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man-of-steel-poster4 This movie has surpassed all my expectations that I had before entering into cinema theatre and mind you I really had HUGE expectations from this movie as I am a fan of Super hero movies. The movie looks so grand in the canvas as if it is the most expensive movie ever made. The graphics, the sound effects, VFX, background score and the action in pre and post climax is awesome and mind-blowing. The Introduction of krypton planet and action within the planet is executed brilliantly in 3D

This Superman is not the continuity/remake/prequel of any previous versions of Superman series. It is all together a new film that has references from where the concept was developed. This Superman does not wear any red undies over the pants and unlike the animation series he doesn’t get weak or surrender to the krypton powers because he is one of them and he was the lone natural birth after centuries to Jor El (Russel Crowe). As he had foreseen the devastation of his own planet he dispatches his son to another planet (Earth) far from the stars in order to protect the future offspring’s.

General Zod/Zark, who tried to overtake the power to rule the planet in a coup that calls for sentencing for some planetary numbers is set free when the whole planet itself gets destroyed with its power. He promises to find Klark and the codex to revive the planet Krypton.

Down in the Planet Earth, Klark continues to live a normal life like a normal human being, covering the traces of his secretive powers and obeying to the words of his father. One day he manages to find his father and learns about his past that was haunting him from his childhood days. It gives him reason to live among the human beings and help them for the right reasons.

The action in large canvas is spectacularly grandeur with breathtaking visuals such as take-off speed of Superman is like light years per sec, his defensive fights against his own people and his dazzling movie, along with the beautiful scenery of galaxy, solar system, earth and New York City are captured aesthetically.

Russel Crowe is excellent as Jor El and it looked as if he is the best person to enact the role of Jor El. Henry Cavil is zillion times better than last superman actor with perfect physic and tough look expressions; he is ideal candidate to enact the role of Superman. The quality of Superman Suit is indeed priceless.

The post climax action scene is one of the best – the one-one fight with general zark and I was thinking how it would end and is there any possibility of an end to this fight?

Like all movies this movie too has some flaws and they are nothing short of silly mistakes by the director. Why do the people on Krypton need hand guns similar to people on earth when they have enormous power? Some thing’s may not be able to grasp and may even need a re-watch as the movie was fast paced and there was so much going on that you might miss many things in order to avoid missing anything.

Highly recommended and fuck you Critics. 100/100

  1. Author
    FS 10 years ago

    Watched this movie in World’s 4th largest IMAX theatre and my experience was just phenomenal most satisfying for a 3D movie.

  2. Bored 10 years ago

    Errr … its general Zod i think

    • Author
      FS 10 years ago

      Thanks, I corrected it and it sounded to me as Zark/Zac… I have not given any spoiler alert coz the story you may trying to look for may not exist at all.

  3. Author
    FS 10 years ago

    Well i forgot to mention that you crib watching it in 3D for few scenes in between because they get blur & make an irritating experience.

    PS: watching again nw 😛

  4. saurabh 10 years ago

    The Kryptonians need guns on Krypton because they acquire their powers due to our yellow sun. They don’t have any powers on Krypton due to their red sun. The fluid action scenes,I believe, have set a benchmark. That’s exactly how superpowered individuals would fight. I was quite tired due to a barrage of superhero movies which look the same (Marvel’s all films). This movie made me a Superman fan and I hated all the previous Superman films. If anyone has read Superman comics, this movie is like a comicbook come to life. And yes screw the critics. The negative reactions are that Clark and Lois don’t share enough chemistry.Damn this is a Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El movie,it’s about him becoming the man we know, not the old campfest where Superman takes Lois for a stroll over the clouds. I’s just the fact that some people have chosen not to move past the Donner/Reeve films comparing everything that follows to them. Another criticism is that there is too much action towards the end. Of course there is and there should be. What about the overdose of comedy in Iron Man 3? It’s action that was missing from the previous movies and when the first two trailers were released the same people complained that there wasn’t enough action. Hollywood pandits have said that there are two camps, one which likes the Marvel fluffy masala, while the other prefers grim and gritty like TDK trilogy, Watchmen. Man of Steel falls into neither of them. Those who are in two minds whether to watch it or not, I’d suggest definitely see it. The acting (Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe and especially Kevin Costner), action, Zack Snyder’s direction and Hans Zimmer’s score (Clark Kent theme, General Zod’s theme) won’t disappoint you. The success of Man of Steel will decide whether we get a sequel and a Justice League movie or not.

  5. shinji 10 years ago

    Offtopic sputnik can u post this

  6. Bored 10 years ago

    MOS is now up in my list of fav superhero movies (sharing the spot with Batman Begins).

  7. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Saw last weekend and liked it. Lead actor is perfect choice for Superman. I give a leeway to lot of things in this (such as Kryoptonians referring to an “year” same as Eath year and many such things ) as this was very first superhero. Not sure if it remained true to its image as I haven’t read comics but from whatever I remember when I saw cartoons on DD – this one was fine.

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