Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola Dialogue Promos

  1. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Anushka Comes Out of the Pond Shooting

  2. Serenzy 10 years ago

    MKBKM looks Bad from the Recent Trailers.

    Never Thought Much Highly of Bharadwaj anyways..
    Maqbool, 7KM, Kaminey, Blue Umbrella, Omkara – None has Managed to Awestruck Me.

    The Likes of Dhulia, Habib, Dibakar, Neeraj,Kashyap, RGV have Made Much More Better Cinema than him in the Past Decade.

    ISHQIYA Remains his Best[Credit to Balan & Warsi] but then, he din’t Direct it.

    • Baba Ji 10 years ago

      agreed. i hvnt particularly liked any film of his. this looks disaster actually.

      • ank_16n 10 years ago

        Serenzy–I Totally Disagree on MKBKM for me this is the 1st time that i have ever found a VB movie interesting to watch…
        Yeah i have watched Omkara and Kaminey…
        While Omkara was still ok.ok but have to say kaminey was horrible specially the 2nd half..!!

        Will be watching it ..!!

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Have not liked any of the MKBKM trailers.

      Maqbool was ok but having read the original Macbeth I did not like the changes that Vishal made to the original. Omkara was ok – I did not like it as much as it was praised.

      I liked Kaminey when I saw it in theater and I recently watched most of it again. I think he had way too many characters and the ending was bad.

      7KM was bad.

  3. narad_muni 10 years ago

    Omkara was a clasic..I loved it a lot.

    But he has since then been on a downward slope…not much hopes from this one

  4. Serenzy 10 years ago


    Let’s See what Happens with MKBKM..
    Itna toh Exciting Nahi lag raha Mujhe.

    It gives Me Vibes that Imran here is Trying to Show the World he can ‘Act’ and Perform a ‘Character’ as Such, a lá Ranbir!

    BO-Wise bhi Thanda hi hoga..

    Btw, u from Delhi Right?
    Jatt kya?? 🙂

    So even u liked Only ISHQIYA??

  5. Reddemon 10 years ago

    Makdee is my fav VB’s movie closely followed by Maqbool (due to PK’s act). Liked Omkara too. Kaminey was ok and havent seen 7KM.
    May watch MKBKM

  6. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Makdee, too was Good Fun…
    But No ‘Outstanding Outing’ by VB in 8-10years of Cinema!

  7. Serenzy 10 years ago


    **But No ‘Outstanding Outing’
    by VB in 8-10years of Cinema ‘IMO’!


  8. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    The movie is probably an adaptation of Mr Puntila and his Man Matti

    ‘The story describes the aristocratic land-owner Puntila’s relationship to his servant, Matti, as well as his daughter, Eva, who he wants to marry off to an Attaché. Eva herself loves Matti and so Puntila has to decide whether to marry his daughter to his driver or to an Attaché, while he also deals with a drinking problem.

    In his essay “Notes on the Folk Play” (written in 1940), Brecht warns that “naturalistic acting is not enough in this case” and recommends an approach to staging that draws on the Commedia dell’Arte. The central relationship between Mr Puntila and Matti—in which Puntila is warm, friendly and loving when drunk, but cold, cynical and penny-pinching when sober—echoes the relationship between the Tramp and the Millionaire in Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights (1931).

    Now, if you have seen the trailers of MKBKM, it’s easy to guess the basic plot. To quote from its IMDB page…

    Harry is an industrialist who loves his daughter Bijlee, and the bond they share with Harry’s man friday, Matru. Bijlee’s plan to wed the son of a politician, however, brings twists and turns in the lives of Matru, Bijlee and Mandola.’

  9. Bored 10 years ago

    Yeah, looks so.

    Btw, all of Bhardwaj’s movies are adaptations of some form or other. Hope he adapts Hamlet at some point to complete his Shakespeare trilogy. The idea of doing Kaminey 2 next seems blah!

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