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    Have you seen Newton? Watched it last week . Pretty good .Important story told in and entertaining manner . The humor kept the momentum .Brilliant casting .

    • @cr7

      No, have not seen it yet. Will try to watch it as soon as it is available on Netflix or Amazon Prime here. Thanks for the recco.

      Have you seen Ittefaq? Its a good thriller and was very engrossing.

      • Waiting for a good print of ittefaq . Watch vikram vedha . Very entertaining film . http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6148156/

        • Thanks for the recco. Looks like it is online on some site. Will check it out. Where did you watch it? Torrents?

          Just finished watching the movie Monster. Movie was ok but Charlize Theron was excellent. The Oscar for Best Actress that she got was well deserved.

    • I too watched Newton its a movie about voting in backward areas Naxal controlled town and security forces. Its a very interesting movie liked the performances of Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi as a chief of security.

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    • Hi @cr7
      How are you?

      I have started watching Mr. Robot. It’s decent – more like a non violent version of Dexter.

      Thinking of starting to watch Suits. Have you watched it?

      • I watched first two of seasons of suits . Its extremely popular . But I find it kinda overrated .Its more about unnecessary humor and showmanship .In courtroom/law dramas I prefer a more realistic approach .

        • Ok Thanks. I watched a couple of episodes of Hello Ladies. It was ok but kind of repetitive as the couple of episodes I saw had the same pattern.

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          • MR robot is okay .I’m watching Bojak horseman . I wasn’t into animated TV shows before . But I liked Rick and morty .Till now really enjoyed Bojak horseman . Both shows have weird but very interesting premise .

            • Have you watched Mindhunter yet? If not I strongly recommend it.

              Talking of animation I watched Coco last week and liked it. Even the Lego Ninjago movie was not bad.

        • Started watching Suits. Its watchable but agree with you that it has unnecessary humor and showmanship. Both the main leads are smart-ass.

          • Completed watching the first season of Suits and watching Season 2 now. Liking it so far. The two lead characters are smart-asses and all episodes have a similar pattern but the show is still entertaining and engrossing.
            Agree with @password that “Its very sharp and intelligently directed series with wholesome entertainment.”
            Gabriel Macht is exc…[Read more]

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