Mimicking Aamir

A close friend of the Bachchans reveals that Aishwarya has taken to motherhood effortlessly. You’d never believe who can do a spot-on impression of Aamir Khan—it’s Shahid Kapoor. At a post-Zee Awards private party held in a hotel suite in Macau in January, Shahid had a room full of guests in splits as he imitated the Ghajini star’s every mannerism. His audience included Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Karan Johar and others who demanded encore after encore because Shahid’s performance was reportedly so good.

While Shahid and gang partied till the wee hours of the morning, Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra stayed back at the awards venue to re-shoot several portions of their hosting gig for the awards telecast.

A guest who was present in the suite reveals that it was in Macau that Shahid and Ranbir first hit it off, since they’d been spending a fair bit of time together rehearsing their joint dance performance for the awards show. Our catty source also adds that while Shahid’s impression of Aamir was pitch-perfect, the younger star could learn a thing or two from his senior—good acting on screen and professionalism, to begin with.


Loving Motherhood

A close friend of the Bachchans reveals that Aishwarya has taken to motherhood effortlessly. The actress is reportedly a hands-on mum who does everything, from changing her baby’s diapers and bathing the little one to putting her to bed without any help from the domestic. An 80-year-old Mangalorean woman has been appointed to massage both mother and daughter every morning, but Ash apparently attends to everything else herself.

The actress’ mother, Vrinda, spends time at the Bachchan home in Juhu during the day, pottering around her daughter as she goes about her routine; and mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan often jokes that Vrinda and Aishwarya are constantly chatting in Tulu around her. Our source also reveals that Ash is “extremely keen” to have another baby soon.

Meanwhile, even as tabloids continue to obsess about how much weight Aishwarya needs to lose before she can return to the movies, the former Miss World herself isn’t letting that come in the way of doing exactly what she wants. Ash is expected to be at the Cannes Film Festival in May as brand ambassador for L’Oreal—it’ll be her 11th consecutive appearance at the festival since she first visited in 2002 with Devdas. But before that, she’s also scheduled to take a holiday to Dubai with Abhishek and the baby.


Highway Harridan

It’s true what they say about treating your staff well. This popular talk show hostess and former actress reportedly got a taste of her own medicine recently while heading back to her home in south Mumbai from an event in the suburbs. Famously moody, and notorious for her ‘high maintenance’ behaviour, especially with her staff, the chat show hostess was being accompanied by her sister and a male journalist friend in her car, when the vehicle broke down while on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.

Even as her distraught chauffeur tinkered around with the engine to fix the problem, the lady in question allegedly lost her temper and began bellowing at the by-now-harrowed driver. Then she is believed to have got into an argument with her sister. And in the midst of barking at each other, the two ladies also kept yelling at the driver, who was simply too nervous to get the car working again under such pressure. Exasperated, he’s believed to have handed over the keys to his boss and quit his job on the spot. The car and the three passengers remained stranded on the Sea Link.

Dumbstruck at his betrayal, and feeling helpless about being trapped in a place where help is hard to come by, the chat show hostess apparently screamed imprecations at the driver even as he walked off calmly. And within minutes, unable to take any more of their bickering, their male friend is believed to have hopped out of the car, abandoning both ladies, who looked on in disbelief. He reportedly made a long trek to the end of the Sea Link and took a taxi home, but not before pointing another taxi in their direction to give the ladies a ride back home.



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