Lakshmi Theatrical Trailer

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Nagesh Kukunoor seems to have gone for a hard hitting movie after some of his recent failures.

    The actress who is playing Lakshmi is Monali Thakur who was the singer of the song Zara Zara Touch Me song from Race.

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    yakuza 7 years ago

    This is superb .. the topic I always wanted to spread awareness. 2 years back .. I have seen child abduction in front of me, a couple with their 2+ years kid in car .. husband came out of car just to pick something from shop, his wife was at rear seat and kid was sitting in front seat .. suddenly one guy came and took away the child from car and eloped in seconds. This was stunning incident which shook me to core. Still there was hope that kid might be kidnapped for money .. Parents waited for call for days/months/years .. but alas, they lost their kid forever and trust me this is most devastated thing happen to anyone. That kid was girl child ..

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      yakuza 7 years ago

      Very few people are aware that such small kids can be abducted for flush trade .. kids need 24*7 protection to avoid such incidents.

    • Baba
      Baba 7 years ago

      how do you know that the girl eventually became a prostitute? you only saw the man taking her away. it could be for other reasons too. begging, taking some organs etc.

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        yakuza 7 years ago

        She is still a kid .. mere 4+ year now. We can not say anything what would have happened to her .. she might be sold to some issueless parents .. this is only one option where kid might be safe, else in all other scenarios which we can think of is nothing less than horrible .. and ofcourse her parents will have to live in trauma for life.

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    FS 7 years ago

    Very disturbing and hard hitting movie. Production value and camera work is very good. Looking forward to it…

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    aryan 7 years ago

    Good trailer.

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