Milind’s Review:Jab Tak Hai Jaan- Every Love Story Has a Time! 4/5

When Yash Chopra directed the Classic Lamhe,the critics termed it much ahead of its time. The bondage of socio-cultural terms as defined by our society confined a story to becoming “ahead of its time”. Here Yash Chopra re-iterates the theme of every love story having its own time and taking its own time in a surreal perspective that takes its own course to unfold.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan celebrates nuances of love.It evokes those simple textures that take a casual meeting between two people to a story of love that shall be revered forever. When Katrina bargains her own love for Samar[SRK] to save his life,she adds to the eternal believe that Love needs sacrifice,immense sacrifice.A sacrifice that kept one Harry Potter safe,his mother’s undying love for him! Here Katrina who loves SRK,gives him up to Sir Jesus to bargain his life that is slipping from hands on the roads of London. One may try to find loopholes in this bargain but a true love is always ready to bargain almost anything in times of need to meet some childhood superstition in the hope of winning back the most prized possession.There is nothing ridiculous here as an ultra-minority part of reviewers suggest. Havn’t you bargained your bad habits in order to pass in the exam sometimes? Yes at the moment exam becomes the most important thing and you do make promises.You break them.But Katrina[Meera] does not! She holds onto it knowing this would destroy her life and her love! But in order to make her love live,she chooses to walk away. It is this Yash Chopra flavour that marks JTHJ as the most immaculate representation of innocent love in modern times.He takes cues from the classic sagas of love and merges it with the modern ideologies. Perfect concoction!

When you hear a “MAN WHO CANNOT DIE” you can easily relate it to the man whose life is breathing miles away from there life in him that God can take away? You start feeling for this man who had it all and lost it all,only to gift his life to death everyday in a hope that his death would make the Almighty lose. That Meera’s vows become false..Samar is unforgiving..for 8 years Samar lives Meera within him,tries to defeat her belief but eventually goes on strengthening it.It is this Yash Chopra taste that one can easily decipher if one looks at the length of the movie as a necessity to explain it all.There is nothing left unsaid.Everything must be said. Even the soft,tender and feel-good kisses between Meera-Samar do not leave anything unsaid.Yash Chopra makes it more than just a kiss,elevates it to the dignity where love transforms into a phantasmagorical canvas where colours are myriad and emotions many. It is so difficult to not let a kiss lose its aesthetic value and this has been handled deftly by a man known for presenting love in different forms!

When you have a girl,Akira,who learns from the story of Samara-Meera,imbibes the essence of true love within and finally also educates herself for a courageous show at the end to be able to bid good-bye to Samar,with whom she falls in love in the process of documentary making,one can easily feel the purity of Samar-Meera’s love that has some serious contemporary feel to it!Akira becomes the character who would turn the key[Samar] to open the lock[Meera].Such wonderful inter-connections are seldom seen in modern times.Akira lives for Samar knowing reciprocation is not her fortune here! Unflinching act of supreme sacrifice makes you love her character!

Film has its de-merits.It is a bit slow-paced.Length is not a problem here.It is more slow-paced than what the modern audience is used to watch as Masala has been quite an influence since past 2 years.There could have been some nice dialogue interaction between the leads,some moving ones but then they havn’t kept the 90’s feel,covered it with contemporary looks and feel that works but only in parts. But praiseworthy is the act of SRK who is far different than what we have seen him in any love story.He is subtle,charming,unforgiving,suave,sexy and knows how to love and live a girl in his heart.SRK’s act is of supreme caliber. Katrina looked uncomfortable in the second half.First half,she seals it with her expressions and dance.Anushka is as usual suited to the Delhi-Girl character,a role that is becoming her forte. Editing is tacky at places,almost 15-20 min could have been chopped off.

Film offers us with a new version of Raj as Samar who is unforgiving,who is contemporaray but who is still as charming as he used to be! SRK is back with a bang here!Love was never seen better before than through the eyes of SRK that speaks volumes!His act is probably the most relaxed act of his in years.

Love is not as you see it or I see it.It is as anyone can see it.And every Love Story has a time to prosper.Meera-Samar has their time too. Lives and Times of Meera-Samar shall be remembered for times to come and yes,Akira shall never be forgotten!



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  1. Tulmul 10 years ago

    Abey Kaisa hain tu πŸ˜€ ???

    Happy Diwali …

    • Author
      Milind 10 years ago

      tu gaayab kahaan to fb back paagal! happy diwali πŸ˜€

      • Tulmul 10 years ago

        Good to see you Milu… I mean it … today chatted with ihab, Rj, Rexy, Dishu, lambu. ihab, dishu we all missed you and baba and those Ra.One days.. πŸ˜€ LOL … kya din they …

      • aryan 10 years ago

        Good Review Just now seen the second show it was housefull got the ticket in black I like the movie and SRK performance is very good after 1st half Anushka was fantastic overall its a good movie.

  2. Reddemon 10 years ago

    Good review Milind.
    I havent seen the movie but as per my friends it had a slow 1st part and it consisted lots of songs. 3/5 acc to them

    • Author
      Milind 10 years ago

      Yes. This movie will never carry a bad WOM. Yes u will get naysayers for even Cassablanca but do you weigh them? No! It will have a decent to escellent WOM..across the spectrum. Families will be seeing it mainly!

  3. Rex 10 years ago

    There was never a shred of doubt about of ur writing skills milind & as usual ur writing is fluent & breezy to read even though it is soaked in love for the man πŸ˜€

  4. FS 10 years ago

    Milind’s Review

    Bodygaurd – 4/5
    Ra One – 4/5
    JTHJ – 4/5
    Dhobi Ghat – 4/5

    Whats the difference between Taran and Milind’s review?

    • Author
      Milind 10 years ago

      Show me my review for RA.ONE where I gave it 4 stars.Also Dhobi Ghat–wen did I give it 4 stars. Show me first. Please do not talk w/o knowledge FS!!!!

      • FS 10 years ago

        ok ra one 3.5 and DB many times you said 4 stars in direct conversation with me on SB.

  5. FS 10 years ago

    Happy diwali to all

  6. Sneha 10 years ago

    Good review milind.. Will catch it soon.. BTW hw ll u equate the movie with it’s BO.. I mean ua predictions for lifetime after watching the movie…

  7. Jasper 10 years ago

    I disagree with the not ridiculous part. But otherwise nice review.

  8. Reddemon 10 years ago

    Finally watched the movie
    milind i think u forgot to add about cinematography. It is the best thing about the movie along with srk in 2nd half.
    My views
    went with zero expectation after reading baba’s review but after watching the movie i can surely tell that he has written such review out of hate and he is misguiding ppl.
    First part is slow and comprises a lot of songs. As always songs in b/w the movie pissed me off but somehow i kept on starring the gorgeous katrina. She is the most beautiful YC heroine imo. Srkat chemistry was good but nothing extraordinary imo.
    2nd part started well and every thing was brilliant untill climax wich was little silly. SRK-ANU chemistry is brilliant and srk performed very well in 2nd half. The scenery of kashmir was absolute pleasure to eyes and i vil surely go to kashmir in this summer vaccation. Few scenes were beautifully acted and executed which are uncomparable imo.
    Srk in a total new avatar- a never seen before one. Cudnt believe it was srk on the screen. Awesome!
    Watch it for Srk’s performance in 2nd half, chemistry b/w srk-anu, gorgeous katrina and the beauty of kashmir.

    • aryan 10 years ago

      Completely agree with your review.

    • Baba Ji 10 years ago

      see serenzy review. he is an srk fan . is he also misguiding ppl out of hate?

      • Reddemon 10 years ago

        Baba ji
        yes in a way he is also doing so imo.
        If you match serenzy’s reviews with my views u will find a lot of similarities. We almost liked the same thing but the difference is after liking all those things he is calling it as utter crap while i am saying it to be a decent-good product. What more to expect from a guy who is dead sure while saying a particular movie will be a masterpiece just because a star is associated with it.

        if yash chopra is not a good director than who is? Anurag kashyap??
        Imo shimit amin is clearly the best director of present times and sharukh worked with him already.

        • Baba Ji 10 years ago

          good to see you are an optimistic person who doesnt want to talk about the obvious ridiculousness in the film. I hope you are just as optimistic about other stars films too .

  9. Serenzy 10 years ago

    No Baba,

    I am a Juvenile Bachcha who doesn’t Understand the “The bondage of socio-
    cultural terms as defined by
    our society ” of JTHJ.


    SRK Fans on Twitter who din’t Like JTHJ Shud Clearly Tweet to SRK that See, We din’t Like the Movie and it was a Pathetic Effort.

    True Views of Fans are 1000 Times More Important than Haters and Fans who are Not Liking it Must Come Out and Say it in the Open.

    This will Only Enable SRK to Make Better Projects and STOP Working with Friends and Come Up and Work witg Some Genuinely Talented Ppl.

    • Shinji 10 years ago

      ISnt it interesting that Aditya Chopra made DDLJ with SRK.

      still one has sympathies for SRK and not for Aditya.

  10. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Reddemon Dear,

    The MASTERPIECE Thing I am Adding to Talaash is a Sarcasm bcz Anything and Everything Related to Aamir is Supposed to be One.

    I Never Said, AK is a Brilliant Director… I have Always Maintained he is Below Avg but a Fantastic Writer.

    I Liked a Thing Or Two here and there in JTHJ.
    The kind of View you have on JTHJ, I had Views Similar to it with RNBDJ, MNIK.

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