Most funny and strange comments of Bollywood stars

Kareena Kapoor 
“‘I don’t think any actress in the last 10-15 years has essayed such a deep role” on her role in Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon

Shahrukh Khan
“I truly believe that no actor can touch me.”
“When I asked Imran Khan for an autograph he picked up his bat to hit me”
“I truly believe that as an actor-ambassador that most of the brands I’m associated to are middle class oriented, I bring hope to the middle class.”

Anu Malik
“When I go abroad, women throw themselves at me. But I’m not into one-night-stands or flings.”

Amisha Patel
“While the Kareenas, Mallikas, Bipashas and Laras are on one side… Aishwarya, Rani, Preity and myself are on another”

Aishwarya Rai bachan
” I’m making no effort to work in Hollywood.”
“I’m not a tease. I don’t go around fluttering my eyelashes and wrapping men around my little finger.”

Naseeruddin Shah
“Aamir and I have different ideas about acting. I think he feels I gave him a hard time. I’m sorry he feels that way”

Esha Deol
‘I will agree to do only two heroine or a solo heroine film.’

Rani Mukharji
“Anything for Salman – I’ll even do a mujra right now if you ask me!”

Amisha Patel
I’m lucky that I haven’t been left out in the cold like mumta kulkarni or Meghna Kothari.

Shakti Kapoor
The best way to sober me down is by kissing me all over” ——- YUCK

Rakhi Sawant
“Try as much as possible to criticize me, even Gandhiji and Jesus had such kind of criticism”
“Aamir and Ashutosh told me I was too beautiful to play a role in Lagaan”

Akshay Kumar
“The day I open my mouth, all those who claim to give the press inside information won’t know where to hide. ”
“Stardom is like a pencil, it becomes smaller with use”

Aishwarya Rai
“It’s strange that Rakesh Roshan thinks I look older than Hrithik. In fact, he’s approached me for all his home productions. ”

John Abraham
“Men make passes at me all the time.”

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