Love making sequence with John makes Kangna nervous


Unknown to the waking world, John Abraham and Kangna Ranaut recently shot what’s arguably the most torrid and graphic love-making sequence in an Indian film.

The sequence for Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Wadala ended up being far more explicit than planned. Apparently, John and Kangna got so involved in their characters that they gave their mutual love-making far more of their body and spirit than the script required.

Apparently, when Kangna saw the rushes she freaked out when she saw that her on-screen love-making had far more of her feelings and physique than she intended.

Says Sanjay Gupta, “It’s true Kangna and John shot a lengthy love-making scene for me. And it turned out to be far more authentic than we expected. I don’t think anything like this has been seen in Hindi films before. And yes, when she saw the rushes, Kangna did have reservations about the sequence after she saw how it had turned out. But then she decided to trust me completely. That’s what I really admire about her. She has surrendered to my vision and to my decisions regarding what goes and what doesn’t.”

Gupta will abide by his long-standing reputation as an aesthetic director by ensuring there are no excessive manifestations of passion between John and Kangna in their love-making scenes. “There are some awkward shots because the love-making was done so honestly. I’ll take care of it in the editing,” promises Gupta.

In fact Kangna was so sure of her director’s creative integrity that she shot a second love-making scene with John for the same film, this one far more intense than the first. Apparently, the second love-making sequence has John forcing himself on his screen-girlfriend.

Explains Gupta, “The second love-making sequence was far more aggressive. In the first one John and Kangna were making love as a couple. In the second love-making sequence she decides to keep him out of her life and he therefore forces himself on her attention. To her credit, Kangna again surrendered to my vision, although she felt the first love-making scene had gone too far. But I guess she trusts my judgment implicitly.”



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