Meet The Agents Of Agent Vinod

Agent Vinod is just a few days away from release and Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are busy promoting their film. The lead cast of the film recently met the media and there was a virtual frenzy. But it was not the staff of the production house that managed the situation. It was the producer and leading man who calmed the media. So as Saif deftly handled media persons, Bebo watched and remarked, “That’s my Vinod, who handles everything so calmly. He is very helpful and charming. And you witnessed that today.”

Here’s what Saif and Kareena have to say about their film. It was Saif who answered most of our questions while Bebo posed for the camera!

Pungi Controversy

Really, God bless Iran. I have a lot of respect for that country. But I had not listened to that band earlier. So when the news broke, I listened to the song last night and realised that only the first four lines sounded a little similar. There is a mild similarity. But then, that Irani song sounds more like Babolon Sister’s song Sweety, a famous jazz track. It also sounds like Amitabh Bachchan’s song Jiski Biwi Moti. I think Prakash Mehra’s production should sue the Iranian band! But this happens with many movies. When a song becomes a hit, controversies come your way. I think Pritam should hire a legal team because we can’t save him every time (laughs).

How would you describe each other as a co-star?

Saif: I think she is a wonderful co-star and a very good actress. She has a lot of patience and works hard. She doesn’t like action films much but, in this film, she has done some action and you will love watching her.

Kareena: I have always said that Aamir and Saif are the best actors in this cinema. I have worked with him (Saif) before, so we are comfortable with each other. But I must say that the way Sriram Raghvan has captured Saif in Agent Vinod… You will see him in a different avatar. Apart from that, Saif looks very hot and sexy in this film. Thanks to Saif casting me in this film, I was able to spend more time with him.

Agent Vinod banned in Pakistan

This is not a jingoistic movie, which is bashing Pakistan. I play an agent from India and another agent, Kareena, is from Pakistan in the film. How much more could we have given them? But when you ban a film, people are even more curious to watch the film. Banning Agent Vinod creates more buzz around the film.

Son, Ibrahim loved the film

He is the kind of audience we are looking forward to and he is the best audience you can have because he loves most of the film. Especially when it has action.

Bond or no Bond

That’s not true. It’s a spy thriller but very different from the Bond series. Sriram Raghavan is a very talented director. When he took up the project, he knew this film would be compared to the Bond films. So he made a totally different film. You can’t make a Bond series because they are different people; their working style is different from us. We make larger-than-life films.

What’s next?

I wish I could play an agent in a sequel if we make one.

Memorable moment

Memorable or not is hard to say but there was a scene where I chase a car on my bike with Kareena riding pillion. When we were doing this scene, I had to ride the bike at a particular speed when she suddenly asked me if I could slow down. I told her the camera was rolling. So how could I ride slowly when we were supposed to be chasing a car? Then she said, “Don’t fire the gun.  Just pretend like you’re firing it and make that in post-production.” All because she was not comfortable with the speed of the bike chase!



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