Lena Dena Song – Commando

  1. Baba 11 years ago

    Says Vidyut, “Jackie Chan represents Chinese forms of martial arts while Tony Jaa represents Thailand’s martial art form — Muay Thai. I specialise in and represent Kalaripayattu, which has its origin in India and is the mother of all martial arts forms. The authenticity in our respective martial arts forms is creating great excitement internationally. I’m honoured to represent India within the martial arts framework.”


    • Baba 11 years ago

      its another debate that vidyut is not doing kalari in commando he is doing MMA 😉

  2. Baba 11 years ago

    Vipul Shah On casting Vidyut as the lead in Commando

    “After watching Vidyut’s performance as a villain in my previous production Force, I got many positive reactions from the fraternity about the young actor. Even I thought he deserved one more chance, so I decided to cast him again, but this time around as a hero as opposed to his character in Force, where Vidyut had played a flat-out baddie. I think people will accept him as a hero too. Many well known stars – from Shatrughan Sinha to Shahrukh Khan – started their careers with negative roles, but later they were accepted as heroes. Vidyut too, I believe, could be one of those stars. He is young, unconventional and extremely fit, plus he’s a martial arts expert, so I could not have found a better action hero than him for this venture. After watching Force and the rushes of Commando, Akshay Kumar, who is good friend of mine, told me that Vidyut looks very promising. In my opinion, if Vidyut achieves half of what Akki has, he will be a star.”

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