Movies You Watched This Month – January 2013

Lincoln Synopsis: Lincoln is about the 16th President’s tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war and the strong winds of change, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country and abolish slavery. With the moral courage and fierce determination to succeed, his choices during this critical moment will change the fate of generations to come.

I thought the movie will be a biography of Lincoln or about his struggle with/during The Civil War. But the movie is about all the backroom dealings and struggle to pass the Thirteenth Amendment which outlawed slavery. Now some (mostly Americans) may like this but the rest may find it boring. The movie is excellent in some parts and in some parts its like a stage play or like a school reading of Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis is brilliant as Lincoln. He will obviously get the Oscar nomination for Best Actor and has a very good chance to win. There were a couple of scenes though where I did not like his acting. Did not like Sally Field at all. Thought she was overacting but then found out from wikipedia that she was like that. So don’t know what to make of it. Tommy Lee Jones was excellent and he will also get a Best Supporting Actor Nomination and has good chance to win. David Strathairn, James Spader were also good. Why is Joseph Gordon-Levitt in every other movie? He was ok though. I think the movie should have been directed better.


skyfall Synopsis: Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her, bringing MI6 under attack.

The movie starts off very well with the first scene with the bike chase over the roofs. The Train scene was a bit too much though. The casino fight scene was good too though it was short. The movie then took quite some time to build up the story but it became interesting once Javier Bardem’s character shows up. Javier Bardem escape scene and the chase through the tunnel was excellent – the best scene of the movie. But once they go to Scotland the movie became uninteresting and the final action scenes were so boring and nothing great. Daniel Craig was good as James Bond. Javier Bardem was good too but did not create the impact of Joker from The Dark Knight. Judi Dench was good as usual.


  1. Serenzy 11 years ago

    You Think LINCOLN Justifies all those Nominations?


    Hated Skyfall except the 1st Half an Hour, Javier Bardem[Though a Wannabe JOKER] and the Beautiful Adele Track.

    CR is Craig’s Best as 007 and QOS the Worst Among the Trio.

    The Ending was so Filmmyyyy with People Pointing Guns to One Another and Saying Slow/Emotional Dialogues with that BG Music.

    Bourne[Matt Damon] > Bond[ Daniel Craig]

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      I don’t think Lincoln deserves Best Picture/Director awards. But it will get nominations because it is about Lincoln and slavery. DDL and TLJ definitely deserve nominations and have a good chance to win.

      I did not like the Skyfall ending at all. Once they went to Scotland my mind almost tuned off. And that blasting the place and all – it looked so old school.

      • Shinji 11 years ago

        Actually speaking that is what i felt Sputnik, and i am asking every day myself how the held this movie made 1 Billion!!

  2. Serenzy 11 years ago

    “And that blasting
    the place and all – it looked so old school”


    Bekaar Ending!

  3. Serenzy 11 years ago

    It Made $1bn WW and Highest Earning Movie in UK’s BO History too!
    Total WTF!


  4. hithere 11 years ago

    &%&^%&%&%&^% – Typed a long comment and by mistake refreshed 🙁

    ps – I will write just the movies I liked.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Ha Ha. And you are not known to type long comments 😉

  5. cr7 11 years ago

    watched 21 jump street . fun movie. enjoyed it .

  6. cr7 11 years ago

    watched looper .i liked it . not very convincing plot.but overall enjoyable . performance is good. i think budget was low. with a higher budget and better production value it could have been better .

  7. Serenzy 11 years ago

    21st Jump Street was Breezy, Kickass Fun!

    Both Tantum and Jonah Hill complimented each other quite well.

    Ice Cube as their Boss in that 15Minute Role was ‘Out-of-this-Freaking-World’

    I Like Such Tp American Comedies… Hall Pass, Good Luck Chuck, Meet the Parents, Hangover, Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses etc etc.

  8. dwnpiyush 11 years ago

    Before Sunrise: This is apparently hailed as one of the most realistic romances ever. I certainly enjoyed watching it. It is absorbing despite having just two characters conversing and falling in love in a compressed time frame of a few hours. Also works as a little travelogue of Vienna. However I won’t say it can be termed as a realistic movie from what I have seen of life. Mainly because of two reasons- 1. The dialogues are so clever and so impressive for both protagonists that it is hard to imagine someone spurting it out just like that. It is a movie and everything must have been written down so it must have been relatively easier. Also both of them are just pitch perfect in all the conversations and there is hardly any awkwardness. Sort of surreal. 2. In the real world you will never get ‘the perfect woman’ come sit next to you on a train while you are travelling alone. It happens only in movies 🙂 Anyway I think it is a fine film in almost all aspects. I am certainly looking forward to watch Before Sunset soon.

    Jack Reacher: Fairly entertaining. But hardly a must watch. You won’t miss much if you give this movie a miss. The storyline isn’t unique. The scale isn’t very grand. Wonder why they chose to make this one.

    The Butterfly Effect: Interesting concept that translates into a very gripping movie. Although implausible, it explores a truly insane idea of ‘What if that could have been done at that point of time. My life would have been so different!” There are some disturbing elements in the film which give an impression (at least to me) that the American society is quite dysfunctional (drug use, child abuse, vandalism etc.)

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      ” In the real world you will never get ‘the perfect woman’ come sit next to you on a train while you are travelling alone. It happens only in movies”

      Ha Ha LOL

      Agree with you on The Butterfly Effect that the main idea of going back and changing things is implausible but I loved it. There are two endings to the movie and I liked The Director’s Cut more. I had written a recco for it sometime back.

      Reccos: The Butterfly Effect

      • dwnpiyush 11 years ago

        Read your recco. Can’t disagree with anything. Didn’t know about the second ending. Will check it out as soon as I am done with what I am doing currently 🙂

      • dwnpiyush 11 years ago

        Saw the other ending for The Butterfly Effect- the one in which he refuses to be born. Didn’t think it was as impressive as the one they have in the final cut.

        • Author
          sputnik 11 years ago

          hmm… The movie could have ended with any of the changes at any point but the birth one suggests that he is the problem and that ties in with the previous still births and also with the chaos theory (his birth is the flapping of wings).

  9. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Great Views on The Butterfly Effect, Piyush Dudo!

    I Completely Agree in the Same Sense.


    “that the American society is quite dysfunctional”

    Galti se bhi Kabhi ‘Short Bus’ Mat Dekhna Dudo!
    😛 😛

    • Suprabh 11 years ago


      hahhahah..I have seen shortbus 😛

    • dwnpiyush 11 years ago

      Thanks man. Also for the warning 🙂 I am yet to see many must watch movies. Aisi movies ka number toh pata nahin kab aayega!

  10. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Heat finally. Excellent movie and excellent direction by Michael Mann. Lengthy but very engrossing and there was so much meat/story in it. The robbery scenes were excellent and the junkyard/oil refinery surveillance scene was too good. The restaurant scene of Al Pacino and De Niro was the highlight.

    Now coming to who was better Al Pacino or De Niro. De Niro owned the movie. He not only looked good but had the more author backed role and probably the longer screen time too. There was not much to Pacino’s role and while he was good in some scenes he overacted quite a bit doing his usual theatrical acting especially in scenes where he was screaming. Jon Voight, Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, Ashley Judd were good.

    • Shinji 11 years ago


      U meant to say u saw Heat for first time?

      Btw The Dark Knight robbery scene was inspired from Heat according to Nolan in one interview.

      For me both were equally good.

      • Author
        sputnik 11 years ago

        Yes. I have seen so many bad movies but somehow never saw this before. I don’t remember seeing the DVD of Heat in a DVD store – may be they did not carry it or may be it was always out. Once it came on TV but it was too late at night and I had to skip it because its a lengthy movie.

        Read about the The Dark knight robbery scene being inspired on wiki.

    • FS 11 years ago

      Agree with ur short note on Heat. I like pachino’s voice & neiro’s Dialogue delivery style… Performance wise both wer equal but de neiro’s character had more pull & sympathy at the end. Restuarant scene was definitely the best scene.

  11. cr7 11 years ago

    watched my little bride .a bollywood style korean romcom . liked it .

  12. Suprabh 11 years ago

    I loved Heat immidiately..Its one of those films where both the leads were so much in character that one forgets who they are and gets involved in the tension between their characters. The tension however is so crisp yet so smooth.

    • dwnpiyush 11 years ago

      Will watch Heat sooner than later. Started watching Scarface. Didn’t really hook me in the first few minutes (was not paying full attention). Now thinking that I will watch some other other Pacino movies before watching is most acclaimed ones. So heat should be one.

      • Shinji 11 years ago

        Yep, also check out Scent of a Woman, Merchant of Venice, Dog Day Afternoon etc

  13. dwnpiyush 11 years ago

    Watched Rear Window, Seven, and Airplane. All three movies are rated very highly on imdb and are apparently among the most popular movies of their times.

    Rear Window: It is supposed to be Alfred Hitchcok’s best (Rated 8.7 on imdb). It think it is vastly overrated (or just has not aged that well). However, the movie is certainly enjoyable. The acting is superb. The dialogues are crackling. In fact the humor is so clever that it made me go ROFL many times. However the suspense part isn’t much. There isn’t any suspense in fact to speak of. Shot entirely on a set, there are many interesting things in terms of technique that are worth appreciating. However the implausibility makes the effort look too lame in my opinion. I wouldn’t have it on my must watch list. And now I am quite confused about checking out some of the other gems from Hitchcok’s stable. 3/5 for me.

    Seven: This is a mind numbing movie. I made the mistake of watching it just before going to sleep. Not my cup of tea. Utterly sadistic, gruesome, and pointless. Just the vomit of a deranged/frustrated mind. The idea (from what I understood) is that all of us are sinners one way or the other. So should we start cutting each other up? I mean, what kind of a twisted logic is that? The end is damn pissing off. And is logically inconsistent with the rest of the film. The serial killer was bumping off people who had done one of the 7 cardinal sins to an extreme extent. So what did the wife do? Envy was the killers sin. Okay so he got killed. But then what happened to wrath? Brad Pitt went alive. Fuck it. (the word has just got stuck after watch this 8.7 on imdb again!) Can’t rate this movie. In my view such movies shouldn’t be made.

    Airplane: Now what was that? Again imdb hails it as one of the funniest movies ever. It is a spoof- a wanting to be clever spoof. While watching the movie I was like- Kuch bhi ho raha hai! Maybe the humor got lost on me as I am not conversant with the actors’ other works. Apparently the movie had some genius casting- serious actors played dumb roles. Some hilarious moments. But too juvenile to be called a film. Or maybe this movie is a different genre altogether. One thing I noted- there was an utterly idiotic dance that Ajay Devgan and Celina Jaitely indulge in on a ship in Golmaal Returns. That entire sequence is lifted from this film. Kamaal karte ho Rohit Shetty. Kahan Kahan se dhoondte ho.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Have not seen Rear Window but its not always easy to watch old movies (especially the ones before 70s personally for me). Sometimes they have not aged well and sometimes we already have seen similar or variants of these movies which were probably groundbreaking/trendsetting for their time.

      I recently tried to watch Dial M for Murder but got bored of all the talk in the first 15 minutes and stopped watching it.

      I had seen Pyscho long time back and I liked it a lot back then. Also saw North by Northwest and Vertigo long time back and liked them.


      Have not seen Seven. I once started watching this but did not because my roommate did not want to watch this while having his dinner 😉 So skipped it and have never got a chance to watch it again.


      I started watching Airplane and did not find it funny either. May be it was funny for its times but I found it juvenile just like you.

      As far as spoof movies go I think Naked Gun 2 1/2 while not great either was better than Airplane. Had liked Hot Shots which is a spoof of Top Gun. My favorite spoof movie however is Scary Movie 2 but I must warn that it has a lot of adult humor and crude/gross comedy 😉

    • Shinji 11 years ago


      It’s an iconic movie, by an iconic maker. One of the classics, for which i have some taste 😀

      I remember the quote at end

      “Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.” I agree with the second part.”

      It has the sense of tragedy and drama, very unlike other movies.

      IMO above ratings kinda movie.

  14. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Se7en is an Awe7ome Awe7ome Thriller and I Rate it Among One of the Best’s of All Times.

    Infact, I Almost Like all of those Popular 90’s Thriller/Suspense.
    Game, Se7en, Fight Club, Usual Suspects, Insomnia, Memento, Zodiac.


    Have Seen Only ‘Psycho’ till date and Absolutely Loved that Movie even though I had Pre-guessed the Ending while watching it.

    The Characters and the Suspense created was Stupendous.

    And that Shower Scene is ICONIC, maybe Copied by 100+ Movies.


    Airplane is Overrated… Only Liked Some Sequences in it.

    As Sputnik said, Naked Gun & Scary Movie are Better Spoof Movies.

    • Serenzy 11 years ago

      Adding, ‘The Sixth Sense’ to that 90’s ka List.

      Missing that wud be a Crime!

  15. cr7 11 years ago

    watched taxi driver. didn’t like it. slow and boring.without any real suspense or thrill . prett much pointless. good performance by de niro that’s all. .

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Agree with you. Had seen it many years back and my impression was the same. I remember having said something similar on NG and suprabh had similar views.

      • Suprabh 11 years ago

        Yes Indeed. It was my first film into the “other kind of films” and I felt so bored. It was pretty pointless. Even if they wanted to show the pointless life of the taxi driver, they shooed off the audience in me very easily.

        Having said that its a classic when compared to Ed Wood.

        Btw just to give you a brief idea. Ed Wood is biopic about the black n white era director Ed Wood who used to make pointless boring films.

  16. Serenzy 11 years ago

    “Teri Meri Kahaani”

    Maha Crap.. Ultra Crap!
    All 3Era’s are Equally Boring.

    PC and Shahid Sleepwalking thru their Roles.

    Kunal Kohli is an Zero Talent Retard Director and I am Surprised he still gets to make movies… He Thinks of himself as this Cool, Urban Director who Makes Cool Movies on Relationships but Imtiaz Ali, Excel Guys, Habib Faisal etc. are Way Much

    Hated all his Movies till date except Fanna to an ‘Extent’ that too, mainly due to Kajol.

    Liked that ‘Uff’ Song only.

    1.5/5[Mausam was a Better Movie than TMK].

    Shahid Needs to Re-watch his Own Kaminey, JWM and Ishq Vishk.

  17. Serenzy 11 years ago


    A Film that was Bad in Parts, Average in Parts, Good in Parts and Bloody Excellent in Parts.

    Even after Disliking a Thing or Two, I Pretty Much Ended Up Liking the Movie.

    Saif has been there and done all that with More Efficiency before[SN, HT, KHNH] but it’s the Girls – Diana Penty[Supremely Confident Debut] and Deepika Padukone[ :bow: for the Breakdown Scene and he HOTness] who Steal the Show.

    Dimple Kapadia too was Good in her Crackling Came.
    Disliked Boman Irani and Randeep Hooda.

    An Entertaining 1st Half, Super Duper Songs, a Slow 2nd Half[LOL at that Accident Sequence and that “Indian” Thingy], Cocktail is Surely a Perfect 1-Time Watch.

    They shud have Laid More Emphasis on Saif Falling for Diana being Dippy’s Best Friend/Room Mate than that Entire Stupid ‘Indian Thing’.

    3/5 [Better than LAK, Rockstar..
    More of Imtiaz’s Movie than Adjania’s]

  18. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained.

    Zero Dark Thirty as everyone already knows is about the hunt for Bin Laden. Excellent movie and excellent direction. Its long but I liked it a lot. It obviously will be nominated at the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director and will most most probably win too. I liked it more than Lincoln, Argo and Django Unchained. Jessica Chastain was excellent and she will be nominated for Best Actress and has a good chance of winning. Will try to write a review soon.

    Django Unchained is a typical Quentin Tarantino movie filled with blood-sprouting gunshots, hip songs and cool dialogues. Its a masala movie or a fantasy where a Black guy kills those white slave owners. Now whats a surprise is that its not non linear which is a trademark of QT movies. Jamie Fox is ok as Django. Christoph Waltz is excellent and some of his initial scenes are excellent. Leonardo DiCaprio is very good too as the charming but evil slave owner. Samuel L. Jackson is excellent too as the house slave. Christoph Waltz , Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson have good chance for at least getting nominations for Best Supporting Actor. Movie will probably get nominations for Best Picture and Best Director but I don’t think it will win.

  19. narad_muni 11 years ago

    AS per me,
    Se7en is a fucking brilliant movie, definitely among the best in its genre and it is there in my all time favorite list.
    Usual suspects is very good but it din’t leave me spellbound like se7en

    Have seen quite a few of Hitchcok’s works….but Psycho remains his best work.
    I too found Rear Window over rated…
    Vertigo, North by Northwest are fine but din’t find them brilliant.

    I agree with Cr7 about Taxi driver, bored me to death. Thats’ why put on hold some of De Niro;s other movies.

    I liked Heat a lot…it manages to keep you hooked inspite of being almost 3 hours long. To me, De Niro owned the movie and also had the author backed role…Could have been one of the best movies in this genre if the climax would have been as good as the rest of movie..such a predictable, underwhelming climax limits the movie to very good and not great.

  20. cr7 11 years ago

    watched forrest gump. i know i’m late but better late than never. it was great . 2h 22 mins long and still wished it goes on and on. that says enough. loved it.

  21. cr7 11 years ago

    watched my sassy girl. undoubtedly the best korean movie i’ve seen so far.

  22. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched The Impossible which is based on a true story of a family that survived the Tsunami. The Spanish family has been changed to a British family which has led to some comments of racism. There is also valid criticism that the movie concentrates mostly on white people whereas the suffering of the Thai people is hardly looked at.

    The Tsunami scenes are done very well. The movie does not show how the two little kids who were with the father survived – there is just some dialogue. There are some good emotional scenes. But it also kind of drags and I know this may sound cynical but some scenes reminded me of those Kumbh Mela scenes from old Hindi movies. Naomi Watts acted very well. Ewan McGregor was ok. He was very good in one emotional breakdown scene. Tom Holland, the elder kid acted well.

  23. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Cloud Atlas – Just went above my head. Couldn’t connect with it and whatever i could was little due to end credits… Didn’t even understand what fuckin language was hanks conversing with helle berry. Though it was in english with subtitles but was very hard to follow. Anyways, I will watch it again whenever i have free time and patience before giving any verdict for this film.

    this was just like memento where you need much concentration level while watching but on a little higher level… I could not even complete Mr. Nobody as well which was in similar genre or style…

  24. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Hitchcock Its basically the making of Psycho. It shows that Alfred Hitchcock had to produce it himself and his struggle with censors and Paramaount Studios. Its nothing great but a good watch and basically a look at what Hitchcock was in real.

    It takes a while to accept Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock’s role because one has already seen Hitchcock on TV and he does not really resemble Hitchcock even after the prosthetic makeup. It also seems initially that Anthony Hopkins is trying too hard to talk and walk like him. But once you get past that mental hurdle/block Anthony Hopkins brings to life Hitchcock as a troubled man and I hope he gets a nomination as Best Actor. Helen Mirren is excellent as his wife Alma Reville and she will most probably be nominated for Best Actress. Its shown in the movie that Pyscho’s initial cut was not liked and she did the final cut and added the iconic music to the iconic shower scene. The climax scene is brilliant.

    Scarlett Johansson is good as Janet Leigh. James D’Arcy is good as Anthony Perkins. Toni Collette, Jessica Biel are decent in smaller roles.

  25. cr7 11 years ago

    watched rosemary’s baby .i was watching it on midnight and it is chilling cold here .maybe the timing and environment was perfect ,and as a horror movie it was very effective. i simply loved mia farrow’s performance .she was excellent. ended in a different way than i expected .but it was could have been better with some more scary scenes before the ending. .overall liked it

  26. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Luv Shuv Chicken Khurana – Very entertaining movie – 3.5/5
    Loved both Kunal kapoor (i think its the name of the lead, supporting cast of rdb) and Huma Qureshi… Kunal Kappor should be given more roles.. he is a very good actor…

    Since I have watched Iranian movie “The Willow Tree” , something abt the film or the way I lead my life keeps haunting during my sleep… It wasn’t so great or a classic film but somewhere subconsciously it has affected me i guess. It’s not like right after the movie but has been like 2 months since i watched that movie and still, something or other about that movie revolves around in my head… have guyz experienced such stuff for so long?

  27. Serenzy 11 years ago


    How Many ‘Cinematic Versions’ are there of ‘Les Misérables’???



    Nice Experience of Rosemary’s Baby.. Hope it Scared the Crap out of you.

    btw, Is there just 1Version of RB[By Polanski] Or was there a Remake/Sequel?


    FS Bhai,

    Luking forward to watch ‘The Willow Tree’ and all those Wonderful Inspirational Movies.

    Waiting for April-May-June Periods to Arrive.

  28. dwnpiyush 11 years ago

    Saw Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola:

    It is a very difficult film to review/rate/judge. For one thing it is consistently inconsistent in its tone and treatment. Ludicrously over the top humor is followed by sober scenes which are again followed by things where a lot of pun is intended. It plays out as a part satire, part drama which I found quite engaging whilst it lasted. But eight hours later after a good sleep, I remember very little of the flow of the screenplay- just isolated things and eccentricities that shine out of the rubble. It is pro-communist movie for one. And that is where I feel it loses out a lot the most. Because it is so overtly one-sided that it becomes uninspired and insipid after a point. I think it is better to debate these issues rather than taking one completely one side- at least that is the need of the hour.

    In terms of performances Imran Khan feels a bit out of place. His haryanvi accent is labored and keeps going on vacations every now and then. In terms of his mannerisms too- he is too innately urbane to play a rustic convincingly. Moreover he is a sidekick to Pankaj Kapur for a major part of the first half. Anushka Sharma is her usual self in an unusual setting. Pankaj Kapur is terrific. He is so powerful that he threatens to come out of the screen at many places. Shabana Azmi plays a loathsome politician pretty convincingly 🙂 On Arya Babbar- I don’ know why he likes to be ridiculed on screen. An apology of a character he has.

    The music is good. The lines are clever. Very clever in many scenes.

    The general reactions from the crowd was pretty un-encouraging. While they were laughing out loud at the frequent Pancho Panchos- not much can be said for the rest.

    It would have been better had the movie been 25-30 mins shorter at least.

    Finally, I think it will be one of those movies that will have a very confused sort of a word of mouth. People won’t really diss it- nor will they sing its praises. So ultimately I think it has limited potential on the BO front.


    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Thanks for the review Piyush. Some people were praising it a lot on twitter but it also seemed from their tweets that the general audiences won’t like it that much or it will have mixed WOM.

  29. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Thanx for your Views Piyush.

    Seems like, I will have to Start My 2013 with Race-2 in Theatres unless AkashVaani/Inkaar Spring a Huge Surprise.

    • dwnpiyush 11 years ago

      Thanks Sputnik, Serenzy.

      Serenzy- do watch MKBKM also. It is not exactly un-watchable. And it definitely makes an effort at least- which is more than most Hindi movies these days.

  30. FS 11 years ago

    yesterday i watched

    Nanu Nanna Kanasu (Kannada) – Starring Prakash Raj as main lead. It was film about father and his daughter (kanasu) which happen to be his dream as well. I recommend it to all fathers to watch it… Excellent film 4/5

    Student of the year – Ignore first 20 minutes and last 15 minutes – the film is entertaining. 3/5

  31. Suprabh 11 years ago

    Watched Zero Dark Thirty. Good movie with some great scenes. However it was a bit too long and wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Don’t know why Jessica Chastain has been nominated for best actress. Barring a couple of scenes, there wasn’t much scope for her acting talent to be portrayed. She acted well but nothing like a Best actress etc. Movie is 7.5 on 10 for me.

  32. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Beasts of the Southern Wild Its basically about a little girl and her relationship with her father. Even though its just one a half hour in length it felt really long and it was quite boring at places. Did not know what to make of the movie. Part of it is reality and part of it is fantasy like a children’s movie. Some people are taking some scenes which are supposed to be metaphors literally. Went to IMDB after watching the movie and people are fighting over it. Some are overpraising it and some are bashing it coz the father hits the child and they think he is abusive to the daughter. There is basically a Black and White divide over it.

    The little girl burns down the house because her father yelled at him and I don’t know how people can be sympathetic to her act. The father’s character is not what it seems and he wants her to be tough and to learn to survive. He is a flawed character. Liked the actor Dwight Henry who played the father’s character.

    Quvenzhané Wallis, the girl was good but I don’t think she deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. I don’t think the direction was that good to deserve a nomination over Kathryn Bigelow and Ben Affleck. I think the Oscar nominations are due to the movie being supportive of Global Warming which is a favorite thing for the liberals and the Academy members. Obama praised the movie so that could also be a reason for the nominations.

    Revisited Ek Hasina Thi again. Had watched it back when the movie released. Movie is good as a Bollywood thriller but parts of it are too incredulous. Urmila gets arrested but does not call/inform her parents once she is arrested? Saif comes and meets her in Jail? Don’t they have uniform for women in Indian jails? Urmila was wearing different costumes every day in jail. And once she gets out she can get in gangster’s houses with no problem and scale floors and kill people. The final scene was excellent. Urmila overacted a bit in some scenes but was good especially in the 2nd half. Saif was very good.

  33. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Love is Divine – Romantic movie starring teens. Nice one and one time watch only. 2.5/5

    Grand Torino – Very good film… Thoda hatke tha… 3.5/5

    wake up sid – watched it second time and loved more this time. 4/5

    Amazing Spiderman – Watched it second time but in a blu ray print.. Liked it 3.5/5

  34. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    just finished watching eyes wide shut.its a film on a couple coming to terms with the truth about themselves. its directed in old fashioned way. very slow pace and ppl dont speak fast,take too much time. nicole kidman is excellent in her role ,cruise is also good.the orgy scene is one of the most artistically directed scenes ever and the bgm is haunting. there is nudity in the film but the focus is not on it in a sleazy way.its a simple film told in an artistic way.i think kubrick has somehting interesting about him but the film still looks dated overall if wathced today.

  35. Serenzy 11 years ago

    FS Bhai,

    Good to See you Rating WUS So well, A Movie which has been Undeservingly termed as a Crap and only restricting itself to potray the ‘Struggles of a Bandra Teenager’ but actually is much more than that.

  36. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    My favourite scene from eyes wide shut. Excellently directed. it is mystique, awe-inducing,erotic,artistic all in one . there is nudity all around but you never get the feeling of sleaziness.and a haunting Background music,just adds to the intriguing atmosphere and cruise’s curious mind in that scene.

    Warning : Adult content

    My explanation:
    in the film, tom cruise has the typical mentality that wives shud not flirt with other men and that they are very unfaithful once they develop feelings for other man .it doesnt help that he himself is a big flirt. in one bed scene he argues with his wife and comes to know that she fantasies about a naval officer she once met. this disturbs him, he begins to think her wife may have fucked the naval guy. this propels him to hook up with whores and he ends up visiting a secret orgy centre. the same night when he returns home, his wife tells him she saw a dream where she was herself in an orgy centre (!) and she was enjoying while her husband looks at her ,shocked. cruise doesnt tell her about his actual visit to an orgy centre till the climax. On both occasions, ie the bed scene as well as after returning from orgy centre, cruise does not reveal to his wife about his ugly side, while nicole is honest to him about her fantasies of the naval guy as well as the orgy nightmare that she saw. i think this was an excellent contrast shown in the film.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Had watched it long time back so don’t remember in detail but good points about the movie.

    • dwnpiyush 11 years ago

      I guess I will take a lot of time in developing a taste for Kubrick.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      if you watch the orgy scene in eyes wide shut closely, you see some women and men are just sitting in specific erotic postures while others are having sex.i think kubrick was creating a ‘narak’ type atmosphere in that scene, muslims call it “jahannum” 😀 where there is no morality,ethics etc
      he was showing how a normal man who doubts his wife over adultery can suck into narak(hell). when nicole tells him about her nightmare,she also had dreamt of a similar hell-kind of place.this is not overreadoing, i really believe kubrick was trying to show a hell-type atmosphere there. if you watch the scene properly,you will know.

      • Author
        sputnik 11 years ago

        I think you have got your whole definition of hell or narak or “jahannum” wrong. There are no orgies in hell only punishments.

        That scene is not showing any hell atmosphere. It is a scene of mystique and intrigue.

        • Baba Ji 11 years ago

          no first i want to know your definition of seems limited. is watching a dear one to you fucking someone in your face and enjoying not a punishment?

          • Author
            sputnik 11 years ago

            You said “kubrick was creating a ‘narak’ type atmosphere in that scene, muslims call it “jahannum” 😀 where there is no morality,ethics etc”

            Hell is not a place of no morality, ethics. Hell is a place of punishment according to all the religions. As I said before I am not a fan of over reading.

          • Baba Ji 11 years ago

            “mystique and intrigue” doesnt mean anything by itself. it has meaning in a context. the context is hell here, you will understand it seems watching a person close to you getting fucked in your face and enjoying is not a punishment . i am ok with it. the ppl at hell will try somehting else with seem to be a scholar of comparative religious texts that you are so sure such punishment doesnt exist in any relgion,last i heard you didnt know your own religous text properly 😉

  37. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Flight A drunk airline pilot crashes a plane (with a technical fault during turbulent weather) with minimal loss of life. Movie is about whether he lies and saves himself or not. Denzel Washington was very good. The flight scene were really good and the movie has a good message.

    Skimmed through Les Miserables and I am not going to watch this. I just can’t stand people singing their dialogues. This is not my cup of tea. Hated whatever I watched of Chicago too a few years back.

    Watched The Matrix again. Had watched it initially when it released it and liked it back then too. I think I may have watched it again a few years back or may be not in full. Brilliant movie and definitely one of the best scifi action movies. Was able to appreciate the philosophy part more this time.

    Watched All the Best again. Had liked it when I saw it during its release and liked it this time too. Nonsensical but hilarious movie. Sanjay was the real star of the movie. Ajay, Fardeen were good too. Bipasha was ok. Sanjay Mishra was excellent too and the guy playing the tempo driver was good too. Johnny Level doing Prem Nath’s Sir Judah from Karz was good too.

    • dwnpiyush 11 years ago

      So Les Miserables has people singing their dialogues. Even I can’t really enjoy this routine. Just the reason I couldn’t complete Amol Palekar’s Thoda Sa Roomani Ho Jaayein.

      So much fuss about Matrix here- have started the download.

      Really enjoyed All the Best when I saw it first. But surprisingly I cannot recall anything about the movie except the color. In fact I can recall more from Sunday than this.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      This review of Les Misérables is funny. 😉

      Les Misérables is one of the longest-running, most popular stage musicals in history, having been seen by 60 million people in 42 countries — sit on that, Cats! — and although I can’t comment on the live show, as I’ve never seen it, I can tell you this film, which comes in at around 140 hours, boils down to a lot of fuss and singing (of the jaw-straining variety) about a very minor parole offence. I’m telling you, if I’d ever Dreamed a Dream, whether In Time Gone By or In My Local Starbucks, that so many jaws would strain so much for so little, I’d feel completely satisfied, but otherwise? I’m not so sure.

      Directed by Tom Hooper, with a stellar, A-list cast — sit on that, all other casts! — and based on Victor Hugo’s 1862 book, which runs to a billion pages or something, this opens with Jean Valjean (‘No,’ says his mother, ‘I did not consider naming him Sue Valsue’) being released from prison after serving 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread. Valjean is played by Hugh Jackman, whose straining jaw makes Pierce Brosnan’s straining jaw in Mamma Mia! look almost relaxed. Anyway, upon his release, the prison guard, Javert (Russell Crowe), orders him to carry papers identifying him as a dangerous person and orders him to report to parole officers regularly. However, having robbed a bishop, who forgives him, Valjean breaks parole and devotes himself to good, but Javert is determined to pursue him, although we are never told why. Does he have nothing better to do? Does he have any other work, even? Valjean’s already served 19 years, for heaven’s sake! Seriously, this is a two hour and 40 minute musical about the world’s most minor parole offence. Imagine if Valjean had stolen a loaf and a bun. We’d still all be in the cinema. I’d have grown a beard. At my age, this is a genuine worry.

      The main thrust is Valjean vs Javert, the thin one from Wolverine vs the fatter one from Gladiator, although there are other characters, including Fantine (Anne Hathaway), a single mother who is forced to become a prostitute. (Women don’t come out of this particularly well, and generally expire in the arms of some man.) Still, Hathaway is the business. She can really sing. Her ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ with a blotched face and red eyes and spittle in the corners of her mouth and filmed as if she were Sinéad O’Connor doing ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ is wonderful. The best thing in this film by miles. Pity she expires in a man’s arms early on. (SPOILER ALERT…oops, too late.)

      Other characters include Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), the orphan adopted by Valjean, who grows up and falls in love with Marius (Eddie Redmayne), who is part of the group that sparks the 1832 Paris uprising. Nothing wrong with Cosette and Marius except that, between them, they don’t have an ounce of personality. Marius is also loved by Éponine (Samantha Barks), who expires in a man’s arms. I do rather like Eddie Redmayne, though. Just do. And he may be the only other one who can actually sing, too.

      All the cast emote their heads off and sing their little hearts out live to camera (there is no dubbing) but there is something inert about the whole thing. It is visually repetitive. Hooper’s camera swoops from epic shot to facial close-up over and over and over. It is narratively repetitive. Javert only stops plodding after Valjean to sing about law and justice yet again. There is never any pause to build character or emotion and the music slurs together indefinably. Everything is sung, to the point where you want to stop it all and say, ‘Just talk, why don’t you?’ And everything is elemental. It’s love, betrayal, hate, fear, but never: ‘Oh, hello. How are you? Cup of tea?’ There is dark but no light, and no wit or humour at all. Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen do their shtick as small-time swindlers but it all feels wearily familiar, as if they’d been directly imported from Sweeney Todd. I was dying for Nancy to come in and do ‘Oom-Pah-Pah’ or something, and cheer us all up.

      What I’m saying, I think, is that it’s just so soaringly monotonous. It might have been different on stage, where the business of staging something so epic would be more impressive, but I’ll never know. I cried, obviously, but that means diddly-squat. I cry at puppy and kitten videos. I cried when Rachel and Ross finally got together in Friends. It is never a recommendation. And although hard-core fans will love this whatever, and good luck to them, I’d rather set fire to my own hair than ever have to sit through it again. It would be over quicker, at least.

  38. Shinji 11 years ago


    Have u ever read Abzee on Matrix Triology?

    Please do so:

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      I saw Matrix Reloaded and did not like it. I don’t think I have even seen the third one.

      I am not a fan of over-reading. Let me repost something I posted before 😉

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      rooney, i read his review.He has explained the logic of game and how the virtual reality world works. but he is not highlighting how a person who dosnt play video games or doesnt want to understand the logic of virtual world ,should believe or give a chance to this film.He has neither talked about the underlying philosophy of the film much. He did talk about Jesus Christ but that is secondary inference, what do you think was the philosophy of this film and why a person who doesnt care for virtual reality world must see this film?

  39. Bored 11 years ago

    @Blue Curtains – LOL! Haha
    Damn good one

  40. Bored 11 years ago

    @Sputnik – I also cudnt get to like Reloaded. I had the same problem with it as I had with Sarkar Raj. Both Sarkar Raj and Reloaded gleefully deconstructs what the first part stood for – making the entire franchise kinda meaningless.

  41. Suprabh 11 years ago

    Matrix was an amzing sci-fi film with a great complete message. The second part Reloaded was brilliant- One of the rare occasions when the sequel was worthy enough of being a sequel. Revolutions was good too, but not as good as the first two parts, although it provided a great area of completion for the series. It spun the philosophical aspects with the sci-fi rather well.

  42. Manish 11 years ago

    Saw Table number 21 …

    Had high expectations from the movie because of the presence of Paresh Rawal and rajeev khandelwal (( i consider him very good actor)

    It started promisingly but in between i thought that these tasks thing is getting repititive however they manage to keep me interested …

    But after Climax was able to relate everything very well and found it a good watch , i hope they would have made those tasks a bit more thrilling/ chilling experience ….

    The whole concept is lovely where on name of fun (game/ragging – this is the way ragging is described as) have to go through hell- Just like ragging, the game starts slowly where both parties were having fun but as the things move forward it starts becoming bad , wicked impacting the lives(both mentally(more of) and physically) of those playing the game or at receiving end of ragging

    Very good attempt IMO .. sad that it didnt do much ..

    I would rate it 7/10

  43. dwnpiyush 11 years ago

    Saw Lost in Translation, Before Sunset, Omkara, and Matru Bijli Mandol, in the past 4-5 days.

    Lost in Translation: Most boring and pointless movie ever. Sophie Coppola won the Oscar of Best Original Screenplay for this. I guess I will never develop a faith in those awards.

    Before Sunset: Loved it. It is as delightful as its prequel, if not more. I fell in love with the actress, and everything she stood for in the movie. I guess I will keep revisiting the sunrise and sunset combo every time I fell like I am losing my faith in romance. Looking forward to Before Midnight now!

    Omkara: hadn’t seen this till yesterday. Main reason was that I was quite conversant with the plot of Othello, and didn’t feel like checking out a rustic interpretation of the same. However the movie is quite good and the drama is quite engaging. Langda Tyagi simply scorches the screen. Didn’t like Ajay Devgan’s brooding routine though. Kareena was good. Vivek has always been the quintessential loser. I think this is the level Anurag Kashyap aspires to be at. Had I seen this earlier, GOW wouldn’t have even felt fresh. Good that VB didn’t repeat this world in any of his other movies. He can make this. And he can make Blue Umbrella. Cool!!

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Completely agree with you on Lost in Translation. It was one of the most boring movies ever.

  44. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    saw the no. 1 movie of imdb : shawshank redemption.

    the film is directed is simple yet very philosophical like american beauty.the 2.5 hrs of shawshank is the first half of oldboy in a way 😀 but i prefer the oldboy prison scenes to this.ofc oldoby had lot more to it than just the prison life. both the lead actors have acted very well. but the film became masala towards the end.

    the film has enough loopholes.first it takes extreme superhuman will power to crawl 500 yards thru the stinkign gutter. why didnt govt declare him “wanted” with his pic everywhere? the climax is a is not possible to live happily ever after.

    • hithere 11 years ago


      1948-1967 story…He ran away to Mexico.

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        when he escaped it was night morning police came to know he had escaped. if was real life scenario,he may have been nabbed much before.

        • hithere 11 years ago

          I am not sure there were Fax machines in that time. If he had stayed in US he might have been caught but the warden was caught with bigger fraud. To me that was not implausible. Implausible was 500 meter of crawl through sewer.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      I don’t remember the name but I think I read some novel as a kid which had a similar escape from jail

  45. Serenzy 11 years ago


    ‘A Prisoner of Birth’ by Jeffrey Archer???

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Googled and the novel I read was The Count of Monte Cristo and the escape scene itself is not similar. I was probably reminded of that novel because of the wrongfully imprisoned part and friendship with another person and escaping from jail part.

  46. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    watched Shame . the only thing interesting is the relation between the lead hero and his sister in the film. Based on some scenes, I think they had past incest history,though it is never shown in the film explicitly. it is more of an assumption the viewer may make after seeing those scenes.

    an interesting take here which denies this conclusion though:

    there are quite a few scenes suggesting that once they may have had an incest relation. for sample,both are quite ok with each others nudity, when sis gets depressed she comes and sleeps with his bro . likes to watch him masturbate etc. bro doesnt show such attraction to her which may be bcos he had enuff of her or may he bcos he is a normal brother who doesnt like dealing with such pyshco sister.I hope zoya will show such angle in ranbir-kareena film.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      I had skimmed through it. I will watch it in full sometime later. Yes some scenes were borderline incestuous but I am not sure if they had past incest history or just personal family/sibling fight. Will comment in detail after watching the full movie.

      Even in Django Unchained, Leo and his sister’s scenes give weird vibes that they are having a incestuous relationship but nothing is explicitly shown.

      Don’t think there will be any such angle in Ranbir-Kareena film.

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        there is no point in making a regular sibling rivalry film. I thought it was over in Aaina.

      • hithere 11 years ago

        Shame – Story has nothing to offer. But acting is good.

  47. cr7 11 years ago

    watched Luv Shuv they Chicken Khurana. Good fun movie. not many LOL moments,also slower compared to typical comedies.. but decent time pass movie .it has some beautiful songs very well used in the movie. also top notch performance from everyone of the cast .

  48. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    batman is basically a glorified ninja if you watch batman beings closely. it traces its genealogy in Chinese philosophy.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      yes, it is also the most realistic superhero is impossible to be superman,spiderman but it is humanly possible to become a batman.may be the reaosn why he is the most popular superhero among adults

  49. Suprabh 11 years ago

    The most realistic superhero would have been (if they ever created a book/nmovie character on it) – Porn Man. his goal would have been to spread use and availability of Porn and punish those who hamper its growth.

  50. Manish 11 years ago

    The texas Chainsaw massacre (1974) –

    I like the feel of the movie; it seems like documentary, the radio commentary (news) going on, the music give the movie a great start. But the movie overall is not at all thrilling let alone scary. The murder happens so quickly… The only thrill (to an extent) one can get is in last 20-30 minutes with only one single person actually giving fight.. Maybe they wanted the leatherhead to be unconquerable but when he can do it with so much ease it doesn’t give the movie enough thrilling moments .The story is nothing. I know most horror doesn’t have any story but they have those chilling moments and thrill to keep one hooked it fails on that account for most part of the movie.. Acting wise though over the top I like the actor who played hitchhiker – he appeared complete maniac, insane .. Other characters were neither developed nor did anything to actually speak of. The leather face’s first appearance was good and intriguing but overall disappointed with his character as well . here I would like to appreciate the art director he has done credible job though there are some inconsistencies . The scene where the girl is tied up – screaming and her face(eye ball close up as well) close up was being shot again n again to show the terror and scare but it was irritating as it was repeated for a minute or so . Overall It’s a below average movie .

    I would rate the movie 4.5/10

  51. Manish 11 years ago

    Bol Bachan

    Bol bachan is remake of Golmaal starring amol palekar .Here the humour becomes OTT in contrast to subtle humour in hrishi Da’s original Golmaal. The film is humorous in parts but dull at few places as well..

    I like the part where they show the play on golmaal being made and side by side relating it to the plot going on in the movie
    Everyone was good But for me the t pick for this particular movie is Abhishek bachchan he does very well .. I liked him in comedy in dostana as well . here also he has done a good job . the sequence where he dances like gay in front of Ajay devgan made me ROFL .. Climax was not upto the mark . climax used to be the high point of ,movie but seems no more whether its RR , BG , Dabangg or even this one .

    Overall it’s a good time pass watch . I will rate it 6/10

  52. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Downfall – Bloody fuckingly ruthless film i have ever come across I guess. Wanted to write a seperate review on it but i’l skip. Can’t rate this film. It is based on last days / downfall of Adolf Hitler & his regime. Very well directed, executed, Brilliant performance by the actor who enacted the role of Hitler, excellent stuff by all cast & crew, setting, editing, screenplay & Cinematography.

    This is the third/fourth film i have seen of which is most realistic, plausible and engaging film on Hitler.

  53. dwnpiyush 11 years ago

    Murder on the Orient Express: I used to be a big fan of Agatha Christie books- but somehow never laid my hands on the book by this name. The movie is awesome, not just for its mystery, but also for its performances. The suspense is riveting, and the conclusion comes as quite a surprise. Some might say unrealistic- I would say I don’t give a damn. Super good loved it.

  54. Aditya007 11 years ago

    watched Talaash and really surprised ! Whats an film & never expecting these kinds of Performances of Kareena Kapoor ,Aamir Khan, only if we piont Out things ,then the lenght of movie little Long & movie was also bitUp slow !

  55. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. Got bored after half hour and did not even care what was happening. They were trying to create a satire but it just did not work. Only a couple of lines/scenes were funny. Reminded me of Welcome to Sajjanpur and Main Azad Hoon. Pankaj Kapur was very good. Liked him in the parts where he was menacing more than the parts where he was drunk. His role also reminded me of his Halla Bol role. Imran looked very wannabe and he was totally miscast. Anushka was doing her usual stupid routine. Shabana was good as the loathsome politician. Arya Babbar was playing a dumb mimbo (male version of bimbo).

    Watched Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name. Its about a dangerous terrorist who wants to start a nuclear war and Hunt and his team has to stop him. The scenes at Kremlin were good though not sure what they were doing is even plausible. The Burj Khalifa scene was awesome and one can watch the movie for just that one scene. Full marks to Tom Cruise for doing that stunt.

    Tom Cruise looked old but he did put in a lot of effort with the action scenes. Jeremy Renner was good and may be he can take over Cruise in the next part. Paula Patton was ok. Did not like her much. Simon Pegg was supposed to be the comic relief. I was thinking where did I see Léa Seydoux the girl who plays Sabrina. Found out that she was in Midnight in Paris.

    And this brings us to Anil Kapoor. WTF was he thinking and why did he accept this role? This is not even a villain’s role. His character is a joke.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      lol @Anil Kapoor part. Some of my friends went to see the movie at local hall and Anil Kapoor was in Audience. When there is dialog lets go to India he gave a wolf-whistle.

      • Suprabh 11 years ago




        Agree about that Burj Khalifa scene, I actually saw the movie twice in Imax because of that scene..Btw, I dont think Jeremy Renner can be the next Tomcruise for MI series. Two reasons: He is not that young looking himself. If they really have to go for a different actor, they should choose someone in their late 20s rather than someone in his 40s and two because Jeremy Renner is not a Lead star looking material. It’ll be really difficult to sell a franchise like MI through Renner.

        Btw I find Paula Patton who played Jane carter in Tom’s team very beautiful. I kind of liked it when she kicked Anil Kapoor in the nuts in one of the scenes. He deserved it for the furkapanti he was doing.

  56. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    my top 3 fav screen characters

    lester burnham in american beauty

    Ras al ghul in batman begins

    hannibal lecter in silence of the lambs

    will write a separate post on them if time permits.

  57. FS 11 years ago

    Had a Wonderful Night with 4 films back-back of which 3 wer Inspiring & 1 Entertaining. Started with “The secrets in their eyes, The Hurricane, Miracles & Point Break”

    The Secret In Their Eyes – I guess its a French Movie, A Suspense Drama/Thriller kind of story underlined with Romance that is so Tangible but shy and Insecure to get its hands on. Loved every bit of it coz it was bit different, bit old school yet appealing, & engaging through out the movie.

    The Hurricane – Based on the True Story of a Man who served half his life in prison for the crime he didn’t commit based on Racial discrimination, non-disclosure of facts tht wer hidden due to Corrupt Cops & personal Hatred. Daneil Washington is brilliant as Hurricane the prize fighter / boxer and even during the time he is in jail as a prisoner but the little part as a prisoner may bore you for 15-20 odd minutes (i watched Wild Orchid sensual scenes in lappy during tht) but later half is ver good. Loved the actress who enacted the role of Lisa in it.

    Miracles – CDI is almost inspired from this one and it is one of those films tht really make you feel overwhelmed with joy or inspires you during the Climax especially due to its Amazing Background Score tht something I experienced when I Watched Rudy and Rise of yhe Titans or say even Moneyballs (though its bg music isn’t tht good). One who enacted the character of Coach was one of the best in this kind of Genre or these kind of movies. Loved it

    Point Break – Wanted to watch this movie only for Keanu Reeves and I loved this film as it provided me with enough masala & entertainment. Though its old film i really liked everything abt the film even though u can guess whts there in climax for you.

    Sin City – watched this few days back but forgot to include i guess. Bruce Wills Starer is a stylish never seen before White n Black film with little bit or orange, red n yellow color in some places typical action flick. Liked the movie 4 the way it is and the way it is narrated theought out the film.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      The Secret In Their Eyes – Argentinian, Spanish

      Hurricane – There is a controversy regarding the movie version. Read wiki…

      Miracles – Kurt Russell

      Point Break – Saw it long time back.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Had watched The Secret in their Eyes last month and liked it. Had commented about it.

      Movies You Watched This Month – December 2012

      Had watched Hurricane long time back and liked it. Agree that Denzel Washington was brilliant.

  58. FS 11 years ago

    Hitere & Sputnik – The film was there in my hard drive from long time but didn’t had the courage to watch it 😛 Also i just mistook Cr’s praising comment of this film with tht of ‘the lives of others’ & watched it tht had again short but amazing chemistry between the leads. Thnks for the info abt language.

    Abt the hurricane – they hav already said in the beginning tht though it is based on true story some parts are fictional & created based on the script but the main objective abt the film was to showcase the true story of the boxer. It is almost on the lines of “In the name of Father” but reasons are bit different.

  59. FS 11 years ago

    Btw I actually started with Get the Gringo – Very Stylish with Mel Gibsons water mark on it. Loved the film, Masala movie with right amount of Mel Gibson all over it. Took 1 hr break after completing it & forgot to mention in my earlier comment. Next is Seabiscuit but iam already Sleepy now 🙁

  60. cr7 11 years ago

    watched silver linings playbook . a delightful film featuring some of the best performance of this year . both cooper and lawrence were fantastic. liked the story ,the emotional aspects . its evenly paced for its genre . liked it 🙂

    watched son of sardar too .some movies are good,some are bad.some may bore you.but it is a kind of film that irritates you . didn’t finish .

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Had downloaded silver linings playbook some time back but its not playing on my DVD player from USB and I hate watching movies on laptop. Will try to find another version which plays on DVD.

      The first scene of SOS (where the turban flew in the air lifting the villain and rotated in the air so that Ajay’s turban gets tied back) was enough for me to decide not to watch it anymore 🙂

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Just watched Silver Linings Playbook Liked it. Good movie. Bradley Cooper was excellent. Had seen him before in Wedding Crashers before and did not think much of him back then. Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant and I think she has a great chance of winning Best Actress. Its basically between her and Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty. Emmanuelle Riva was also excellent in Armour too but I doubt she will win because it is a foreign language film. Had liked Jennifer in Winter’s Bone too. Robert DeNiro and Jacki Weaver were very good too. Anupam Kher was good too and it was a normal role and he spoke normally – no fake accent or stereotypical Indian accent. There was one scene of a racist attack though and a derogatory comment made about “Indian curry”.

      Had watched Let the Right One In last month and commented about in last month’s thread. Did not like the movie much. It was too slow paced and weird for me.

  61. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    Does anyone know of any
    movies similar to Into the Wild?

  62. FS 11 years ago

    In to the Wild have some strange scenes. I haven’t seen it completely but few scenes such as the guy comes to knw abt incest relation of a couple near the beach side, when he runs out of food trying to eat the dead meat n then the animals going after his food and then the last scene which was really heartbreaking are something tht is forcing me to rewatch the movie. At tht time i was not in a mood n got bored in between many times. Still there in my hard drive and will catch this one soon.

    Anyways watched Seabiscuit. Very nice movie and the races are almost professional. The horse is beautiful as well Strong. I’l recommend this movie to all animal lovers.

  63. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    I loved into the wild… Its an awesum movie…
    I have special liking for this kind of movies like SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET…
    Please do suggest some movies in similar genre?

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      May be you will like The Motorcycle Diaries and may be it is same genre.

      The Motorcycle Diaries is based on the journey of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara and his friend. The movie starts off as a road trip of two guys but shows how Guevara is affected by the poverty and the leprosy that he sees during the journey. Its more of a movie where the lead character reflects on a journey.

  64. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Pranam Cr

    How Come you say that Cr ??? Znmd is superfluous and Into the Wild is True story and which has lead lot of Polarising debate in US.

    It Was Me who recco’ed it on NG/SB to Ihab and others, few ppl shrieked 🙂

    Personally I like Into the Wild. I saw it that time Back to Back…If you can take some movies which are abstarct and raise q’s in one mind Why, What and Why thn Into the Wild is perfect movie..

    Must Watch, IMO. Only and only if you like philosophical movies.

  65. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Life of Pi Synopsis: Its a fantasy movie about Pi who survives a shipwreck and is stranded in the Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

    Thought it was a silly stupid fantasy and almost hated it. But then a two minute scene at the end changed the movie completely and my view about it. It has a almost Mementoish ending. I think the ending is brilliant. Some things seemed odd like the kid being named after a swimming pool and there being a “Patel” when they are from Pondicherry. Also the swimmer Mama’s accent was horrible and so deliberate.

    Cinematography was very good and the vfx were very good.

    Suraj Sharma was excellent and he acted really well. Did not like Irfan Khan narrating the story. His accent was all over the place. He was trying to speak in stereotypical Indian accent one second and in American accent another second. Adil Hussain (Sridevi’s husband from English Vinglish) acted very well as the father. Tabu acted very well as the mother. She spoke English normally unlike Irfan. Shravanthi Sainath was good in a small role. Rafe Spall who played the writer was ok.

    Also watched School for Scoundrels a 1960 Black & White movie which is the original of Choti Si Baat. Choti Si Baat is almost a complete rip-off from the first scene to the last. Loved the movie. Excellent movie. Some of the scenes were hilarious. Some of the lines had very subtle comedy. The tennis match scene was a little stretched out though. Performances by Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Janette Scott (who was very pretty) and Alastair Sim were all excellent. And English culture in 1960 seems so similar to Indian culture.

    Also watched half of Scarface a 1932 Black & White movie. Scarface starring Al Pacino is a remake of this movie and it is a more flashy/stylish take on the original. The plot is same and there are lot of gun shootings and its about gang wars. Since it is a 1932 movie the gun shootings and car chases are not that good. Paul Muni, who plays the lead was excellent. He had good style and charisma. I think I read some Dilip Kumar interview where he was praising Paul Muni.

  66. cr7 11 years ago

    watched let the right one in. fantastic movie. though the genre is horror/vampire it excelled more as a drama.lacked scary moments and could have just little fast paced .but these are minor drawbacks . brilliant movie and highly recommended 🙂

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      Its misleading the genres of “horror and vampire” attached to it. Its actually a coming of age film.

  67. Bored 11 years ago

    Into the Wild is actually kiddish in front of Motorcycle Diaries. One is abt a misplaced and misdirected adventure, other is abt the journey which played its part in laying foundation for one of the most celebrated revolutionary.

    Comparing either with bollywood buddy-buddy nonsensense like DCH or ZNMD is even more kiddish.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      Misplaced adventure doesn’t make the movie kiddish (the movie is a character study). The innate desire of human is to live a social live. What if we don’t do, is profound which can not be fathom with current mindset. That is why we often call what lead was doing stupid (my original comment said I got irritated by stupidity).

      ps – If you become Gandhi doesn’t make all the movies made on Gandhi great. We are talking about movies and what they represent.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      I think The Motorcycle Diaries can also be called kiddish because it starts off as a misplaced adventure. Two guys wanting to take a road trip on a bike through snow and all that. That journey “played its part in laying foundation for one of the most celebrated revolutionary” but what if it had ended with those guys dead due to freezing cold?

      DCH was not much of a road trip movie. ZNMD was more of road trip movie but I don’t think that was kiddish/fluff either. Farhan’s reason for the road trip is to meet his real father. How is that fluff/kiddish? Farhan comes to terms with his father who left him. Hrithik’s character learns to live for the moment than to just slog and earn money. The journey also helps Farhan and Hrithik come to terms with a problem from their past which ruined their friendship.

  68. Shinji 11 years ago

    And Abhay has the best bachelor trip! as he decides to cancel the wedding and enjoy the beauties of the world 😉

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Escaping those running bulls was a metaphor for escaping marriage with Kalki 😉

  69. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Red Lights starring Cillian Murphy, Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver. Synopsis: Psychologist Margaret Matheson and her assistant study paranormal activity, which leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic who has resurfaced years after his toughest critic mysteriously passed away.

    The movie started off very well. It was showing how pyschics fool people and it built up the movie as a clash between this evil pyschic (DeNiro) and Cillian Murphy/Sigourney Weaver. I did guess one thing about DeNiro correctly from the first scene itself. And then the director just went and ruined the whole movie. Sigourney Weaver dies all of a sudden and the movie then goes on a downward spiral. There is a stupid twist in the end which is neither here nor there. Cillian Murphy was ok. Robert De Niro was excellent. Sigourney Weaver was very good.

    Also watched The Hunt for Red October Synopsis: In 1984, the USSR’s best submarine captain in their newest sub violates orders and heads for the USA. Is he trying to defect, or to start a war?

    The movie is very good and very engrossing till like the last 20 minutes or so when it became too filmy. It probably should have ended at a point but the movie went on with unnecessary scenes of torpedo attacks. Sam Neill was very good. Alec Baldwin was good except in the last few scenes. Alec imitating Sean Connery when it is supposed to be this intense life and death scene was ridiculous.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      I even saw Red Lights..But it was not engaging enough.

      Glad you saw The Hunt for Red October-One of my all-time favourites. Have you seen Crimson Tides?

      • Author
        sputnik 11 years ago

        No. Have not seen that. Its not on Netflix online. Have K19 and The Sum of All Fears in my queue.

  70. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Hithere, Sputnik, Tulmul, FS Bhai,

    Except Downfall, Which are the Other 3-4Movies you can Recco to Me on Hitler?

    And, any Recco’s on Movie Related to World War-II in general?

    I Know of these:-
    Pearl Harbour, Inglorius Basterds, Boy in Stripped Pajama’s, Schindler’s List, Life is Beautiful.


    That Burj Khalifa Sequence in MI-4 was a Treat to Watch on the Big Screen.

    But tbqh, I wud say I Liked Don2 More than MI4. 🙂

    • FS 11 years ago

      Pianist – is another brilliant take on sufferings of Jews just like Schindler’s list or life is beautiful.

      Valkyrie – Is also an excellent movie, how some anti Nazi’s tried to Kill Hitler starring Tom Cruise and is based on actual events….

      Letters From Iwo Jima – This is about the plight of the soldiers (japanese) in the war against American Invasion into the occupied Island. Nice movie…

      Saving Private Ryan – Starring Hanks, Mat damon – that obviously means should be one of the best film.

      War Horse – Nice flick about a guy and his love for his horse directed by spielburg i guess

      and there is one more about Mel gibson’s movie fighting against Vietnam.. Last 30Mins are the best of it. Forgot the name of the movie. I think even Braveheart comes under war movie…

      I can give you very good link on Hitler’s List… Haven’t seen many in the list below but may satisfy your wants 😉

      and QT take on War Movies and 50 best as per Time out

      • Dhamaka 11 years ago

        Fs is talking about “We were soldiers” starring Melgibson,Madeleine Stowe and Greg Kinnear.
        good movie high on emotions with excellent execution of war scenes.
        another war movie of gibson is The Patriot

        here is the link for war movies

    • hithere 11 years ago

      Saw in last some years (not exactly on Hitler)..

      1. Good – Viggo Mortensen
      2. Defiance – Daniel Craig
      3. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
      4. The Counterfeiters
      5. Sophie Scholl

  71. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Thanks a Lot for the Links FS Bhai!

  72. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Before Sunrise Hated it. One of the most boring and pretentious movies ever. Wanted to stop watching after 30 minutes or so but decided to give the movie a chance. Can’t believe that people actually like this movie and that it has a 8.0 rating on IMDB. Ethan Hawke meets this girl on a train and 10 minutes later he asks her to just get off the train and go with him on a tour of Vienna and she agrees. The rest of the movie is just these two people walking through Vienna and spending the night talking gibberish and pseudo intellectual crap. Ethan Hawke is like a poor man’s Tom Cruise trying to totally act like him. Both his and Julie Delphy’s character seemed like dumb people pretending to be these deep intellectuals.

    Watched The Sum of all Fears Did not like it. Totally silly stupid movie and everything that was happening seemed so implausible. There is a stupid nuclear attack scene on Baltimore. Ben Affleck was totally miscast and at no point he looked like someone able to save the world. Morgan Freeman was good. The movie managed to make both the US and the Russian Presidents look like a joke.

  73. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    The Pianist is an awesum movie…i liked it more thn Schindler’s list…

  74. Tulmul 11 years ago

    @ Sputnik
    BS, Both series are my All time Fav movies 🙂 and its 3 series ‘Before Midnight’ has been premiered at sundance 🙂

    Over to Suprabh now 🙂

    I can see your POV though !

    Ps: Unable to reply specific to you, WP beahving wierd.. it gets posted as general comment

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      I had downloaded Before Sunset too but have decided not to watch it after watching this. May be they should have never got off the train. The characters just did not interest me – they seemed vain. There are better movies with a similar concept like It Happened One Night and When Harry Met Sally and they were not boring like this. And When Harry Met Sally had a 1000 times more interesting and funny conversations.

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      LOL, Tulmul.

      What can I say…. Some people like DDLj, others like Before Sunrise 🙂

      To each their own!!

  75. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Ya! Don’t Watch it if you didn’t like first one.
    To me, they are much more interesting than the 2 movies you mentioned.

  76. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Watched 3 movies :

    Skyfall : Movie without script but some fanatastic sequences and agree what sputnik has said about that movie.

    Argo : Was expecting something extra-ordinary and just found it good.

    Zero Dark Thirty : out of the Three, this is the best, though very poltically correct movie, where stamp of state dept is clearly visible. Somehow, I found NewYorker piece on OBL op much more detalied and engrossing. JC is here to stay. Recommended.

  77. FS 11 years ago

    Agree with Tulmul that Before Sunrise and Sunset are better than When Harry Met Sally and they are one of my favorites too… I just liked only one scene in harry met sally – the orgy one. Rest I didn’t find any chemistry between the leads and all looked forceful or demand of the script.

  78. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Requiem for a Dream – Had in my laptop for over 2 yrs now and had seen in a forward mode earlier. Really liked the movie. The theme that Cr posted on Theme thread is just Brilliant. It is in sync with the movie, the characters pain/suffering and drag its audience more towards the plight/emotions of the drug addicts.. The background score, the forward mode, the editing of the film, the performances of the characters especially by the mother of the lead Actor, she was just brilliant… she worth an oscar for her performance. the Actress is really beautiful, young and charming.

    The scenes where the dope is taken is shown brilliantly and the urge towards the food that you are addicted is also captured brilliantly. It is dark, emotional film about the drug addicts or the effects and suffering of drugs on the lives of the people. Cinematography and Screenplay is excellent. Loved it.

    • Tulmul 11 years ago

      RFAD Is one Hell of Movie… it depicts very depressing and appaling affects of Drugs and they are so real… Hell seen it so many times… The movie I personally Love

  79. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago


    Disagree with you on When Harry Met Sally. They were opposites in personalities and the conversations were funny and incisive about relationships. Before Sunrise had all stupid and pretentious conversations.

    I had posted some lines from When Harry Met Sally before.

    Scene of the Week: When Harry Met Sally


    The first half of DDLJ (which looks inspired from the movie The Sure Thing based on its trailer) is a 1000 times better than Before Sunrise. At least its not boring.

    What can I say. Some people like to discredit any movie that has SRK in it and praise pretentious Hollywood crap 😉

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      Well.. as I said… I am happy loving Before sunrise/Before Sunset and I am also happy disliking DDLJ

  80. Serenzy 11 years ago

    DDLJ is Beyond Anything & Everything!

    Amateurs like Suprabh won’t get the Deep Essence of Raj and Simran’s Love Saga.


    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      Only People who can still go to Maratha Mandir to watch it, can get it 😀

  81. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    sputnik reccoed me Before sunrise not bcos he liked it but bcos he wanted to know my opinion. suprabh used to say ddlj is wet dream of indian women who dream that a handsome NRI will come all the way to india to marry them. Before sunrise is the wet dream of such men who think they will meet this beautiful girl willing to do everything to be with them.both are mushy wet dream films of opposite sexes. There is this same pattern which can be seen in any film on relationships. the guy wants sex,girl wants a life long relation.this basic aspect remains the same whether you watch ddlj ,before sunrise or even american pie. the treatment varies,some like to add fantasies (ddlj,before sunrise) some keep it more close to reality (american pie, yes even though its a comedy film).

  82. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    Hey guyz howz V for VENDETTA?
    I am planning to watch it tonight

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Its good and very different from the regular movies and I liked it.

  83. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Blue Valentine – As a film i really liked it but i don’t knw whether it qualifies as abstract cinema or commercial cinema. I think its a mix up of both with brilliant act by the leads. I won’t say i really loved it but definitely liked it though i could really relate to 2 incidents tht happened in my life as well & its response/reaction in the film was almost similar 2my response or reaction.

    I am also not disappointed with the ending and its not completely an ending by itself. The treatment, screen play & cinematography is brilliant as well. The flashback modes and the current story were parallel to each other which i really liked as it avoids confusion & conflicts in audience mind. Yes the emotions were high but it also had many good moments too.

    Highly Recommended to those who love Romantic tearjerkers.

  84. FS 11 years ago

    Watchef Hotel Transylvania – the animation was brilliant, one of its kind but as a story it lacked in many departments. Bored me for a while before until the boy enters the hotel. Too many character introductions in the beginning, same old romantic saga tht itself was a comedy & all monsters looked like bunch of junkies instead of monsters.

  85. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    V for Vendetta….awesome movie…a masterpiece..

  86. Aditya007 11 years ago

    recently watched 5th movie of X-Man series [X-Men: First Class] which was a decent watch for me , It was normaly An Prequal of
    series ,which works is in regards to its two central characters; Charles Xavier & Erik Lehnsherr ,Their instant on-screen chemistry provides the drive and ammunition for the plot to carry itself forward.The special effects in this movie looked like they came straight out of a movie , In other words ,NotUp to Mark as we compared to others series . The only other weight under which this movie really labors is the fact that it is a prequel, And some thing also not fit in my mind , And what quality is comprised helmet which had Mr. Erik weared?

  87. Serenzy 11 years ago


    Can you give Me the EXACT Order of X-Men Series.

  88. Aditya007 11 years ago

    CheakOut this Order of Xmen films ,

    1. X-Men : Evolution Begins
    2. X2 : The time has come for those who are different to stand united
    3. X-Men: The Last Stand
    4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    5. X-Men: First Class

    Also The next film of X-Men series will be Set after 3rd Part of series i.e X-Men: the last stand and movie should be release in End of This year !

  89. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    Just finished DONNIE DARKO and kuch samjh ni aya

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Had watched last month and commented on it.

      “Watched theatrical version of Donnie Darko. The movie did not do well but its a cult movie now. It was engrossing and intriguing and had a very good soundtrack. But it made no sense whatsoever. The ending was WTF.

      After watching the movie I read about the differences between the theatrical version and the director’s cut. The director’s cut has more clues and explanation but I think its still mumbo jumbo. “

  90. Shinji 11 years ago

    Well to be frank babaji, i enjoyed the movie 🙂 that is what i know, regarding my views on philosophy of the movie… havnt thought much regarding it… if i do watch again i shall write something.

    lol sputnik yeah i have read it before 🙂

  91. Manish 11 years ago

    Saw DUS TOLA

    Dus tola gives the feel of malgudi days stories set in hinter land, giving a good Moral message. Dus tola is simple tale with a message about what goes around comes around but sadly apart from the feel we doesn’t get anything that is on par with malgudi days . The trappings of Bollywood movies – songs etc to establish the love affair slows the story plus the songs are bad and then we have caricatures of character especially the guy who plays manoj bajpayi’s father, to ruin the movie. This should not have been treated the way regular Bollywood movies are treated (with songs and irrelevant sub plots) and that’s what mar the simplicity of movie and it end up being a below average to average kind of movie.. On acting front – Dilip Prabhavalkar(daya shahstri) – the guy who plays astrologer, aarti chabria (suwarn lata)’s father and ninad kamat are excellent in their roles . manoj bajpayee(Shankar) is also good but as a movie on whole its just about ok

    I will rate it 5.5/10

  92. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    Watched many movies after semester exams…

    1. V for Vendetta- loved it…flawless movie…a bit diffrent… 9/10

    2.INTO THE WILD- Just love this movie… Great direction by sean penn…loved the guy who played chris the lead character…9.5/10

    3.12 angry men- best courtdrama ever…despite being a black and white movie i loved it… 8/10

    4.Donnie darko- dnt knw what 2 say but kuch samjh ni aya… 2/10

    5.The descent- its a british horror film..liked it…7/10

    6. Before the devil know you are dead- a very nice thriller… Reccomended to thriller fans… 8/10 valentine- saw it after reading review of fs and hated it…kya bakchodi thi…liked lead actors though… 4/10

    10.Apoclypso now- best war movie ever… 10/10

    11.Psycho- hats off to alfrd hitchcock…its a 1960 thriller and still the best in its genre… 10/10

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Will watch Into the Wild soon soon may be this weekend.

      Yes 12 Angry Men is one of the best courtroom drama ever. Had posted the whole movie and the Indian copy here sometime back.

      Blue Valentine is also on my watch list.

      Have been wanting to watch Apocalypse Now for a long time been putting off due to the length. Will try to watch this weekend.

      Yes Pyscho is one of the best thrillers. Since you liked Pyscho you mght like the movie Hitchcock which is like a making of Pyscho.

  93. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    7. Flags of our father-nice movie…

    8. Seven years in TIBET- Beautiful
    movie… 8/10

  94. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Novacento aka 1900 again set in 1900’s to 1945 till the liberation day. Its a 6 hr stretch movie starring robert de niero… For some it may bore to death, to some it may like a tv series or for some it may be like a documentary but i enjoyed whatever i saw… I almost saw the struggle, sufferings of bunch of people or one of the community/village under the padrone (landlord/head of the city something like that), friendship, love and finally liberation of the people. They have made a movie as real as possible.

  95. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Headhunters after recommendation by Nirjhar – Excellent thriller…

  96. Tulmul 11 years ago

    FS :

    At least should have acknowledged me 🙁 for recco ‘ ing this movie to You, rexy, Cr and others on SB…

    • FS 11 years ago

      Which movie? Headhunters – i heard it first time frm nirjhar, novacento by danish when i made korean post which i recommended others including you 😛

      Yes but you do have recommended some of the best movies like Schindler’s List, Pianist, Life is Beautiful, Before subrise, sunset etc….

      • hithere 11 years ago

        The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch – Decent thriller.
        Just Cause

        ps – were on netflix instant.

      • Author
        sputnik 11 years ago

        Added HeadHunters to my watch list. Thanks for the Recco. Will comment after watching it 😀

        1900 seems too long for me. I think I may have watched one scene of it before 😉



        How was Just Cause?

        • hithere 11 years ago

          sorry it is Escape Clause 🙂 A TV movie and decent suspense.

  97. cr7 11 years ago

    watched withnail & i is becoming one of my all time favorite , definitely one of the best in this genre . highly recommended 🙂

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Added withnail & i to my watch list. Thanks for the Recco. Will comment about it after watching 😀

  98. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Teri meri aaj se Kati 🙁

  99. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    The last king of scotland- Awesum movie…brilliant acting by Forest Whitaker…

    The lincoln lawyer- Its a very enjoyable
    movie…Matthew McConaughey was

  100. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    @sputnik- howz Doubt,Public Enemies,The Blind side,Big fish,Mullholland drive,Kiss kiss bang bang,Traitor?

    • FS 11 years ago

      You will love The blind side. Sandra bullock and tht fat kid may just inspire you 😉

      Public Enemies is another brilliant flick but it depends on the taste. Some may like it & some may hate it but everybody will recognize the fantastic act put up by the lead actors. They are just fantastic.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Doubt is a very good movie. I liked it a lot. Meryl Streep was excellent and performances were good by everyone.

      The Blind Side is also good and is based on a true story.

      Mullholland Drive completely changes halfway through the movie and I did not understand it at all. It is like Donnie Darko.

      Have not seen the other movies you mentioned.

      Agree with you on brilliant acting by Forest Whitaker in The last king of Scotland. Was thinking of watching The Lincoln Lawyer. Will check it out.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      Traitor is good.
      Sputnik – Lincoln Lawyer is a masala movie but you will like it,

  101. FS 11 years ago

    Have u guyz seen “Find me Guilty” ? Starring Vin Diesel? I guess i watched it after His Pacifier. Tht was one of the best courtroom drama i had seen after ‘a few good men’. 12 angry men been there in my hard disk for over 3 yrs nw. Just because its b/w i have avoided it. Will yry to catch this one

    Watched Skyfall – loved it untill the climax but even though the climax was stupid, it was engaging throughout.

    Watched The silver lining playbook – surprised to see Anupam Kher and I really liked the movie specially for it being cliched coz twisting it or giving somekind of new dramatic end would have made it somekind of intellect movie rather thn the simple romantic movie the it was. Loved the performance of all 3 lead characters.

    Thuppakki – Very Good movie.. I guess the villian is the same one who is the lead actor of upcoming movie “Commando”

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      I had seen Find me Guilty when it released. Liked it and Vin Diesel was very good.

      Watch 12 Angry Men its very good. I think you will like it.

      Yeah The silver linings playbook can be called cliched romantic movie but I think its the performances that make the movie good especially Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

      Yes he was the villain in Force too. Its a good masala movie if you have not seen it.

      • FS 11 years ago

        Oh yeah i remember this guy in force. I think it his hairstyle tht differentiates him in Force. For me it was one of the best movies of tht year. John was kinda like Hulk to bully those goons.

  102. Aditya007 11 years ago

    Watched ‘The IsLand’ and really it was an awesome experience. movie had great action, and well written plot line, without an over abundance violence. They know the ocean, grass, insects, and all of the worlds wonders only from pictures and looking outside the window. None of them have ever smelled fresh air. It was a little slow at first but once Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson’s characters discovered that they were clones, the action picked up immensely, and Johansson looked good screen presence but her dialogue was limited.

  103. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Road to Sangam – It is more of a hero centric than a movie with social message. Here only the protagonist is the hero and everyone else apart frm his friend “doc” are shown in a bad light like anti Indian or something. Everyone praises pakistani cricketer and he alone praises indian cricketer wtf.

    I would have liked it more if it was as real and harsh as OMG.

    I would like to add here may be to remove few misconceptions.

    for ex: In the film they have shown it as those muslims only embrace pakistani players because they are fast and aggressive player, but as far as reality is concerned, it is totally different. Everyone knws why Those who embrace or support pakistani cricketers especially against india does that, hell few even fire crackers when pakistan wins (personally i believe its anti-indian even though its sports) but they are fewer in number as shown in the film.

    Maulvi is shown as mixing up religion and politics and act as the head or the leader but in reality except friday prayers (mostly related to religion) they hardly have any “say” or speak up on behalf of public in decision making. Its the chairman or secretary who does such manipulating things with half baked knowledge and creating misunderstanding among the community members, its they who themselves are away from the facts of religion and use it as a basis for sympathy among the community members. I am not saying most but those who do these activities are these community members. Even Friday Speeches are decided by these members. The dialogues and other stuffs that gives negative vibes should have been mouthed by the chairman/secretary instead of Maulvi – tht would have been more apt.

    Worst part of the film – Not allowing paresh rawal to have last “deedar” of the dead person… even enemies won’t do that but here it is done by maulvi lol.

    they haven’t shown the cause of bomb blast, nor the culprits… In reality, those who are in custody based on doubts/links won’t even see the lights for years now a days even if they are innocent but in film they come out in few days with a strike which is far from reality.

    Few emotional factors have deliberately added to gain more sympathy towards the protagonist which favors the film.

    A sugar coated, hero centered film made to gain more sympathy than giving out actual message in which the film depicts a large section of a particular community in a bad light.

    Watch it for entertainment rather than some kind of film with social message.

  104. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Coach Carter It is based on a true story, in which Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter made headlines in 1999 for benching his MVP and undefeated team due to poor academic results.

    Very good movie with a good message – a bit long though. Samuel L. Jackson was excellent. The rest of the cast was decent/good.

    Thanks to FS for recommending the movie in his “List of My Favorite Inspirational Movies of All Time” post.

  105. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    just finished watching EV. quite similar to Madhavans ram jee london waale.a good film. sridevi is good throughout and should have won best actress.

  106. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    sputnik INTO the wild dekhi?
    I am waiting for your review

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Will try to watch it today or tomorrow.

  107. FS 11 years ago

    Watched Taken 2 – Typical timepass movie but the lead actor looked old, lazy in fast moves and tried to implement Too much of intelligence at the end just to look dumb 😛 The plot and motive of the of the kidnapper was too hallow & unreasonable, instead they could have used “revenge” for killing of some sheik in the first part as the motive to kill him & his family thn the reason used looked implausible.

    Liked few parts such as car chase, emotions relating to her daughter’s partner & hus first wife, few action part as well. First part was Classic compared to part 2.

  108. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    I like the atitude of liam nesson in taken series..

  109. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    I like the atitude of liam nesson in taken series..
    Despite being old he was gud…
    Taken 7.5/10
    Taken2 6.5/10

  110. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched The Lincoln Lawyer Liked it. Good entertaining thriller. Matthew McConaughey was very good. Ryan Phillippe was also good. Thanks to Prashant and hithere for recommending the movie.

    Also watched The Machinist. It shows what guilt could do to somebody. Was able to guess what the movie was about and one of the characters from the first couple of scenes itself. So it was kind of disappointing as there have been so many movies using the same twist. It was still watchable even though it was slow paced. Christian Bale was excellent. I am surprised that he was not even nominated for any awards. The weight loss thing can either be praised for commitment or be bashed for being almost crazy.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      He is so thin.

      Saw couple of MM movies: paperboy, Killer Joe. Acting is good in both movies but both movies lack something which stops me from recommending. But still decent.

    • cr7 11 years ago

      i have similar views on machinist . i liked the movie but predicted the twist very early .Bale is excellent in all movie but what he did for it was just insane.

      • FS 11 years ago

        Even in fighter he has almost similar weight… He is definitely insane because drastic changes in physicality may lead to many physical disorders…

  111. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    Kickass- Refreshing movie… It was hillarious….now this is what i call entertainment…fuck batman,spiderman,superman etc KICKASS is the best superhero ever…
    Btw loved the girl who played hitgirl she was great…8/10

    • cr7 11 years ago

      Kickass . i am glad that u liked the movie. i loved this film . fast,exciting,funny,refreshing and it has some super funny dialogues .agree about hit girl.

  112. Suprabh 11 years ago

    The Machinist is what it is because of a brilliant performance by Bale. I can watch it multiple times because of him.

    Btw, good to see this thread getting 200 comments 🙂

  113. FS 11 years ago

    Re-watched You’ve Got Mail – Had watched it long long time back and This time felt little dragged in the beginning but at the end the Chemistry & flow of emotions just made up… The scene where Hanks indirectly proposes Meg Ryan is the best scene of the film. Actually there are many good scene’s in the film reflecting different personalities of individuals that you have talked, walked or slept with 😛 Just Loved it.

    PS: Each month the thread has progressed and can easily say the best trending thread 😛

  114. cr7 11 years ago

    watched crazy,stupid love .the film had a adorable story line. liked all the love angles . inspite of this somehow the movie lost its charm. the kid’s character became irritating at the end.too much cliche,1-2 stupid melodramatic scenes..gosling,carel,moore performed really well. didn”t like emma stone.overall i think the movie could have been better . still it is watchable , decent time pass. Highlight scene is scene when gosling came to know that emma is carel’s daughter. hilarious scene . A ROFL moment .

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      Indeed, that was a funny scene,,, I also like the whole father-son deal between carrel and his son. Carrel was too good and his chemistry with gosling worked.

    • FS 11 years ago

      have you seen love drugs and other things? you might like it if you haven’t seen it..

  115. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Just watched 500 Days of Summer Excellent Movie. Loved it. There were so many scenes that were good and the dialogues were excellent. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel were excellent. Chloë Grace Moretz (Hit Girl from Kick-Ass) plays Tom’s sister and she has a small role but was good in this one too. Had watched only half of Kick-Ass a couple of years back and had liked whatever I had seen. So will watch the rest soon.

    I think I heard about this movie first from you. So thanks for recommending this and Before Sunrise ke liye maaf kiya 😉

    • cr7 11 years ago

      i liked 500 days of summer a lot.u said it all .i i think the soundtrack of the movie deserves a mention too. some beautiful songs used perfectly .

      • FS 11 years ago

        Don’t forget to mention the actress… She is gorgeous with tough voice

      • Author
        sputnik 11 years ago

        Yeah the songs were used very well in the movie especially with the whole Karaoke bars. Loved the street dancing scene 😀

  116. Suprabh 11 years ago


    You are welcome 🙂 . Here’s one of my fav Zooey deschanel moment- although this one’s not from 500 days of summer. The best part starts at 1:40. The words are simply awesome.


    I have seen Love and Other drugs, I liked the movie and also loved Anne Hatthway’s rack 😛

    • FS 11 years ago

      This video is frm Yes Man isn’t it (although i can’t view the video frm office) another brilliant flick

  117. cr7 11 years ago

    watched argo .fantastic movie .could have been even better if i didn’t know the ending .still it created enough tension to make you wonder whether rescue operation will succeed or not ..i also liked the fact that it didn’t try to be judgmental .liked the narration at the beginning.good enough infos throughout the movie. best movie of 2012 IMO.

  118. Shinji 11 years ago

    Indeed one of my favourite movies!!

    I discussed this one long time back with sup, ihab etc on NG.

  119. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Race It was time-pass entertainer – a little bit long though. There are the usual twists and double crosses (some smart and some implausible) just like Race. Some action scenes were stupid and silly but even they entertain as unintentional comedy. The heist scene should not have been shown along with the fight scene. Saif, John, Deepika, Jacqueline were all good. Anil Kapoor and Amisha Patel track was just annoying with the double meaning dialogues. I think Abbas-Mustan are the masters of this Bollywood thriller genre. I don’t think any other director can pull off movies like Race and Race 2.

    Finally watched Apocalypse Now the theatrical version. Thought of watching the Redux version but many on IMDB were saying that they preferred the original version. Had tried to watch this more than ten years ago but the length had scared me off and it was the reason that I had not watched it until now.

    Synopsis: During the U.S.-Viet Nam War, Captain Willard is sent on a dangerous mission into Cambodia to assassinate a renegade colonel who has set himself up as a god among a local tribe.

    Movie was good but I was kind of disappointed with the ending after all the build up. The movie shows the horror of war. Cinematography was great and the background music and the songs used were good. Martin Sheen is just like his son Charlie Sheen not only in looks but even in acting talent at least in this movie – may be just a wee bit better. Marlon Brando was excellent in the few scenes that he had – wish he had a longer role. Robert Duvall was excellent in the few scenes that he had. Francis Ford Coppola’s direction was good except for the ending.

    I had watched Platoon like ten years ago and had liked the movie. After seeing this I feel Platoon is inspired by this movie. It has Charlie Sheen (instead of his father Martin Sheen) narrating the movie similarly and it had other scenes too which bore similarity with this movie.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      agreed with your views on race.its a well written entertainer,better than south remakes.its stupid at some points but its intentional like the baloon-car scene in climax.Abbas mustan wanted the audience to LOL at those points.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      Race is a modern time Chandrakanta. They will show a scene and next scene will negate whatever they just showed.

      ps – People bet everything they have so easily 🙂

  120. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    saw in the realms of senses .old japanese film. one of the weirdest films i ever saw. mostly we see guys addicted to sex,here girl is more addicted. reccoed by sputnik 😉 its based on true story and banned in japan for explicit content.
    also saw 9 songs. both are similar except that realms of senses is more gross 😀

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      LOL !! both movies are great stress busters, kind of relieving (Pun intended) 😉

      I know, it sounds funny, but I really liked 9 songs as I could relate to it.

    • hithere 11 years ago

      Where are the reviews 🙂 ?

  121. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    Inside man- Its a movie based on a bank robbery starring Denzel washington and Clive owen.directed by spike lee.. Liked it alot… Brilliant acting by evry1 and the ending was great….8/10

  122. FS 11 years ago

    Re-Watched Sleepless in Seatle – liked it very much. Had forgot almost everything abt this film. It was refreshing. They make good couple (hanks & Meg ryan)

    Watched Universal soldier day of reckoning – it blows your mind in first 5 mins if the start and thn gets boring until one fight sequence cones up… This one-one fight sequence could be termed as one of the best, it was hardcore, brutal, energetic, with some agile reflexes and kicks. The baseball bat shot was excellent. Then in the end there is another fight which involves Jean laude Van Damn 😛 overall timoass movie with superb man to man action. Even some of the gun shot action was good but a bit voilent movie. Story is rhe weakest part of it.

  123. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    Watched THE BLIND SIDE …liked it alot… The story was touching and inspirational… Acting was good especially liked the small kid he was funny… Thank fs,nirijhar,suprabh & sputnik for encouraging me to watch it… 7/10

  124. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched We Were Soldiers about the Battle of Ia Drang from Vietnam War on November 14, 1965. The movie is very supportive of the US soldiers of Vietnam war unlike other Vietnam War movies. There is one scene of a Vietnamese soldier’s diary with his GF/wife’s picture so it kind of presents the human side of them too.

    Most of the movie is just Vietnamese soldiers coming like idiots to be killed. Some scenes of the wives discussing laundry and Mel Gibson’s wife going around passing letters felt cheesy to me. There is an irritating Scottish song Sgt. MacKenzie that plays a couple of times. Mel Gibson, Greg Kinnear were ok. Madeleine Stowe looked pretty.

  125. cr7 11 years ago

    watched the man from earth . its unique and engrossing . from start to end film got me hooked . the main theme itself is interesting and more to add the conversations .the topics of the conversations are so vast and attention grabbing that there is hardly any chance that the film will bore u. i am not sure how much i like it . i will see it again soon but it is highly recommended. it deserves to be seen.

    • Suprabh 11 years ago

      True, concept and screenplay wise, Its one of my fav sci-fi movies.

  126. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Into the Wild I have mixed feelings on this one. It has great cinematography (visuals), background score and some scenes are very good. But I think the guy was an idiot who instead of facing his personal problems head on decided to go live in Alaska. I think it was more a misplaced adventure than any profound soul searching trip. In the movie he keeps meeting good people but keeps running away from them and wants to live in solitude and dies in solitude.

    The movie romanticizes the whole thing showing him burning his money, credit cards and SSN while in reality he did nothing like that. The movie shows that he had no map when in reality he had a map. The movie also shows that he was poisoned which was not true. He died of starvation – he was 30 kgs when he was found dead. Its ironic that in the movie he says “instead of love, faith… give me truth” and the director instead of giving the truth romanticizes his story. He even put up a SOS in his real life which Sean Penn does not show in his movie.


    Also watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a 1969 Western based on the true story of these real life bandits. The movie was entertaining and the chemistry between Paul Newman and Robert Redford was excellent. Jai and Veeru characters and the chemistry between them seem inspired from them – Jai modeled on Robert Redford (left handed sharp shooter) and Veeru modeled on Paul Newman(cycle tricks). Robbing the bank in Bolivia scene was very funny. The Holi fight scene of Sholay also seemed inspired from one scene – not copied though. Katharine Ross of The Graduate fame looked very pretty and was good too. Incidentally I saw the movie on her birthday Jan 29th 😀 The movie was nominated for 7 Oscars and won 4 Oscars for Best original screenplay, Best Cinematography; Best Original Score and Best Song for “Raindrops keep fallin on my head”.

  127. Serenzy 11 years ago


    As a Sequel to a Much-Loved RACE [’08], it Pales in Comparison, BIG TIME[Same as on the Lines of Double Dhamaal, KSKHH, Jannat-2]

    The Glaring Loopholes and
    Cinematic Liberties taken by
    Abbas-Mustan are ‘Toooo
    Much’ and the Execution is
    Similar to their Own ‘Players/­Race-1’.

    A Big Dissapointment
    Directing/Story/Script Wise.

    The DIALOGUES are so
    Unintentionally Funny at Places
    that We Ended up Laughing at
    them More than 5-6 Times
    [Watch Out for that Sequence
    where John tells Saif as to why he Killed Bipasha.. That
    was One SuperROFL and
    Hilarious Moment].

    The Music is Another Big
    Why does Pritam do this after every Cocktail/Barfi!, I Do NOT Understand.

    And B’Wood, Shoot some
    Good Song Videos Please!!!
    I’m Sooooo Over ‘Be-Intehaan, Lat Lag Gayi’ Type Videos!

    What Lifts the Movie is We get
    to Treat Our Eyes to the Likes
    of John, Jaqueline and espc.
    Dippy[HOT HOT HOT.. Ooooozing
    Hotness!!] instead of Bobby
    Deol, Sonam, Sikander Kher, Bipasha!

    Anil-Ameesha Track is Baseless
    and Filled with Double-Meaning Jokes of Such Level that I Used to Read/Forward back in My 8th Grade.
    Pathetic Dialogues.

    Saif is Sleepwalking thru his
    ‘Agent Vinod’ Role.
    The Hiest Job/Fooling Khattar at the Beggining was Bad.

    John, Poor Soul though can’t
    Express his Emotions, atleast
    has a Body to Die For.
    The Action/Stunts is Amazing,
    the “Cage Fight Scene” was Fab and Applause Worthy.

    Dippy and Jaqueline, I Wonder how do they keep a Straight Face Uttering those Nonsense Dialogues and Doing those Scenes.

    The CLIMAX is Average..
    In the End, when Saif takes the Sportscar out of the Moving Air Plane, Our whole Multiplex Erupted with Laughter.

    The Problem is Such Things
    Work in Dabangg, Singham, RR but Race-2 has to keep More Intense ‘AP/Ghajini’ Type Atmosphere.

    The Production Values are
    Superb, The Locales and Actors are Stylised Brilliantly.


    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Race 2 is not supposed to be intense. Its a fun popcorn entertainer like those James Bond or action thriller movies where implausible things happen.

  128. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Some Little ‘Double-Crossin g’ Games here and there and the
    Action is what Makes Race-2 a
    One Time Watch, a Far Cry
    from the Intense Thrill and Evil
    Games Played in the 1st Part.

    p.s – Hope, Dhoom3 is Something Kick-ASS, Hollywood Ishtyle!

  129. ank_16n 11 years ago


    Good.Luck.Chuck—ok ok watch , good concept…!!

    1408—Brilliant movie ….super liked..very different and Effective..!!

    My.Week.with.Marilyn—-good movie but had expected more was not as revealing as some were saying..!!

    Havoc—-bekaar is the only word ..!!

    Van Wilder and Van Wilder2rise of Taj—-both movies are very good liked them both ..!!

    Alpha Dog—–last 40-45 min were very good overall nice not bad..!!

    A Walk To Remember..!!

  130. ank_16n 11 years ago

    also watched Do Doni chaar —brilliant brilliant movie loved it …really most Awesome movie..!!

    Lok Parlok 1979—very good movie had Jitender in a very good role..!!

    The Burning Train 1980—good movie don’t understand why it flopped ..!!

    Aradhana 1969—very good movie..!!

    Sachaa Jhutha —Rajesh Khanna in full form……great movie..!!

    Anand 1971——One of the best movie on the subject..!!

    Bawarchi 1972

    Hera Pheri 1976—-awesome movie i think Hera pheri naam ki movie kabhi gandi hi nhi ho sakti..!!

    Purab Aur Pachhim (1970)—–very good movie with good message but in the middle gets a little Boring..!!

    Parvarish 1977—–again a very good movie..!!

    Qurbani (1980)—–ok.ok but over-rated didn’t liked it that much..!!

  131. ank_16n 11 years ago

    The Dreamers—an awesome take on 3friends relationship along with ’68 Paris student riots…!!

    Defendor—Good movie on the take of Super-hero…a must watch..!!

    Perfect.Sense—-a love story in between an epidemic….good watch..!!

    Dangerous.Liaisons 1988—Brilliant take on passion and betrayal …..highly all..!!

    The 40 Year Old Virgin—steve carrel breakout role with brilliant comic scenes..!!

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Did not like The Dreamers much. It was weird – only good for Eva Green 😉

      Good that you reminded me of Dangerous Liaisons. Dangerous Liaisons is an excellent movie. Had watched it more than ten years back and loved it. John Malkovich was brilliant. Glenn Close was excellent and Michelle Pfeiffer, Uma Thurman were very good too.

      The movie Cruel Intentions is a bad modern day adaptation of the same novel.

      You should watch this. I think you will like it. I wanted to recommend you this but I keep forgetting.

  132. Serenzy 11 years ago

    – Your Take on the ‘GOW Series’?

    – How Many Clean Successes in 2012 acc. to you??


    “Fun Stats” on Movies Watched this Month Post

    1950 Views, 246 Comments but Posted on *9th Jan*

    1450 Views, 231 Comments but Posted on *2nd Jan*


    • ank_16n 11 years ago

      ” Your Take on the ‘GOW Series’?”

      GOW 1 was good manoj made it what it was…
      Tigmanshu was also good..!!

      GOW 2 didn’t liked it as much as GOW 1 ….actually the length of both movie was a problem……though GOW 1 was good fun..
      Actually i liked only Gulal and GOW 1 of Anurag (haven’t seen Paanch)…
      yaar the thing is i hate Anurag more for No smoking(i still get horror dreams about no smoking) then any other film-maker for any movie..!!

      and one more small reason for not liking anurag is Returns of hanuman –the man just destroyed the legacy of hanuman..!!

      I have seen all his movies in Theatres except GOW2 and Gulal..!!


      and as far as Successes of 2012 —-

      they are—
      Ek Tha Tiger–Blockbuster
      Dabangg 2 –Blockbuster
      Rowdy Rathore– Blockbuster
      Agneepath — Super Hit
      Housefull 2 –Super Hit
      Barfi!—Super Hit
      Jab Tak Hai Jaan –Hit
      Bol Bachchan –Hit
      Talaash –Semi Hit
      Son of Sardaar–Hit
      Paan Singh Tomar – Semi Hit
      Kahaani – Super Hit
      Vicky Donor – Super Hit
      Jannat 2 – Above Average
      Ishaqzaade – Hit
      Gangs of Wasseypur1 – Above Average
      Cocktail – Hit
      Raaz 3 – Super Hit
      English Vinglish – Hit
      Oh My God – Super Hit
      Student Of The Year – Hit
      Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya-semi Hit
      Hate Story–Semi Hit
      Jism 2-Semi hit
      1920 – Evil Returns–Semi Hit

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        i think serenzy sometimes asks questions like “- How Many Clean Successes in 2012 acc. to you??” just to put people to work. he enjoys it. he will read ank16 comment now and laugh that he made him write that long list which serenzy can easily check on BOI too.

        • ank_16n 11 years ago

          i m also clever copied it from Weekipedia alsong with Verdicts and just added last 4 from my side..!!

  133. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Chinatown. A private detective investigating an adultery case stumbles on to a scheme of murder that has something to do with water.

    The movie has this whole noir atmosphere going for it and its very good till a major part of it but two things ruined the movie at least for me. There is a twist in the movie which while bold and unexpected dilutes the whole movie. I think the movie should have been about the water thing only. I don’t have a problem with tragic endings but the ending was pathetic and stupid.

  134. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Thanx for Your Views Ank!




  135. Serenzy 11 years ago

    “Run Fatboy Run”

    The Main Story is: Five years
    after jilting his
    pregnant fiancée on their
    wedding day, out-of-shape
    Dennis[Simon Pegg] decides to run a marathon to win her back.

    A Delightful, Breezy kinda
    British Comedy I Mainly Saw
    bcz it is David Schwimmer’s
    [The Ultra-Popular Ross from
    the Iconic TV Series, FRIENDS]
    Directorial Debut.

    The Witty Conversations btwn
    Pegg and Azaria are Fun to
    Watch and that Actress
    playing an Indian NRI[India de
    Beaufort] was like really HOT!

    All in all, Do Wach it in Future
    if You’re a Big Fan and Don’t
    Mind Waching a Light-Hearted
    UK/British Movie like Me do

    ps –
    1] I Really do Love the Brit-
    Accented English more than
    the Amrikan One.

    2] A Popular Indian Actor, Harish
    Patel is a Major Character in the
    Movie and he Enacted his Part
    in a Very Good Manner I Must

    Heck, He even got a Chance to
    deliver a Punch-Line about his
    SEX Life!!!

    3] “David Schwimmer
    discussed the scene between
    Hank Azaria and Simon Pegg
    that takes place in the locker

    Generally, if males
    have to be NUDE for a scene,
    they will use a nude (flesh)-
    colored pouch to cover themselves.

    However, for some reason, the
    pouch wouldn’t stay put and
    Azaria ultimately decided to
    forgo wearing it – but told
    Schwimmer NOT to say
    anything to Pegg.

    The Reaction of Shock we see
    from Simon Pegg when Azaria
    Drops his Towel is
    😛 😛

  136. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched The Big Kahuna Two veteran salesman direct a sales pitch to a particular client, through their young protege. The young protege however is more interested in talking about Jesus to the client than pitching the sale.

    The movie is based off a stage play and so it looks like a stage play with almost the whole movie set in a room and involving dialogues between the three main characters. The movie has a open ending so its all open to debate what it means. A few of the scenes are excellent like the one where Kevin Spacey gets mad at Peter Facinelli for talking about Jesus and Danny Devito’s speech to Peter Facinelli about marketing and character.

    Kevin Spacey is excellent and his role/performance is similar to Lester from American Beauty and this released the same year. I don’t think there is any other actor who can deliver sarcastic lines as well as Kevin Spacey. Danny Devito is excellent too and Peter Facinelli (reminded me of Tom Cruise) is very good too.

    • FS 11 years ago

      It sounds similar to Carnage Starring Kate Winslet, Jodie Froster, Alan Cowan –

      • Author
        sputnik 11 years ago

        I have not seen Carnage but after reading the plot from wiki it does not sound similar apart from both being set in a room.

        • FS 11 years ago

          I also meant abt the treatment and not the plot.

        • hithere 11 years ago

          Carnage is good (I call it verbal diarrhea) a glimpse how people react and change their positions in a discussion. “Tape” is something similar.

          • FS 11 years ago

            I liked the movie carnage but it was little stretched.

  137. Prashant Chandola 11 years ago

    Watched THE PERFECT WORLD- wonderfull movie … Brilliant acting… Kid was gud… 9/10

  138. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched An Officer and a Gentleman Very good Movie – liked it a lot. Its about a U.S. Navy Aviation Officer candidate who comes in conflict with the Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who trains him. The movie is not just about training but also about blue collar women wanting to marry these officer candidates as a ticket to a better life.

    Richard Gere was excellent. Debra Winger who looked very pretty was excellent too and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. Louis Gossett, Jr. was brilliant as the Sergeant and it was nice to find out that he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Lisa Blount was also good. I thought he must have been overlooked.

  139. ank_16n 11 years ago

    watched The Hangover Part 2 again was fun but didn’t matched even 50% of hangover part 1…may be bcoz 1st part was too good….

    i think movie cud have been better if the whole monkey scene cud have been edited out Except that water bottle scene in Bus..!!

  140. ank_16n 11 years ago

    and also watched Source Code for the 4th time was as much fun as 1st time…
    really very good movie and like that lead actor have also seen his Persian prince, Love sex and Drugs and brockback mountain…he is quite talented..!!

  141. ank_16n 11 years ago

    i know we are talking abt movies but will like to mention one TV series Californication

    brilliant awesome fun….never laughed this much for any TV series..truly superlative..!!

  142. Serenzy 11 years ago


    Jake Gyllenhaal it is.

    Have Not Seen POP and Brokeback Mountain.

    ‘Love & Other Drugs'[FS ka Recco] was Bad Movie… Bored Me to Death.
    Have Seen Better Movies on the Same Genre from H’Wood, 50/50[Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, ANNA KENDRIC *_* ] being One of them.

    Hathaway’s Nude Scenes were Fun though! 😉

    – I First saw Source Code in Bad Print and din’t like it Much.
    Ended Up Comparing it to INCEPTION Even.

    Need a Rewatch.


    Have Watched Just ONE TV Series/Sitcom till date – SHERLOCK – and let me tell you, It’s a Must Watch.

    • FS 11 years ago

      Go watch casablanca one more time 😛

      May be u had seen 50/50 which bored me to death, first, thts y u might hav nt liked it.

    • ank_16n 11 years ago

      me to didn’t liked Love & Other Drugs.

      have watched ANNA KENDRIC didn’t liked it that much also …just timepass.!!

      have listened certain things about SHERLOCK but will not watch it as already watched SHERLOCK HOLMES part 1 and 2 ….so will stick to that only..!!

  143. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Watched Payback Porter is shot by his wife and partner and is left to die. When he survives he plots revenge and wants his share of money back.

    The movie starts off well and some of the twists seem or look smart but almost all are implausible because they all rely on complete stupidity of other characters and Mel miraculously appearing at places or escaping miraculously. There is this crime organization called “Outfit” which seems headed by dumb guys and with hardly any security.

    It turns out that the movie is adapted from a novel which was already made into a movie called Point Blank (1967). I read the plot of Point Blank from wiki and it seems that there are a lot of changes from that. There is apparently a director’s cut too which is very different from this one. So it seems that they made lot of changes while filming.

    Some are saying on IMDB that Get the Gringo is an unofficial sequel to this movie.

    • ank_16n 11 years ago

      oh i read it as Paycheck and was wondering did i watched the wrong movie….
      but after reading again i understood it…!!

      on Paycheck was good though movie cud have been edited better…!!

  144. Serenzy 11 years ago


    Watch the GOW Series and then Create the February Thread.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      That’s what I thought of doing. How did you read my mind? 😉

  145. Serenzy 11 years ago


    “How did you read my mind?”

    Well, Besides the “Psychic
    Powers” that I Possess, I have a Fine Recalling Memory and a Strong Gut-Feeling 😉

  146. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago


    You seem to be the expert since you came up with that “zizek” kind of overreading.

    I don’t claim false expertise. Research before you talk.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      you seriously think wiki is the bible for meaning and interpretation of all terms? wiki didnt create us,we created wiki. even i can go and edit anything over there. 😉 none of us know how hell looks like.i am here thinking about a possiblity. if you watch the scene properly,you can see how kubrick has designed the atmosphere. some are just sitting and watching others in still,erotic postures. while others are helping some couple to have a very animated sex.if he just wanted to show a normal orgy scene,he could have shown it the way other films have it. as i said before “mystique and intigue” means nothing without seems you didnt understand the scene at all and just use these words to sound as if you understood the scene 😉

      • Author
        sputnik 11 years ago

        I watched the movie long time back so I don’t remember in detail. I did not like the movie so I am not going to watch it again.

        Yes wiki can be changed but it will get corrected by someone else too. I know about the “jahannum” as I read from my religious text. And I have seen documentaries on Christian Hell on TV long time back too.

      • Suprabh 11 years ago

        ” wiki didnt create us,we created wiki. ”

        We created religion (Heaven and Hell) too.

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