes where you laugh and apart from that if you wanna torture any guy or take revenge then please showcase this movie. I am sure he’ll fuck you later in return. One of the Most Pathetic movie of the year, worse than D3.

    Katrina is the worst performer in this movie and this could back fire her career

    Knight and Day which itself was not an excellent film stands very tall in every department. Hrithik trying to be cool like Tom fails and Katrina ka to main compare hi karna nahin chahta hoon.

  38. FS 10 years ago

    Haider – Brilliant Piece of Cinema. My views are on

  39. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    The Constant Gardener Justin Quayle, a member of the British High Commission based in Africa, begins his own international investigation when his wife is murdered.

    Movie was good but the whole conspiracy was a bit complicated to follow with so many characters and all the flashbacks and jump cuts. The movie looked like it was shot with a handheld camera and it was annoying to see the camera jerks in the regular scenes.

    The movie was nominated for Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Film Editing.

    Ralph Fiennes was very good. Rachel Weisz was good and she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Danny Huston and Bill Nighy were good too.

  40. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Tried to watch a couple of movies.

    The Double
    Its based on the novel The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Simon is a timid man, scratching out an isolated existence in an indifferent world. He is overlooked at work, scorned by his mother, and ignored by the woman of his dreams. He feels powerless to change any of these things. The arrival of a new co-worker, James, serves to upset the balance. James is both Simon’s exact physical double and his opposite – confident, charismatic and good with women. To Simon’s horror, James slowly starts taking over his life.

    Even if one is timid others don’t act the way they were being shown. It was ridiculous. Stopped after a few minutes. Jesse Eisenberg was annoying as the timid guy.


    A Simple Plan
    When brothers Hank and Jacob discover a dead body and millions of dollars in cash in a downed plane, they plot to hide the loot and split it later. It’s a simple plan — until things go murderously awry amid suspicion and mistrust.

    I thought the movie would be a interesting thriller. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and is rated well on IMDB. But I cannot stand stupid characters in movies who you know from the very first scene that they will ruin everything later.

    And in this Jacob keeps doing stupid things and saying the dumbest things. So don’t know why his smart brother Hank thinks he can get away with a plan when he has Jacob and another dumb guy Lou for accomplices. Stopped watching when Jacob hits a guy with a wrench.

    Billy Bob Thornton was acting well as Jacob and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Bill Paxton was good too.

  41. cr7 10 years ago

    Constant Gardener -The first hour was bit slow as it didn’t reveal anything .The second hour is absolutely brilliant. Liked it a lot.

  42. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Guess Who
    When Theresa (Zoë Saldaña) brings fiancé Simon Green (Ashton Kutcher) home for her parents 25th wedding anniversary, she’s neglected to mention one tiny detail – he’s white. Determined to break his daughter’s engagement, Percy Jones (Bernie Mac) does everything he can to make Simon feel apart of the family, from running his credit report to locking him in the basement at night. But when Percy gleefully exposes Simon’s most embarrassing secret, it leads to an outrageous series of comic complications that only goes to prove that with a dad like Percy Jones, father doesn’t always know best.

    Its a remake of the 1967 movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner but with the races reversed. Had posted some scenes from the original as Scene of the Week sometime back.

    Guess Who is a remake but with the races reversed. Its a enjoyable romantic comedy. Had watched this a few years back and liked it back then too.

    Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher, Zoe Saldana and Judith Scott were all good.


    Galaxy Quest
    Decades after the success of a sci-fi series, the show’s washed-up stars are recruited by actual aliens to pull off an intergalactic rescue mission.

    Had watched this movie back in 2002 or so while surfing channels and had liked it a lot back then. Did not like it that much this time but its still a enjoyable movie. Its part sci-fi and part spoof of Star Trek and its crazy fans. May be need to have watched Star Trek to get some of the jokes. The vfx are good for what is part spoof.

    Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman were good as the sci-fi show actors. Enrico Colantoni and Missi Pyle were good as the aliens. Sam Rockwell was irritating as usual.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and Die Hard actor, dies aged 69

      Actor Alan Rickman, known for films including Harry Potter, Die Hard and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, has died at the age of 69, his family has said.

      The star had been suffering from cancer, a statement said.

      He became one of Britain’s best-loved acting stars thanks to roles including Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films and Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

      Harry Potter author JK Rowling led the tributes, describing him as “a magnificent actor and a wonderful man”.

      She wrote on Twitter: “There are no words to express how shocked and devastated I am to hear of Alan Rickman’s death.”

      She added: “My thoughts are with [Rickman’s wife] Rima and the rest of Alan’s family. We have all lost a great talent. They have lost part of their hearts.”

      Emma Thompson, who appeared with Rickman in productions including Love, Actually and was directed by him in The Winter Guest, said he was “the finest of actors and directors” and “the ultimate ally”.

      She wrote in a statement: “Alan was my friend and so this is hard to write because I have just kissed him goodbye.

      “What I remember most in this moment of painful leave-taking is his humour, intelligence, wisdom and kindness.

      “His capacity to fell you with a look or lift you with a word. The intransigence which made him the great artist he was – his ineffable and cynical wit, the clarity with which he saw most things, including me, and the fact that he never spared me the view. I learned a lot from him.”
      She added: “He was, above all things, a rare and unique human being and we shall not see his like again.”

      Announcing his death on Thursday, a family statement said: “The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69. He was surrounded by family and friends.”

  43. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    A father has a prospective groom kidnapped and held for ransom in exchange for his daughter’s hand. But it’s death to the groom if he refuses.

    The movie had won the National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues at the 55th National Awards. Its based on the practice of groom kidnapping in Bihar. The movie credits say that it is inspired by a true story.

    Its a low budget movie which is almost like a TV serial. But it felt very authentic with the Bihari accent and the rusting setting. Movie was excellent except for a couple of things which I did not like.

    Did not like the marital rape scene where the groom rapes his wife after the henchmen taunt him as impotent for not consummating the marriage. The other thing was that the girlfriend thing was almost reinforcing a stereotype that city girls are casual about relationships in a way. The movie was slowly turning into the old movie thing where the forced guy eventually falls in love with his wife but it thankfully didn’t. The movie has a feminist ending which felt a bit filmy.

    Raj Singh Chaudhary was excellent as the kidnapped groom. Swati Sen was excellent as the girl whom he is forcibly married to. Akhilendra Mishra of Chandrakanta fame was excellent as the father of the girl. Vinay Pathak was very good as the father of the boy. Jaya Bhattacharya was good as the sister-in-law. Himanshi who played the girlfriend was the only one who was not that good. The supporting cast was very good too.

  44. jj 10 years ago

    Memories (Malayalam – 2013) – Watched it for second time and liked it better than first time. This is by the same director whose Drishyam was discussed in the previous thread.
    Prithviraj (known to Hindi audience from Aurangazeb and Aiyya) plays a cop in chase for a serial killer and delivers one of his best efforts. Story and the investigation scenes are very good. Inner turmoil of the protoganist gives a different perspective to the movie and that answers some of the obvious questions audience would have with the movie.
    Diretion is unnecessarily flashy in some places, and there are some minor cliche’s which could have been avoided. Also, since the killer is revealed only towards the very end, there is virtually no character development. I have this complaint on almost every movie of this genre (incl se7en, but Kevin Spacey had a brilliant act).
    Bit overall a very good movie and recommended.

  45. cr7 10 years ago

    Mystic River– I expected it to be just another murder mystery but it turned out to be more than than .Its riveting,dark,emotional and very well acted .Well deserved Oscars for Sean Penn and tim robbins .Though they both kinda have similar roles .Don’t understand how Tim Robbins won in supporting category and Sean Penn best actor.

    The Others -Its old school horror but very elegantly made .No ugly scary faces yet it creates genuine scary moment . The eerie atmosphere & BGM throughout the movie is in perfect sync with the theme of the movie.Loved the ending.Nicole Kidman and the kids were too good .

    Entertainment – Its so stupid that after one point u stop caring about the story,screenplay,dialogues .And then it becomes entertaining .Akhsay is genuinely funny in some scenes . Krushna is the most annoying sidekick ever .

  46. cr7 10 years ago

    The best offer -A very interesting movie .The narration is classy and subtle. Kinda predictable but engaging .The score is haunting ,the sets suit the the movie .Performance is good by everyone specially the old guy .Don’t know his name but he was good in king’s speech too as the speech instructor.

  47. cr7 10 years ago

    Holiday – The main plot was interesting but nothing else . The vision wasn’t there .Some silly scenes,a ridiculous love story and not so menacing villain ruined the movie . Also the mediocre dialogues which fail to make any impact .The direction lacked elegance . Akhsay was decent. Sonakhsi was annoying as usual. Overall It could have been better . But at the end it didn’t have enough thrills to become a enjoyable thriller .

  48. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    When I watched Mystic River in theater along with my friends we all felt that the movie was extremely slow and so we walked out of the theater after an hour or so. I probably would have watched the whole movie but did not because of my friends. I was irritated by Marcia Gay Haden who played Tim Robbins wife. Sometime later one of those friends called me and told me that he watched the whole movie and told me the ending. I think I watched the ending after that and liked it. I need to watch the movie in full again. I think Sean Penn and Tim Robbins had different roles. Sean Penn was excellent specially in the scene after his daughter’s death. Tim Robbins was excellent too in a more subdued role.

    At the Oscars its about which category the studio promotes a performance. If they promote Sean Penn and Tim Robbins in the Best Actor category only one or neither of them may get the award. So they will promote one in the Supporting Actor category.


    I loved The Others too. The twist was excellent and it showed how we think. The whole movie is about point of view.


    LOL on “old guy”. He is Geoffrey Rush.

    • cr7 10 years ago

      I get the point .It makes sense .

      Anyway I didn’t mean similar roles in that way .In term of significance and length both were pretty much same 😀 Agreed that Sean Penn was excellent in that scene .

  49. cr7 10 years ago

    Wish I was here – Its a likable film for those who enjoy weird charm of indie movies .The humor is clever,good performance .But I have seen indie movies with more profound philosophy .So that’s one area it lacks . The father-son relation worked extremely well . Overall i enjoyed it .Garden state remained a better film,mostly for it’s novelty .But that was long ago .And many similar movies came later .So wish I was here didn’t have the x factor.

  50. shan 10 years ago

    Haider : Excellent adaptation of Hamlet by Vishal. Great performances by Tabu, Shahid and Kay Kay as well as all bits and parts players, including Irfan. The movie is brilliantly shot and very well written. Some dialogues are just fantastic. Some nuances are clearer if you have read or seen Hamlet. Crawls a bit in the second half and could have been trimmed by 15-20 mins to make it crisper and more impactful.

  51. shan 10 years ago

    Gone girl : Brilliantly directed film by David Fincher. Altho a tad stretched, the movie keeps you hooked right till the end and the actors nail their parts. Ben Affleck is excellent, Rosamund Pike is chilling, Carrie Coon does really well as Nick’s twin, Margo. Tyler Perry shines in a cameo and Neil Patrick Harris does his bit well. The bgm by Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor raises the movie’s impact by several notches. Although the story is a little far-fetched, it is a good work of fiction and a thrilling watch.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Wanted to watch this in theater but was busy. Will check it out once it comes on DVD.

    • Baba 10 years ago

      david fincher is a classact. wil watch it soon

      • cr7 10 years ago

        Can’t wait. Going to theater after 6 months.

  52. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    She’s the One
    Reeling from a breakup with his fiancée, twenty-something New Yorker Mickey impulsively marries a passenger he picked up in his cab.

    Liked it. Had watched it some years ago so it was a re-watch. Its like a Woody Allen movie in that it is set in New York and its about romantic relationships but without a neurotic Woody Allen. And it is also about relationship between siblings and relationship between parents and children. Dialogues were very good.

    Jennifer Aniston looked very pretty as she used to in Friends and her acting was also just like that. Edward Burns was good. Maxine Bahns was also good. Cameron Diaz looked gorgeous. John Mahoney was good as the father. Michael McGlone was good as the younger brother. Amanda Peet was ok as Jennifer Aniston’s sister.

  53. cr7 10 years ago

    Queen– Haider is not the best movie of the year anymore 😛 . Loved it . And take a bow Kangana .Never been a fan of her.But what an amazing performance ! From the vulnerability to confidence , she has nailed it .Its English Vinglish of this year . Loved EV too .

  54. cr7 10 years ago

    Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania– Tried my best but couldn’t finish it .Very formulaic & silly.

    Hooked to Person of Interest . And It keeps getting better .

    • Baba 10 years ago

      i am a huge alia bhatt admirer but i skipped humpty sharma ki dulhaniya. as you said it was very formulaic and shallow which was obvious in the trailers.i hate such films. alia bhatt shown as a fan of kareena kapoor and varun as srk’s. this is a typical kjo fantasy. alia bhatt needs to move away from kjo as much as possible.he will ruin her.

      • cr7 10 years ago

        Yup .Its another recycled DDLJ .And I’m no DDLJ fan. But Alia was nice .She looked extremely pretty and expressive .

        • Baba 10 years ago

          “nd I’m no DDLJ fan. ”

          thats surprising 😀 ddlj is one of the most overrated movies of all time but most srk fans love it. if asked to name their fav srk movie, they wil usually say cdi or swades or khkn but deep inside ddlj is what they love.

          • cr7 10 years ago

            LOL . Agreed . Actually I dislike melodrama,overacting & and most romantic movies(not rom-com). So even I’m surprised how have I become a srk fan 😛

  55. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Saving Silverman
    In this rollicking comedy, two clueless losers conspire to stop their hapless buddy from marrying a shrewish shrink who wields total control over him.

    Its a good time pass comedy. Its mostly silly but hilarious in parts.

    Jason Biggs was good as Darren the guy who is controlled by his girlfriend. Steve Zahn and
    Jack Black were good as his loser friends. Amanda Peet looked sexy and acted very well too. Amanda Detmer was good as Sandy.

  56. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Raavan – starring Smita Patil and Om Puri.

    Its a story about a bad person, who lands up in jail for long time and then realizes the one perosn who loved him. Its also a story about Ganga (smita Patil) who loves him unconditionally.

    Not a watch for everyone. There are throwbacks to old school stupid editing initally, but film catches up after 20 mins or so. Soundtract is very very good. A must watch for music lovers and those who love to explore old cinema.

    Its on youtube btw.

  57. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Dharm – Pankaj Kapoor acted well. In short the rebutal on his part came so late in the movie at the ending, when one was expecting much earlier.

  58. jj 10 years ago

    Munnariyippu (Malayalam 2014) – Its truly heartening when once in a while a movie comes which challenges the actors and the superstars gladly accepting it irrespective the size or glamour of the role. Come back of sorts for Mammooty after some pathetic movies.
    A budding journalist agrees to ghost write biography of a retiring police officer. A chance encounter with Raghavan (Mammooty), changes her life when she identifies a potential writer in Raghavan who is charged for double homicide and does not want to come out of jail even after spending 20 years.
    Movie is beautifully directed and dialogues outstanding. Acting by the lead are brilliant esp the female lead whose name I dont even know. Munnariyippu is featured in IFFI Panorama this year.

  59. cr7 10 years ago

    Bourne Ultimatum – Loved it . Had seen the first two parts couple of months ago.Slick movies.The chase and action sequences are out of the world.One of the best trilogies I’ve seen .And best in the spy genre without any doubt.Used to dislike Mat Damon for no reason.But he’s a favorite now .

    P.s is legacy worth watching ?

    • FS 10 years ago

      You can’t really say it’s another sequel of Bourne series because the character is different. Jeremy is brilliant but you do feel the need of Mat damon. He is the core of Bourne series and without him, no matter how good the movie is you feel something missing.

      Yes Bourne series is one of my favorite series too and equivalent to this I have seen two korean movies that are equally brilliant and may be better than bourne (if you take individual movies instead of series) and they are “Berline File” and “The Suspect”.

  60. cr7 10 years ago

    Secret window – Guessed the twist in first 10 minutes .Still It was quite engrossing . Depp acted well . Decent watch .
    Knowing – Good concept,poor execution . Movie saved by last 30 minutes . Kids acted well .
    There will be blood– Liked it but very slow .Had to pause so many times. DDL was awesome .I always liked Paul Dano .Highly underrated actor.

  61. FS 10 years ago

    Trash – Watched this movie in Abu Dhabi Film Festival that is going on here. The movie was engrossing and had many disturbing scenes especially involving minor and children of Brazil. I cannot say that these kids were actors because they looked so real as though I am watching them & not watching them act. Loved the movie and in the end it received standing ovation from the audience.

  62. hithere 10 years ago

    “The Debt” – A relatively unknown thriller. Based on an Israeli movie. Good watch. Was going to skip. It stars decent group of actors. Some people may not like jumping in timeline.

  63. FS 10 years ago

    How to Train Your dragon: Enjoyed it and it was almost on same level as of first part. Was expecting something better but got disappointed.

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