Love is a Waste of Time Song from PK ft Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma

  1. Avatar
    cr7 7 years ago

    Anushka never looked uglier . And Shantonu Moitra is a monotonous composer.

  2. Baba
    Baba 7 years ago

    its going to be difficult to tolerate the movie with this kind of performances. aamir as samar from dhoom 3 and anushka as a monkey with those lip job

    • Avatar Author
      aryan 7 years ago

      I am completely agreed with Baba’s comment Aamir as Samar from Dhoom 3.

  3. Avatar 7 years ago

    Yahaan bhi ullu! oops.

  4. Avatar
    yakuza 7 years ago

    Now this is getting on nerve .. agree with all comments above. Now only superior content can save the movie ..

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