Most Visually Pleasing Songs

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Looks like the definition of Visually pleasing is girls in bikinis or skimpy costumes or revealing outfits πŸ˜‰

    Like the song Sunny Sunny. There is something about Honey Singh songs with the catchy tunes and silly lyrics – “Aaj blue hai paani Paani pani paani paani paani Aur din bhi sunny Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny” and he sings it as “Saani”

    Haal-e-Dil has Jacqueline who is hot but it also has Emraan in that hideous wig.

    Tip Tip Barsa Pani is sexy with its picturization and good music though copied.

    Like Jacqueline in the Lat Lag Gayee specially the lip thing that she does.

    Aishwarya looked good in Crazy Kiya Re song.

    Dil Mera Muft Ka has lot of cleavage and heaving bosoms. The other actress was better than Kareena.

    Salaam Namaste song is usual MTV Grind style picturization.

    I Hate Luv Storys song is tribute/spoof of SRK/Kajol songs and Aamir/Preity song from DCH.

    Shikdum Shikdum is sexy.

    • Ipman
      Ipman 7 years ago

      you have some other definition for it? πŸ˜‰ I like sunny sunny due to evelyn sharma. jacqueline is almost always good in seductive songs. dil mera muft ka also has interesting lyrics. preity looked best in SN. yes i hate luv stories is a tribute to them but sonam is wearing bikini tops and saree πŸ˜€

  2. Ipman
    Ipman 7 years ago

    here are some more. i think akshay knows best how to make visually pleasing songs πŸ˜‰

    • Manish
      Manish 7 years ago

      hahahhaha that time has gone TBH for last 2-3 years he doesnt have those kind of songs … Desi boyz was brilliant though

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      Don’t like Lakh Lakh song but Kareena looked good in it.

      Katrina looked good in that Gale Lag Ja song.

      Like the Oh Girl You’re Mine song. Like the Papa Jag Jayega song from Housefull too.

      Like the song Subha Hone Na De from Desi Boyz a lot.

      Love Mera Hit Hit from Billu is another visually pleasing song. It has 45 million hits on youtube.

      Another visually pleasing song is Aankhon Mein Teri from Om Shanti Om. Deepika looked gorgeous in that.

      Like Uncha Lamba Kad from Welcome too. Katrina looked very pretty in that. She looked very pretty in Singh is Kinng songs and Partner songs too.

      • Ipman
        Ipman 7 years ago

        I didnt like aankhon mein teri look of her.also she is smiling a little too much . when oso released, there was a lot of hype over the dhoom taana song where deepika was superimposed in old songs with old actors. if you watch that song today , you can see how poorly the effects are done. there is a scene where rajesh khanna is not even looking at deepika

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    Sanket Porwal 7 years ago

    1. Malang malang from D3
    2. Radha song from SOTY
    3. Tumhi ho bandhu from Cocktail
    4. Kashmir kanyakumari from CE
    5. Sheila ko jawaani from TMK.

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      cr7 7 years ago

      I liked tum hi bandhu a lot .Both the song and video . Sheila ki jawani is another good choice.

    • Ipman
      Ipman 7 years ago

      tumhi ho bandhu song is good. deepika’s outfit in it was great. but i didnt like diana’s performance in it. she was the opposite of how she was supposed to be. she had to look carefree and confident but all the time she looked nervous and camera conscious.

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    mate 7 years ago

    Dil Gira Dafatan (Delhi 6)
    Saans (Jab Tak Hai Jaan)
    Raanjha Raanjha (Raavan)
    Udi (Guzaarish)
    Zoobi Doobi (3 Idiots)

    All these songs are definitely not a visual treat but these are visually pleasing at least for me.

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    aryan 7 years ago

    I would like to say Its a sexy post from Baba aur isse mujhe bhi Aankhon ko thodi thandak milti hai and good song selections.

  6. Ipman
    Ipman 7 years ago

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    John Galt 7 years ago

    tip Tip barsa paani- copied from which song?

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      Its inspired/copied from Dr. Alban’s Roll Down Di Rubber Man.

      • Ipman
        Ipman 7 years ago

        good. dr alban has some really good songs. his music was copied a lot in 90s

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          sputnik 7 years ago

          This song is from his One Love album which had the hit song Its My Life.

          The same album had one song from which those beats of Mukkala Mukkabala when invisible Prabhu Deva dances was inspired.

          It also had another song from which that Dehli Shaher Mein Maro Ghaghro by Ila Arun was inspired/copied.

  8. Baba
    Baba 6 years ago

    absolutely loved katrina in this song. Full Meherbaan from bang bang

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