As our country progresses, so does our mindsets. Newer issues are being tackled in our films and our wise filmmakers are ensuring they treat it sensitively. Director Shoojit Sircar goes one step ahead. He makes a film on the issue of sperm donation but treats it comically without making a mockery of it! The result: Vicky Donor is one of the satisfying and feel-good films of recent times! Be it the characters, the dialogues, the moments or the actors themselves – Vicky Donor scores well in every department!

The story of the movie: Jobless Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana) lives in the refugee colony of Lajpat Nagar with his mother Dolly (Dolly Ahluwalia) who runs a beauty parlour and grandmother (Kamlesh Gill). On the other hand, Dr Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor) runs an infertility clinic and sperm bank whose business is in doldrums thanks to lack of good-quality sperms. One fine day, he comes across Vicky and realizes he can be an ideal sperm donor. However, Vicky finds the whole setup of donating sperms embarrassing but Dr Chaddha manages to convince him. And as luck would have it, Vicky’s sperm turns out to be highly fertile. Realizing that sperm donation is an easy task and financially rewarding too, Vicky turns into a regular donor. He utilizes the money to endlessly party and shop for him and his family. Trouble arises when Vicky falls for a bank employee, Ashima Roy (Yaami Gautam) and hides from her that he donates sperms for regular income. To find out what happens next, watch Vicky Donor!

Countless number of times, we have come across films which look extremely promising and entertaining from the promos but are hardly anything of that sort when we see the film. However, Vicky Donor is one of those rare films which make you expect the moon from its trailers and the product that it delivers exceeds your expectations! The film has a well-paced script which ensures viewers’ interest doesn’t dip even for a moment. The film begins well with Dr Chaddha’s scenes although Vicky’s entry could have been better. However, fun begins as soon as Dr Chaddha crosses all limits in convincing Vicky to work for him. This and also Vicky’s mom-beeji’s interactions are hilarious and succeeds in putting a smile on viewer’s faces. The best scene of the film easily is when Vicky donates sperm for the first time! Howlarious is the word!

The romantic track too has its moments although Vicky’s jokes falls flat in the scene where Ashima reveals her secret to Vicky. The Bengali-Punjabi clash goes slightly over-the-top but is entertaining nevertheless. The conflicts that arise in Vicky’s life looks convincing and you can’t help but feel sorry for him. And that’s where Vicky Donor scores brownie points – it not only makes you smile and laugh but also tugs at your heartstrings! The climax is beautiful! Again, if Dr Chaddha’s plan weren’t revealed beforehand, I feel it could have made a larger impact. But it’s so lovely and so unique that one doesn’t mind! The film ends on a happy and justified note!

The film boasts of superlative performances from its cast. Ayushmann Khurrana makes a brilliant debut! He’s charming, confident and certainly has all the ingredients needed to become a huge star! The actor, who was won a series of Roadies, has faced loads of failures in his life and has it’s nice to see that he got a role of a lifetime, backed by one of the best directors and studios around, in his debut film itself! Hope he makes the right choices in the future! Way to go!

Annu Kapoor gives an outstanding performance and the manner in which he gets into the skin of his character and does all the chasing around and explaining his theories to Vicky is a treat to witness! The actor has been giving a fine performance in each of his films (he rocked as the constable in the otherwise mediocre Gali Gali Chor Hai) and here’s an actor who certainly deserves to be seen more! Yaami Gautam looks stunning and makes for an impressive debut in Bollywood. Most importantly, she maintains a strong position of herself throughout the film in the presence of Ayushmann and Annu which is certainly worth applauding!

Dolly Ahluwalia and Kamlesh Gill raise lot of laughs with their funny antics! Easily one of the strengths of the film! Jayanta Das (Ashima’s father) too does a fine job. The actors who play Dr Chaddha’s assistant and receptionist, Vicky’s mama, Pepsi aunty and her daughter and Ashima’s pishi/bua too put in their best foot forward!

Abhishek-Akshay’s music is extremely melodious and each song has a soul. Rum Whisky (both versions) is of course the best song of the lot followed by Paani Da, Rokda, Kho Jaane Do and Chaddha! Bishwadeep Chatterjee’s background score too is damn effective, especially the Chaddha theme! Kamaljeet Negi’s cinematography is eye-catching and beautifully captures the bylanes of South Delhi.

Lastly, the dialogues, script and direction are the biggest plus-points of the film! Juhi Chaturvedi’s dialogues and one-liners are damn witty and funny especially the ones mouthed by Chaddha! “Shakal dekhke aadmi ka sperm pehchaan jaata hoon” is one such gem! Her screenplay too makes an impact and the characters and the situations they face seem straight out of life! Also the Delhi factor has been well treated and that makes the film a winner! After all, it’s always a pleasure to see feel-good films based in Delhi like Khosla Ka Ghosla, Band Baaja Baaraat, Do Dooni Chaar etc! And Shoojit Sircar’s direction too makes the right impact! Not even for a moment does the interest dip. Also, throwing light on a sensitive issue and treating it in a light and comical manner is no easy task but Shoojit passes with flying colours. Also, he succeeds in ensuring that Ayushmann-Yaami scenes are as entertaining as Ayushmann-Annu moments. Great work Shoojitda and can’t wait to see his next Johnny Mastana (Amitabh Bachchan, Dia Mirza and Jimmy Shergill) and Jaffna!

And the review would be incomplete without the mention of one of the producers of the film – John Abraham! He makes a great debut as a producer and hope he keeps churning out such meaningful films!

Some of the best scenes of the film:
1. Dr Chaddha spots Vicky
2. Dr Chaddha persuading Vicky to be a donor
3. Vicky donates for the first time (best scene of the film!)
4. Vicky-Ashima’s first date
5. All songs of the film
6. Ashima’s family meet Vicky’s family
7. Vicky-Ashima’s marriage
8. Vicky-Ashima’s conflict
9. The climax

On the whole, Vicky Donor is a thoroughly entertaining and satisfying experience! It is funny but not loaded with slapstick, vulgar and double meaning humour. Performances, dialogues, script and direction are exemplary and the climax is novel! The film had a slow start but picked up on Saturday and shall have an even better run on Sunday thanks to the extremely positive word of mouth! This is a film that certainly deserves a watch! Go for it – after all, just like Vicky Arora’s sperms, Vicky Donor rocks!

My rating-**** out of 5!


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