Love-making scenes of Hate Story reduced by Censors

It looks like Bangla bombshell Paoli Dam’s plans to seduce the nation into an orgasmic stupor with her never-before bold-and-brazen love-making act would now have to be content with a relatively tame visual treatment.

On Monday afternoon, Paoli’s ‘I-fu*k-with-those-who-fu*k-with me’ shock therapy in the film Hate Story got a bit of a jolt when the censor board ordered all the love-making scenes to be drastically reduced.

Speaking on the reduction of the sex content, Mr. J.P Singh, the CBFC (Censor Board Of Film Certifications)’s Regional Officer Mumbai, said, “All the love-making scenes, around 6 of them, were reduced by 50 percent and the film was given an ‘A’ certificate.”

Surprisingly, the hard-hitting dialogues have been left intact. Says Mr. Singh, “There was no cutting of the dialogues only visuals.”

While the Hate Story director Vivek Agnihotri said he was unaware of censorial developments as he was getting the prints ready, producer Vikram Bhatt seemed surprisingly gung-ho with the cuts.

Said Bhatt, “The censor board has been great. They’ve passed all the dialogues and only got us to cut the excesses in the love-making scenes. I’m extremely pleased with their progressive thinking.”



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