Milind Reflections:The Cliched Moments In Our Cinema!!

A while since I have written anything.But this is a short note on a certain small detail I had always noticed in our cinema.

Happy Telugu Climax scene

While watching Allu Arjun’s Happy that starred Genelia too,I got an idea to assimilate my ideas on the moment when the “machismo” gets it’s viagra and resurgence occurs to finally outclass the antagonist!The scene where the damsel is in distress and the hero arrives to rescue her is nothing unfamiliar to us.Is it? The villain beats the hero to pulp leaving him to die.Suddenly the girl’s voice and her affirmation of love falls on the dying ears of the hero and revitalizes his broken bones,repairs his internal hemorrhages and he rises like a pheonix again to burn himself in the fire of love. These kind of scenes fill you with a queer sense of appreciation as if the emotional subtext of the scenes is over-riding your sensibilities. All in all such scenes serve as a perfect climax to a long movie and infact at the end celebrate the “machismo” that in some ways according to me is the more muscular manifestation of romance.Such scenes also are embedded to take the feelings of a movie goer to a pinnacle,then let it fall down and then again allow to rise it to zenith.The alteration between the nader and zenith is how a director wishes to leave a strong statement on his viewers.

Wedding Singer Climax

Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye Climax

Sachein Climax Scene

Similar is the “airport” scenes in our films that form a very important part of climax where the race between time and destiny becomes the most important question. Right from Vijay’s “Sachein” to JTYJN and Chalte Chalte,it has formed some very exciting pieces in our cinema.The airport scene later traveled inside the aircraft after “The Wedding Singer” showcased it with a beautiful song. Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye tried its luck with similar sequence too which was a remake of the same. I somehow find the airport stuff overdone now.They have reduced its frequency in scripts but I am very sure some other rom-com will certainly feature it very soon. Not to forget how the security-wallah says– “Ohhh,Pyaar ka mamla hai” that gives me a re-assurance that the understanding of love does not require shows like Satyamev Jayte”.Kidding!

A last mention of an oft repeated sequence in our cinema. The story has effectively ended.The protagonists have re-united.Happiness is evident.The villain is lying down almost dead/presumed dead.As everything starts oozing with happiness,suddenly the eyes of the villain soaked with blood open and the music goes “dhmm dhmm” and you instantaneously know that it is not over yet.The villain rises and thereafter one of the side-kick members like the father or the one who was a hindrance in the triangular love story has to succumb with a heart-wrenching death in the arms of the protagonist.Then comes the anger,seething anger that roars and ultimately kills the bastard villain.There is a lull and then the return to the corpse of the “side-kick” A few tears and the music at the back of the most popular track in the film and a hope that things will be fine,a relief that they are fine and they helping my belief in the adage “It ain’t over till it’s over” grow stronger.

I love my films.I will continue loving them for their idiocy for I can point 1000 senseless stuffs in classics and 1000 metaphorically embedded visual clues in a normal B grade saga.But these scenes and may more continue to form what we call the essence of our cinema.They are cliched but they are immortal.Share your views!


  1. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Very inconsequential stuff but noteworthy!

  2. Reddemon 9 years ago

    Miling G what do u think abt MP3 climax nd do u lyk dat movie

    • Author
      Milind 9 years ago

      It was a juvenile stuff but enjoyable. It was never meant to be disliked. Sweet and Simple at most of the times. Liked the songs. Climax–will have to see again but as far as I remember they both meet and I think that’s pretty much what we all wanted!

  3. Tango 9 years ago

    Great write up about a simple fact regarding the way we perceive our cinema.

    Will use this sentence somewhere “The alteration between the nader and zenith is how a director wishes to leave a strong statement on his viewers. “, with your permission of course.

    • Author
      Milind 9 years ago

      Thanks Tangoji.

      Of course you can use it.It shall be my pleasure.You needn’t ask for it. πŸ˜€

  4. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    Milind – though it is not cliched,but you think Basic Instinct climax was happy ending?

    • Author
      Milind 9 years ago


      The two were “sexually content”, “emotionaly rich”, free from any criminal suits— and again involved in pleasing each other. If you can decipher that knife stuff at the last–you have a clue if that was a happy ending or not. πŸ˜€

      Its long that I have seen it again,might misplace some sequences.

      • Baba Ji 9 years ago

        The ending is ambiguous: either Sharon retires from her criminal career for good or only postpones killing Douglas. It is like the ending of Ghost films.when u think the ghost is dead,in the end it is shown it will be back like Evil dead.

  5. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    btw I see happy endings in films in a way that it should be a logical end.So for me a “tragic end” can also be “happy ending” .I liked the ending of Baazigar and agneepath even though hero dies in both.Though the same was WTF in a kites or Rockstar.Likewise,I dont like endings if they r forcibly made to look “happy” for a BO compromise like Guru.

  6. Author
    milind 9 years ago

    Great Comment babaji.What do you think of Sadma’s ending.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      Milind – i remember sadma climax as being unintentionally funny.sorry about it πŸ˜€
      Just saw it again,why was kamal doing somersaults in the end?

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