Movies You Watched This Month – January 2015

Goodfellas Synopsis
Director Martin Scorsese’s gripping gangster opus recounts three decades in the life of real-world mobster Henry Hill, who dreamed of becoming a big-time wise guy but landed in the Witness Protection Program instead. The movie was nominated for 5 Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing. It is considered to be one of the greatest films ever made by many.

Some scenes are very good or excellent like the opening credits scene, the scene where Tommy asks what’s funny or the scene where Tommy shoots at a kid. The scene where James starts getting angry at his associates for buying stuff is very good. The dead bodies turning up at different places is an excellent scene.

Had watched this movie long time back and did not like it much back then. Revisited the movie and still have mixed feelings. But now after having watched Scorsese’s latest movie The Wolf Of Wall Street, felt that The Wolf Of Wall Street was very similar to Goodfellas in its treatment. Goodfellas is a biopic of a gangster and it glamorizes the gangster life style. The Wolf Of Wall Street was a biopic of a stockbroker and it glamorized the Wall Street lifestyle. Henry Hill, the lead character narrates the story proudly revealing their exploits the same way Jordan Belfort did in The Wolf Of Wall Street. Goodfellas does not have any nudity though. There is a scene in Goodfellas where Henry who is on drugs and is driving a car all paranoid. There was a scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street where Leonardo drives a car while on drugs. Henry testifies against his associates the same way Jordan Belfort did in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Ray Liotta was good as Henry who narrates the movie. Robert De Niro was excellent as he always is in a gangster role. Joe Pesci was excellent as Tommy and he deservedly won a Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Lorraine Bracco was very good as Henry’s wife and she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Paul Sorvino was good too.

The movie has excellent performances, some excellent scenes and very good dialogues but despite all it feels unsatisfying. May be its because there are too many characters or may be because it tries to pack in too much stuff or may be its because of three decades that it encompasses. Its also a bit too long at 2 hr 26 min. Martin Scorsese’s direction is good for the most part.

  1. Baba 10 years ago

    Watched pk again in cinemax malegaon bcos of my senior who hadnt seen it. Almost houusefull in third week. more or less have the same opinion about the film that i had when i saw it first. though this time the first half seemed a little longer. aamir is great. the use of bhojpuri helped the scenes to become funnier than they were. first half is a masterpiece. second half the same problems i had last time. unecessary focus on romance, usless song and underwhelming one-on-one of pk vs saurabh shukla. saurabh shukla asks him “agar tum humse bhagwan cheen rahe ho to hume kya de rahe ho,” and says how worhipping him , wearing threads etc gives them hope in life. aamir agrees with him that belieivng in God gives hope and also agrees that God created us . he has a problem with the rituals (ways by which ppl pray to God) and multiple relgions. fair enuff, then what is the right thign to do? that he fails to answer. and of course the cheesy pak embaasy climax and an 80s letter confusion adds to its woes.

    • AAP 10 years ago

      PK doesnt fail to answer . He gives right answer.

      “hum uss bhagan pe vishwas karein jisne ye pura sansaar, hum sabko banaya hai …..ya uss bhagwan pe jise insaan ne banaya hai” And this dialogue was the ultimate in PK.

      OMG had passing reference that God is everywhere which was like any random doha of Kabeer , Tukaram , Khusro or any such great saints in past. PK makes the debate loud and clear in the debate with Tapasvi.

      • hithere 10 years ago

        To hum banane waale ko kyon alag alag Tarike se dekhtein hain. Here the movie is assuming that you know the God. The reason we have different religions is that we don’t know about god. I am pointing the contradiction.

      • Baba 10 years ago

        pk gives no answer. tapasvi says ppl believe in God so that they can get the hope to live another day.aamir agrees to it. he also agrees with tapasvi that God exists. the only thing he doesnt agree with is the way they try to access God (he calls it wrong number) which is the idol worship, going to temples etc. but does pk himself know the right number?

  2. hithere 10 years ago

    Saw Big Hero 6. A kid action movie with usual devices. One time watch. Some funny scenes.

  3. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Murder by Numbers
    A homicide detective and her still-green partner are profiling two cold, calculating killers whose dark secrets might explain their crimes.

    It wasn’t that good. Relationship between Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt was borderline gay. There was some back story of Sandra Bullock though not shown which was straight from Sleeping with the enemy.

    Sandra Bullock was irritating as usual. I wanted her to be killed in the end 🙂 Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt were good.

  4. zacked 10 years ago

    Has anyone seen The Drop, loved the movie, Tom Hardy was very good and so was James Gandolfini.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      No but will try to check it out soon. Thanks for the recco.

      Have liked Tom Hardy a lot in Warrior, Lawless and TDKR.

      • cr7 10 years ago

        Hi Zacked ,Long time !

        I have downloaded The drop . It looks very interesting . Downloaded nightcrawler,foxcatcher,whiplash too .

      • zacked 10 years ago

        Loved him in warrior, one of my favorite movie from last few years.

  5. cr7 10 years ago

    Watched Gangs of Wasseypur and thoroughly enjoyed it .Nearly 3 hours long but not at all boring . Kick-ass dialogues and performances .A perfect “masala” entertainer.Haven’t seen part 2 yet but I’m glad its made on 2 parts . The back story and detailing was necessary.

  6. zacked 10 years ago

    Hi cr7

    Yeah long time… changed jobs so have been very busy, had a 3 day weekend and watched The Drop and Gone girl, watched Mr. Nobody but fell asleep halfway through, will watch it this weekend, any thrillers you can recommend

  7. hithere 10 years ago

    Saw an Australian thriller Mystery Road. It is slow paced for many but I quite liked it.

  8. FS 10 years ago

    Monuments Men – Some artists form a group and go for the hunt of Monuments during the world war led by Clooney and Mat Damon. The film was very simple and subtle but engaging. Nice one and recommended to those who like subtle movies.

    Annabella – One of the worst horror movie

    – Damn Boring movie

    Roaring Currents – Korean movie based on true events but was it looked like rehashed version of 300 part 2 with lots of implausible scenes difficult to swallow yet engaging movie.

    Rome (Season 1)
    – The series could have been great but falls short of expectations specially the political scenarios and turnarounds execution was juvenile compared to House of Cards and Spartacus but still intriguing and enjoyable. Last Episode of Season 1 was very emotional. Liked it a lot. Will continue Season 2 after some time.

    Nightcrawler – Already said a lot about this movie in last month’s post but I would say, it was good and his performance was fantastic. Nothing memorable though.

  9. cr7 10 years ago

    Whiplash – This film is absolutely amazing .Its a Drama,thriller,musical,inspirational film all at the same time. Powerful performance from Teller & Simmons .And the last 15 minutes is one of the most intense scenes I’ve seen on screen . Loved it .

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Never heard of the movie before. It has a 8.8 rating on IMDB. Will check it out.

      • cr7 10 years ago

        I was not aware of the the high RT and IMDB ratings before watching .So it was a very pleasant surprise.Don’t think everyone will love it though .Its a coming of age drama to beging with but given a very matured and serious treatment . JK Simmons has a real shot at Oscar this year for supporting actor category .

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago


          JK Simmons has won Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes for Whiplash. So you are right that he has a real shot at Oscar this year for supporting actor category.

          • cr7 10 years ago

            I’m really good at this 😀 Well deserved .

  10. FS 10 years ago

    Duniyadari – My first Marathi movie. Bit OTT in the beginning but once story starts to pick up, it keeps its momentum till the end with awesome background score that actually elevates the emotional scenes impact on the viewers. Its nothing great but very good movie and little cliched but very good. 3.5/5

    Aankhon Dekhi – very abstract, close to reality yet filmy and with great performances it is one of a kind movie. Liked it very much

  11. cr7 10 years ago

    The Imitation Game – One of the best movies of 2014 .It was not a easy film to make .It dealt with so many things that it was easy to mess up. But thankfully they didn’t. Masterful performance from Cumberbatch .Yet to see Birdman and The theory of everything but Cumberbacth is sure going to be a front-runner for Oscars .Keira looked so pretty & adorable that I wouldn’t mind if she acted like Katrina.But thankfully she acted well too .Loved the BGM & dialogues.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      The story looked very interesting from the trailer and was looking forward to watching it. Downloading it along with Birdman and The Drop. Had tried watching Foxcatcher but stopped coz there was too much mumbling. Will need subtitles.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Watched The Imitation Game. Its a entertaining movie no doubt but most of it is factually inaccurate and made up.

      Check these links.

      The Imitation Game: inventing a new slander to insult Alan Turing

      When the real story is so interesting I don’t understand why filmmakers have to make their unnecessary additions.

      What happened to Alan Turing with him being tried for being a homosexual and the chemical castration was horrible.

      The movie has a Beautiful Mind hangover with the whole tortured mathematical genius bit and it also became a bit boring with the whole fictional Soviet spy investigation track at the end.

      Benedict Cumberbatch was excellent and he will most probably be nominated for a Best Actor at the Oscars but his role and performance was also very similar to Russel Crowe from Beautiful Mind. Keira Knightley looked pretty and acted well but I think the movie needed someone who is not pretty in this role as the real Joan Clarke wasn’t that pretty. Matthew Goode, Mark Strong, Charles Dance, Allen Leech were all good in supporting roles.

      • cr7 10 years ago

        Yup .I read about the inaccuracies after watching the movie .Then Its not a documentary .I don’t expect complete accuracy.The movie made me interested in Turing and It was entertaining .I would take that over historically accurate boring movie 😛 . But agree that Turing’s story was so amazing and dramatic that additions were unnecessary.Having said that even though inaccuracies are far too many ,they’re mostly minor changes .I don’t think movie would be totally different if everything was accurate.

        Agree about the similarity with A Beautiful Mind .Liked beautiful mind a lot .But found Imitation game more entertaining .

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          The basic plot of Alan Turing working on breaking the Enigma code and him getting prosecuted for being gay is true.
          But the changes they have made aren’t minor changes.

          Most of what is shown in the movie never happened or at least did not happen that way. He was never suspected of being a Soviet spy and the real Soviet spy was never on his team. There was another “mathematician Gordon Welchman, who is not even mentioned in the film, collaborated with Turing on the design.” Joan did not get picked up after solving a crossword puzzle and she did not have overbearing parents. He was never about to be fired by the commander.

          And one of them did not have a brother on the ship that was about to be targeted.

          “Peter has a brother who is serving in the armed forces on a ship that the code-breaking team discover is targeted by the Germans. The ensuing dramatic scene, in which Alan reminds Peter and the rest of the team that they have to keep the Germans from learning that they’ve broken Enigma, is entirely invented; Hilton had no such brother, and in fact he began working at Bletchley Park long after Turing’s Bombe had been built. And while it was crucial for the British to use their intelligence wisely, Hodges writes that their success had less to do with their tactical shrewdness and more to do with the Germans’ a priori conviction that Enigma was unbreakable, despite ample evidence to the contrary.”

          Here is one more link.

          How Accurate Is The Imitation Game?

          Agree that The Imitation Game is more entertaining than A Beautiful Mind.

  12. FS 10 years ago

    Watched “Theory of everything”

    Such a heartfelt story. Touched.. Cried.. Best Movie of this Decade & will remain in one of my Favorites of All Time.

    The man who did Stephen Hawkings role is a Legend. Even Denial Lewis looks juvenile. Salute to real as well as reel character

    If he don’t win the Oscar then Its a loss for Oscar. I cannot imagine anyone could act as real as this. If i recall the denial lewis similar performance thn he looks juvenile in front of the actor who plays hawking.

    Highly Recommended!!!

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Thanks for the recco for The Theory of Everything. Will check it out. I was thinking it would be very uncomfortable to watch it because of the lead character’s condition.

      I think you are referring to Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot. I did think he was very good but I did not like My Left Foot much. My Left Foot was not easy to watch because of the lead character’s condition.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Eddie Redmayne won the Best Actor for The Theory of Everything at the Golden Globes. So he has a good chance at the Oscars too.

  13. Baba 10 years ago

    saw ugly. its a film about selfishness. it reminded me a bit about memories of murder. the movie is a little long. some scenes in police station are very good and realistic.

  14. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Started watching Friends again. The first few episodes did take some time to get started but after that they hit their groove and by the end of the first season itself it became one of the most hilarious shows ever.

    • cr7 10 years ago

      I watch random episodes of Friends every now and then .It never gets boring. A true classic.

    • hithere 10 years ago

      I have seen most of the episodes multiple times on syndicated telecasts. Friends and every body loves Raymond are two of my favorite.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        Have you watched ‘Til Death? It had Brad Garrett who played elder brother in Everybody Loves Raymond. The first couple of episodes were hilarious but then it became more of drama.

        Friends and Seinfeld are two of my favorite shows which I have watched multiple times.

        • hithere 9 years ago

          No..I haven’t. I was not even aware.

          I occasionally watch Monk, Roseanne, Scrubs, Full House in comedy genre.

          • cr7 9 years ago

            Scrubs is good . The mix of comedy and emotion is perfect .

  15. FS 10 years ago

    I liked the movie “My Left Foot” but there you’l feel how much hardwork he has put in to play the role but there lies the difference, in Theory of Everything you don’t feel that he is playing a character but you are actually watching the real character. Those who haven’t seen real Stephen Hawkings & those who have seen him will not see any difference between the two. Here the storytelling is awesome where you don’t get bored for a minute. The strength lies in subtleness & honesty. The actress has expressed 100’s of emotions in few gentle expressions & She evokes real empathy Towards her character. Both deserve Oscar IMO.

  16. cr7 10 years ago

    Watched the theory of everything . Decent movie backed by superlative performances . But I didn’t like the story .And its true so can’t complain .Hawking’s story is undoubtedly amazing and inspirational .But Its the love story that I’ve problem with .Its not really a love story ,Its a story of how relationships change .And It was not a pleasant one .And to show the love story they completely ignored Hawking’s other achievements .So It end up being neither here nor there. Redmayen was great as hawking .Its a author backed,award friendly character .And he had made the most of it . I’m sure 50% will make mistake . But Its the Felicity Jones who impressed me most .She is incredible .She acts in silence.I was really hoping that Rosamund Pike gets Oscar . But I would be happy if Felicity Jones win .

  17. FS 10 years ago

    Ur website has turned very slow

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      hmm haven’t noticed anything on my end.

      • FS 10 years ago

        Brw why are you not making any posts?

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          Have been busy. Will try to make one this week.

          You haven’t been making any posts either. Please make one when you get the chance. BTW your Korean movies post is in Top 20 posts now.

  18. FS 10 years ago

    Since I joined new Job, it has been busy. Whenever I get time, i spend time with my family or watch one or two movies. I had intention to update old posts as well as create new or continuity of old posts but due to short of time couldn’t do anything.

    Still i intend to do but very busy now a days.

  19. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    When wealthy John du Pont (Steve Carell) invites Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) to move to his estate and help form a wrestling team for the 1988 Olympics, Mark sees a way to step out of the shadow of his charismatic brother, Dave (Mark Ruffalo). However, du Pont begins to lead Mark down a dark road, causing the athlete’s self-esteem to slip. Meanwhile, du Pont becomes fixated on bringing Dave into the fold, eventually propelling all three toward an unforeseen tragedy.

    The movie is based on a true story. Movie was good but its very slow paced.

    Have mixed feelings about Steve Carell’s performance after watching the movie. He was good in some scenes but in many of the scenes his acting seemed deliberate. His prosthetic nose and make up was very distracting. It felt like he was acting the same way as in The Office but it just appeared different because of the whole make up. He did bring out Du Pont’s weird egocentric part and his wanting to impress his mother part very well. He has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor.

    Channing Tatum was very good as Mark who wants to step out of his elder brother’s shadow. Mark Ruffalo was very good as Dave, the elder brother. His role is quite small but he was very good specially in the wrestling scenes.

    The movie has some scenes where both Mark and Dave were at the Foxcatcher farm at the same time but it isn’t true. “in real life, Mark Schultz left Foxcatcher Farm in 1988 and his brother Dave didn’t arrive until 1989. The movie overlaps their stays to condense the story into a period of time from 1984 to 1988.” Also the movie tries to falsely imply that the shooting had something to do with Mark when in reality Du Pont was upset because Dave announced that he was leaving Foxcatcher after the Olympics to accept a coaching job at Stanford.

  20. Baba 9 years ago

    i hate heropanti stil watch it everytime it comes on tv for kriti snaon. she is the most beautiful face since katrina


  21. FS 9 years ago

    Reservoir Dogs – Had watched it ages before and couldn’t recall anything from the movie, so it looked fresh this time. Anyhow, I think Kaante had its share of brilliance compared to RD and liked both the movie but I would prefer Kaante over RD.

    Friends 2011 – Again a Korean movie but definitely boring. It has its emotional connect but to Korean audience and culture may be not for general audience. After this film i just realized that audience of Korea and India are no different. Most of the highest grossing movies of Korea are either OTT or Bokwaas or Average.

    John Wick – Kickass movie and Keenu is back in what he does best. Action is very stylish and plausible, the choreography of action is brilliant and rightly paced. Its out and out action movie. Recommended!!!

    Whiplash – Brilliant, Just Brilliant. The actor is super awesome and he has really become one hell of a drummer if he wasn’t due to this film. the last Climax performance is outstanding. the movie has nothing to offer in terms of story but performance wise “A LOT”. Highly Recommended!!!

    Expandables 3 – I had stopped watching after 15-20 mins of the movie few months back but then it looked very good this time. too much action yet enjoyable. Liked it.

    The Drop – Excellent movie. Starts off slow but gradually creates an interesting plot that makes you assume lot of things and suddenly you are shown something unexpected. Direction is brilliant and Actor is brilliant as well. Highly Recommended!!!

    • cr7 9 years ago

      Agree on Whiplash .Repeating my comment from fb – Miles teller is a very promising actor .He was excellent in spectacular now too. The climax was outstanding .No dialogue but what intensity ! Surely a excellent movie but very little known . The Oscar nomination might help it to get due recognition .

      John Wick was good .There had been a overdose of similar movies in recent past.But still managed to entertain. Keanu was super cool .Liked the action scenes..

  22. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    A promising young drummer enrolls at a cutthroat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize a student’s potential.

    The movie is good mainly due to the performances. As @fearlesssoul said “the movie has nothing to offer in terms of story”. The movie reminded me of Drumline which was also set in a school and was about drumming and which also had a climax involving drumming.

    The screenplay is actually quite contrived. The way the folder goes missing was ridiculous. Fletcher just tells that he won’t tolerate any folders lying around and in the next scene Andrew is told to hold the folder by the other drummer and he casually places it on a chair when he is getting a drink. He can get the drink while holding the folder too.

    Andrew’s character seemed masochistic in the way he kept tolerating Fletcher’s abuse. And he was also a jerk the way he broke up with that girl. So there was not much sympathy for him. Also Fletcher seemed to spend too much time messing with the drummer just because our lead character was a drummer which seemed contrived.

    I think the movie was good and intense until the car crash scene. Thereafter the movie did not know which direction to go. It tried to go into the abusive teacher angle but then came back to the music thing again.

    Why would Fletcher try to humiliate Andrew at the risk of sabotaging his own show? I was expecting Fletcher’s character to have no positive trait in him but in the climax he suddenly turns good and there is a kind of happy ending.

    Miles Teller was good as Andrew but he had a constipated expression while drumming. J.K. Simmons was excellent as Fletcher and I think he will definitely win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Its the performance where you don’t even need to watch the other performances to declare that he is going to win.

  23. cr7 9 years ago

    A least we agree on JK Simmons 😛 .

    I’m quite sure that Fletcher stole the folder or at leas he was behind the disappearance ,so that Andrew would have the chance to sub-in. He knew the core drummer didn’t memorize it .Fletcher was a very manipulative character .He was certainly capable of this sort of thing . And I was reading a discussion .

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Ha Ha. As I said I think the movie was good and intense until the car crash scene. I think I liked the movie a lot until that scene but after that I just did not like it.

      I saw someone on IMDB gave that as one of the reasons for the folder’s disappearance but that’s just not possible. When they get out of the class the other drummer gives him the folder and they walk towards the vending machine. And he puts it on the chair and he is drinking and looking at others in the walkway.

      Fletcher would have to have some kind of supernatural powers to know that the other drummer would give the folder to him and then Andrew would put it casually on the chair and then have himself or someone else magically or invisibly come and steal the folder from behind him.

      Yes Fletcher was a very manipulative character and he did play mind games. And that’s why the sudden change in his character where he just wants to find the next prodigy looked totally unconvincing to me. It was always about his show having to be good. He keeps saying “Are you trying to sabotage my show?” and then will sabotage his own show to get back at someone? Also the audience comes to a show for the conductor and if someone from his team messes up completely then he will be blamed for the failure not the nobody drummer whom no one knows. Also there is no way that some drummer will suddenly start playing and others will take cue from him and start performing without the conductor’s instruction. The final scenes may be intense but they are filmy.

  24. cr7 9 years ago

    Watched a Bengali movie “Chotushkone” .Its directed by one of my most favorite Indian directors Srijit .Liked it a lot. Srijit’s best after Baishe Shrabon .Complex plot but very engaging narrative. There were too many subplots which were distracting at points . But all culminated perfectly in the climax.Parambrata was too good .So was chiranjeet .

  25. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Taking Lives
    FBI profiler Illeana Scott is recruited to assist the police in their desperate search for a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims.

    Decent thriller as @hithere said in his comment. The serial killer and the mutilated victims part is obviously inspired from Seven. Even the opening credits are similar to Seven. One can guess who the killer is pretty early on. Some scenes did feel like they are from a B Grade movie.

    Had made a post of Kahaani’s final scene being inspired from Taking Lives.

    The Real Kahaani Revealed: Final Scene Copied

    Angelina Jolie looked very pretty and she was good. Ethan Hawke was good in some scenes and bad in some scenes. And he was trying to act like Tom Cruise in many scenes. Olivier Martinez was ok. Gena Rowlands was good.

  26. FS 9 years ago

    The Imitation Game – Excellent Movie, very entertaining as well engaging. Even the performances were superb from everyone. Higly Recommended!!!

    Fight Club – Had not watched it completely but liked the movie over all after completing it contrary to my earlier views of disappointment. Definitely it is good but Over rated the way it is praised

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Yes The Imitation Game was very entertaining as well as engaging. Did not know that the same director made Headhunters before.

  27. FS 9 years ago

    Baby – Brilliant Movie & one of its kind. Not a single dull moment nor a single frame has been diverted to get unwanted attention to attract all sorts of audience. Neeraj is Poineer in making straight to the point movies. Brilliant performances from everyone & KK is wasted. Hard to beat this movie this year.

  28. cr7 9 years ago

    St Vincent – Liked it. A feel good movie .Full of cliches but superb execution .Not a hilarious movie but the wit is sharp and consistent. And Bill Murray is a legend.He was flawless .Fans of this genre will surely enjoy it .

  29. Baba 9 years ago

    @sputnik – you have put my comment under moderation on your thread. is it intentional?

  30. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    The Whole Nine Yards
    When Oz’s new neighbor proves to be a mobster on the run, Oz’s scheming wife sends him to notify the mob boss — and so the double-crosses begin.

    Rewatched it after a few years. Good comedy gangster thriller with good twists and nice ending.

    Bruce Willis was very good as the hitman. Matthew Perry was very good as the nice Dentist though his acting is just like like Chandler from Friends. Rosanna Arquette was good as the bad wife. Michael Clarke Duncan was good as Frankie. Natasha Henstridge looked very pretty and was good. Amanda Peet was ok. Her scene during the climax fight is great 🙂 Kevin Pollak was good as the gangster’s son.


    In this slice-of-life comedy about the Italian American residents of a Brooklyn neighborhood, a strong widow falls in love with a one-handed baker. The movie was nominated at the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Writing Original Screenplay.

    Did not like the movie. It was basically a chick flick. There are a few funny lines but lost interest. Did not even pay attention as it was playing.

    Cher won a Oscar for Best Actress for this movie. She was good/ok but I don’t know what was great about that performance. Nicolas Cage was good specially in his first scene. Vincent Gardenia was good and he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor. Olympia Dukakis was good in the few scenes that I saw and she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.


    Watched Baby. Posted a review here.

    Baby Movie Review by Sputnik

  31. FS 9 years ago

    Gaurdians of the Galaxy – Visually good & highly entertaining movie. A kinda different movie with galaxies, humans other aliens involved. Liked it very much!!! Recommended!!!

    Running Scared 2006 – Very fast paced, thrilling and engrossing movie with some good blood and gore action. Loved it, specially the climax. Recommended!!!

    The Hundred Foot Journey – Very good movie about the Indian Chef and his recipes. There were some very good moments in the film but the story fell flat when the chef goes to some innovative scientific restuarant. I still liked the Feel Good Happy Ending :P, Recommended!!!

    American Sniper – This is another “Baby” of hollywood but it is based on true event and life story of America’s Best Sniper and his tours of Iraq. How influential he was to the young armed forces hunting down the Iraqi’s snipers, militants and others fighting against America’s armed troops. Shown it in a very realistic approach and on the subject. Highly Recommended!!!

    Locke – These are rare stuff, highly engrossing that needs superlative performances from the Cast. Why? Because all you see for 2 or more hours is just their faces and conversations they have. When I say “They”, I meant “actors” of such movies. I don’t want to reveal anything about the movie and want you to watch it to believe it. Only hint is, its like a movie “Carnage” or “12 angry men” If you loved those movies, you may love this movie too and I think its not everyone’s cup of tea so very few might like it but I loved it. Tom Hardy Takes a Bow.Highly recommended!!!

    • cr7 9 years ago

      Locke sounds great .

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Haven’t watched American Sniper yet but there has been a lot of controversy here over the movie.

      Its based on the life of Chris Kyle who killed 160 which is confirmed. But he was also known to lie.

      He lied that he killed 30 people in the chaos of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Chris Kyle lied about killing two alleged carjackers in Texas. Chris Kyle’s Family Claimed He Donated His Book Proceeds To Veterans’ Charity, But He Kept Most Of The Profits. The National Review debunked the claim that all proceeds of his book went to veterans’ charities. Around 2 percent – $52,000 – went to the charities while the Kyles pocketed $3 million. Link

      Chris Kyle lied in his book that he punched Jesse Ventura for allegedly saying the SEALs “deserve to lose a few” in Iraq.

      “Ventura, a former Navy SEAL, won $1.8 million in a defamation lawsuit last year against the estate of the late Chris Kyle, the SEAL protagonist of the movie, which has sparked debate over whether snipers should be considered heroes. Ventura said Wednesday he won’t see the film partly because Kyle is no hero to him.

      “A hero must be honorable, must have honor. And you can’t have honor if you’re a liar. There is no honor in lying,”


      Here is Bill Maher on the American Sniper Controversy.

  32. FS 9 years ago

    Taxi Driver – it is such a long & boring movie which showcased how vulnerable lonely man can get. Watched it just for the sake of Robert De Neiro. It might be a classic but it doesn’t age well.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      I never liked the movie Taxi Driver much but liked Robert De Niro’s performance.

    • cr7 9 years ago

      Its a pointless movie .

      • Baba 9 years ago

        HNY was better. i agree

        • cr7 9 years ago

          Of course . Even holiday is better than taxi driver.

          • Baba 9 years ago

            yea but not exactly in the HNY league. that movie is pure gold

          • FS 9 years ago

            HNY was pure entertainment, a long spoof. Once you laugh your heart out you won’t be laughing so hard next time. Might not even laugh but may enjoy it.

          • Baba 9 years ago

            HNY was pure garbage and a long one

          • FS 9 years ago

            You may have restricted your choice of entertainment but some may enjoy both baby as well as HNY.

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