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Out of nothing, this man has created a hugely admired brand that is seeing its presence burgeon across the globe. What started as a mere philanthropic experiment is now serious business, on the sheer strength of his stardom (which according to many, defies logic). Being Human stores and selling points are mushrooming in cities all across the country and beyond. They have a premium positioning and are running successfully in a segment that is not considered Salman Khan’s home territory. It is not just about the clothes and the accessories, but about the concept and intention which come to the fore not just through the products, but also in the way the stores are managed, with many of them being run by differently-abled staff. Salman Khan is running nation wide initiatives in collaboration with all the big corporate houses he associates with including MNCs like Coca Cola, and Suzuki which launched a special being human edition scooter recently. All this has no parallel. The man is walking the talk and making a difference like no one else has, previously. His last movie Jai Ho that did not do as well as it could have (but still did better than most movies of other stars) was a movie that channeled his ‘being human’ philosophy of being responsible and sensitive and conveying a social message by means of entertainment. The last time I visited a being human selling point, I heard a guy tell his wife with much disdain “Don’t even think about buying anything here, it is Salman Khan”. But there were many more who were buying things just because it was Salman Khan. And this is what the man envisioned when he launched the brand on KBC in presence of SRK and Katrina Kaif some years back. “My life’s aim is to want one dad tell his kid- be like this guy. And another tell his kid at the same time- do whatever you want to do in life- just don’t be like this guy” Jai Ho.


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